male gamers who create female characters, explain yourselves

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Honestly I don't care. If I play an RPG I play both a male and female character since there's usually something one gender can't do that the other can't, even if it's the little things. Also, it's funny to see a female Hawke swing around a giant battleaxe.

Also, it depends on the canon. Usually in RPGs there isn't much for canon, but for a game like KOTOR 2, I play a female character because canonically the main character was female.

I normaly just roll the dice literlay to pick gender and stuff. but when i dont i will normaly pick a chick i dont think i have a real reason for it but i would just rather look at a girl for the time investment some games require then some dude.

I'm female and I'm trying to look at this from the flipside. I almost never play male characters in game if I can avoid it, oddly enough. It may be because I relish the opportunity to play as a female when I get it, but I get the feeling it's mostly about the male customization options. Shallowly enough, I usually choose women because they have more interesting clothes, face and hair options than men. What can I say, I like to play dolly dress up.

Also, FemSheps voice is sooooo amazing.

But it's interesting to see the male perspective, especially those that aren't "Hurr hurr nice ass."

I agree with you completely. Also as a female, playing as a women I can make strong is such a rare opportunity that I take it. Also, the options for male characters are relatively dull (30 year old male brunette stereotype being common here), whereas females have some really diverse customizations.

And for roleplaying sake, women in a game world that is usually very warlike and violent just works well. Not calling my own gender weak, but having a female character fight to survive and succeed just seems far more epic, and makes them somehow a well-rounded character.

And usually the extra little options not available to male characters can be...interesting. :D

I never really thought about it before. It's probably something criminally destructive and Freudian.

Considering im late on this form not many will read this but here I go! When I do a Female character in RPG's it's mainly that most games are made with the male character in mind there for the game is some time is imbalanced via difficulty (most of the time harder) and other sorts. I normally save playing a "She" till my second play-through but its just me i play her for the perspective of being more of like an outsider and to see whats different that's all.

My male characters all tend to be the same, whereas I usually get more creative when I create female characters. I don't really know why.

That mostly applies to human characters though, I always found Argonians in Oblivion (and Worgen, Tauren, Orcs and Dwarves in WoW) to be much better as males.

In World Of Warcraft, if guys think you're a girl, they give you items and money, and help you on quests and stuff.

Shiny Koi:
People who justify themselves with "I just want to look at a girl's ass all day" instead of, I dunno, saying they sometimes form female characters or personas etc are really creepy.

I wouldn't touch someone with that stance with a ten foot pole. Take a step back and realize how lonely, sad and desperate you sound, even if you claim it's just "incidental".

Anyway. I seldom make male characters. I don't identify with men all that much. I've only ever done it in games where it seemed really appropriate to have a male in said role instead of a female.

Oh my god thank you!.

Honestly its pretty creepy hearing people say that and the saddest part thats the most popular answer. Give me a 20 foot pole.

Just creepy!

Because I roleplay.

Doesn't get any more simple than that.

Because an attractive character is always better than an unatractive one.
Its nicer, so it help me have more fun with the game.

It doesnt matter for me if its female or male, as long as i like the look and style.

Not much to explain really. I secretly fantasize about being a woman. Best I can do is pretend to be one in video games.

While I don't prefer female characters, I almost always end up making one eventually. I find it much easier to disconnect myself from a female avatar.

When playing as a male avatar, I almost always project myself through them. Even if I make a middle aged heavily scarred black man, I still project my own personality into them and it can be difficult to do especially evil things. I keep thinking "What would I do?"

But when playing as a female, I feel much more disconnected from my avatar, and feels as if she is her own character who makes her own decisions. In this case, it's much easier for me to think "What would SHE do?"
Especially in the case of ME2. It felt much more natural being a femshep renegade. Once you become especially corrupt and evil looking, it is quite a frightening look on a femshep

It's really interesting you say that. I've always wondered why it is that the only time I've completed DA:O is with a female character and I think you've nailed it right there. I always feel too much of myself in a male character and constantly worry about the impact I'M having. But as a female I guess I kind of thought sod it... and just got on with being the biggest twat to everyone I encountered lol.

For me it's because male characters on horde in WoW look stupid, taurens and blood elves excepted and female Shepard is voiced by Jennifer Hale and is therefore better.

There's always going to be considerable distance between me and the protagonist, regardless of gender.

I'm quite obviously not female, but it's not like I have much in common with male protagonists either. At least, not before I start overloading on steroids.

It all too easily lets male characters slip into the uncanny valley, while females are quite comfortably across it.

I usually only do it in RPGs with high character customization. If I play a female character It's because I thought up an awesome character concept. That's the only reason.

I make female characters when the game has male/female equipment differentiation and the female gear is cheaper.
Also roleplay, because god knows I can't do it in real life.

Same reason as most guys I guess, if I am going to stare at a characters ass for an hour or more a day I would like to enjoy the view. No explanation for why I do the same in first person games with the option as well.

