Book to Game adaptation? (Altered Carbon)

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The Great Gatsby inspired a game, well, maybe not so much inspired. It's on the NES, so storytelling sort of a mute point :\

There's this game based on this graphic novel. But I'm not sure how they relate in terms of content, I never played the game. But the book is great.

Nikopol: Secrets of the Immortals

Nikopol Trilogy: Carnival of Immortals

I can't think of any.

Movies and even TV shows do it often enough, why not games?

And no, games from a film that was based on books obviously do not count. So no Lord of The Rings games, unless they clearly take no inspiration from the films by Peter Jackson.

Maybe American McGee's Alice...
If you can't think of any do you have any suggestions? I have one:


I'm thinking something like LA Noire style gameplay, just set yourself loose on the far future San Francisco solving a suicide/murder that nobody even thought happened. It has enough action and interaction to keep a player engaged and if they expanded out the events to be a bit more comprehensive.

Though I think a certain chapter might not make the cut.

Anyone who's read the book knows the chapter I am talking about...

let's there's Metro 2033(more or less based on the book)
S.T.A.L.K.E.R even though the games not based on it there is a old movie of the same name.similar settings and what not.

can't think of any others atm but will update when i do.

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