Let's take a shot at Ubisoft

Hi wonderful Escapists.

Like many of you, the news that Ubisoft's dreaded 'always on' DRM has returned filled me with dread. Them saying it's successful because it 'reduces piracy' is idiotic and proves they don't care about us. Instead of moaning on a forum I've decided to do something about it and I need your help.

I've spent the last twelve or so hours organising a big letter campaign push to stop it implementing it's DRM in it's upcoming games. Basically I'm sick and tired of PC Gamers being treated as a group of pirates so I've composed a letter and am encouraging people to send it to Ubisoft HQ to prove a point. Bitching quietly in a comments section or silently boycotting their games isn't enough. We have to make a stand here. Today we draw the line.

I've composed these letters. Feel free to edit them anyway you want or even send your own. If you are lazy then just print it and sign it. An actual letter is strong though so please use post and not just email it to them. Feel free to download them and pass them around/put them on forums/whatever.

A link to the .DOC version.

A link to the .TXT version

Send them to...

Mr. Yves Guillemot
28 rue Armand Carrel
93 108 Montreuil Sous Bois Cedex

If you can't afford to send a letter to france then use this link to find your closest Ubisoft Office and send it there.


Also, if you are on twitter please spread this message and these letters with the hastag #no2ubiDRM

*phew* Ok, that's enough from me. I'm going to go spread this as much as possible. Hell, copy this whole thread and paste it in another if you want to! Oh and if you think that it doesn't matter because 'game X, Y or Z that has this DRM is shit' then please realise that if one company says it works others will soon follow and soon we may be screwed over by this big time.

Let's hope this at least makes them notice that there are not liked. Please spread the word and write the letters. Thanks guys!

Oh and let's keep the comments positive or constructive. I'm waaay to tired to be dealing with people who are just going to say 'won't work'. :p

France? They come from France? Oh, this'll be easy, then.

(Captcha: push the envelope)

Okay, everybody who's in there, explain to the dumb people that piracy is ended by removing the reasons for piracy, not by creating more reasons for it. Seriously, I can heat the chant of "YAR!" all over the world.

If you want to pirate a game then you will pirate it, whatever DRM it has.
If you want to buy it then you will buy it even if it has no DRM.
We need to give pirates reasons to buy the game.

Here is a great article on talking to pirates and what they think.



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