EA's Origin is creepy and watches you sleep!

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I've gotta say, even if they change their policy, EA completely lost my trust especially with all the dick moves they've pulled off in the past.
It's really really past the point of no return.
The Logo EA on a game box has become a reason not to buy the game. It will stay that way.

I read about this of 4chan before, I couldn't care less though, I'm using Google chrome so it's be pretty ironic for me to bitch about it.


EA might have changed the EULA, mainly due to the preassure in Germany, but unless they patch Origin... words are wind.

Some explenation what causes the rage in Germany, the nearly 2000 1-Star ratings at amazon.de and nevative covering in German media: Some people started to track Origin via process monitor and the results were pretty astonishing:

Most of the time, origin does scan nothing special. Scan some game relevant folders. But sometimes, it does really creepy things:

Origin reads your browser cookies, cache, history:

Origin reads Lexware and your tax declaration

Origin reads your synchronized SMS and adressbook (confirmed: Samsung and Sony Ericson, not testet with Apple stuff yet)

Origin sends data to some cloud-services hosted by amazon

Origin scans your PC BEFORE you accept the EULA

The EULA contradicts German law in multiple points and the breaches are that severe, that you can return your purchased and even unpacked games.

A lawyer analyzed the EULA (googletranslate) for a German games magazine, print edition has high circulation

"Origin" even made it into German mainstream media (somewhat comparable to the "Time Magazine"):

German government agencies for data privacy are already on it (but results take time)

How the hell do they expect you to buy anything from them?

the funny thing about all this topic is every game out there has the ability to track programs u are running with the game. this is how game companies pop those who like to hack and say they r good. as far as them getting into files not associated with the game ur playing through them, its not possible and your protected through the federal rights. this would be like someone putting a camera in the bathroom and monitoring you there its illegal in most countries. so before you complain or bitch about ea and other companies you might want to understand the technology your actually working with and how it operates first because all im seeing is a simple statement getting blown out of proportion by a bunch of people that probably have no real clue on how this works. and if you dont like being monitored then u better lose all technology cause everything you do is being scanned and listened too by someone.

Not saying valve is as evil as EA but yeah let's just say the Left for dead series idea which made that series and made it what it eventually was wasn't their own. I'm sure that's what it was with some other of their games as well probably for EA.

Just saying sometimes you gotta go back to the beginning and find what they did in their past to learn how they will do things in the present n future.

Also that spying on ppl is really bs or it's 100% true.

Maybe EA will start sending out propaganda against people it doesn't like and turn people against people. Remember once you've played one of their games. They own you lol. For ever. Heh.

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