I pretty much always make male characters first and foremost without exception. I relate better to a guy character than a girl. I couldn't care less about staring at asses while playing a game, that just seems... weird to me. Not to mention I tend to have trouble seeing a woman saving the world/universe, at least in combat-heavy games. I know that's misogynistic/sexist/whatever, but there it is.
Though if I like a game enough, I usually go through as a female again, so my characters usually end up being a male paragon of virtue and righteousness first time through, and an evil, murderous witch the second.

For a change from the norm, something different. There arent that many games that have strong female protagonists, im sick of playing the muscular thick-headed space marines, and if I have an option to create a character myself it makes for some variety. I also have a thing for women who can kick ass so theres probably some of that aspect to it.

Lately I've been making females. If you can make a nice looking female character I'll generally do it. If you can't make a nice looking female, e.g., in Oblivion, then I don't bother.

Because the current demographic of video game protagonists (Dudes with short brown hair) can only be improved (well, diversified) by that option. It makes the character more interesting to me, just as a character.

This post had me thinking, but it never really occurred to me to select the female character. I always viewed the avatar as an extension of myself and equipped him accordingly.

To each their own, but I can help but think of the fat guy from the movie 'gamer' when i read this topic haha

Idk, sometimes its just nice to switch things up when your playing games, opposed to all the generic fps who have ayou play as huge male sterotypes

Sheesh man. I just want to make the them barefoot. I equip them with great armour. I only wish to make noble female warrior that walks around barefoot. Is that too much? For example, Hilde from Soul Calibur 4. She has great armor. I just remove the shoes and presto!! An amazing female character that doesn't need shoes to be a warrior. Oh yeah!!


no i'm not confronting you, i too prefer female characters in games where you can make your own protagonist. i am a bit of a nerd and find it easy to roleplay, that is, lose myself in a fictional setting. so it's partly because i'm a man in real life, so why drag that into my role playing when i have the option to try out the otherside of the chromosome (okay, "roleplaying" is swiftly becoming the wronge choice of word here...) and i won't deny it's also partly because, well... i like girls.
femshepards armour is way better than male shepard's armour. why? cuz i can see femshepards bum!
so people? if your male and often favour the female option, why is that? don't be shy.

OHMYGOD! Hi Sam! It's Amy :D
Also, If I was a guy, I'd still play female characters so I could look at their butttts :D

yeah, if this thread has taught me anything, it's that the answer is very simple: butts.

WEll the women i've created are usually in a game were the gender was not changable in that class (Diablo 2, Phantasy star online). Where it a decision, Either a)i thought the game might been written different or NPC's may act different based on your gender (morrowind, mass effect) or i just felt awkward looking at man ass bouncing through the woods and wanted a a sexier change of pace (some sandbox game i forget now). I never really played an online game pretending or even RPing as a girl, I did once and that was for Ragnarok online where my guild really wanted/needed a dancer. Gender in games has never really mattered to me, it's usually still hero v. devil just the hero happens to be a woman sometimes.

There's the ass argument again. I don't get it. I don't find my gaze unintentionally fixed to Shepards male ass while playing Mass Effect. And I certainly don't think "Why is there nothing here I can masturbate to?"

Yea, this is my thought. I quote it because you put it so well. That seems so strange to me. I guess that I just approach my characters differently, and playing a female just seems strange to me in worlds where my character can be romantically involved with others.

Search bar. This topic pops up almost monthly.

Mostly I find more attention to detail is put into designing female characters, and the voices are more pleasant than the males. Also, male damage effects sound like pigs grunting. Female damage effects sound like they're "having fun." I'm lying, but only kind of.

The only time I created a female character was for a nerdy (and awesome) reason. My friend and I played Final Fantasy XI, and to pay homage to the series, we created male and female tarutaru characters (I was the female, obviously), and tarus look like little children. Our names were Pallom and Porrom, spelled differently because we couldn't use the real names, and we showed our love of Final Fantasy IV in a gaming world which had a shocking amount of gamers that didn't know the early games in the series. lol

Generic Gamer:
I generally roll a woman because I like the extra distance from the character.

I also like the range of female clothing better in games and I find it easier to make a pretty mage.

Exactly this for me. Both points.

Usually, when I'm playing a game with character customization I build a character I can project onto easily and it seams pointless to do otherwise because the story or dialogue doesn't typically change. Sure you could throw the Bioware games catalogue at me as an example of variety between the sex of characters but I don't often enjoy those anyway because I find RPG's tedious to begin with.

'Cause chicks are hot, and guys are not.

Wouldn't you prefer to play a hot character?

Also i love to put the brightest color hair possible on my chicks. In oblivion or Fallout 3/NV it usuayly is fluro pink, green or purple.

I'll mix it up a bit, I'll take a male for something hunter or rougeish, but I'll roll a female for a priest or mage. Guess it's just how I percieve the roles

I always, always, always play a male on my first playthrough because i want it to be ME as the character and i generally always do the morally good or options i believe are best first time around. Afterwards i will generally play a female character and make her the bitchiest bitch and evilest person EVAR. Not that im saying all women are evil its just the way i prefer playing. I also NEVER understand the "i like to look at her butt hurr hurr" argument, most of the time my eyes are drawn to the surroundings, paying attention to enemys, cover and pick ups, the only time ill stare at a females ass is in real life or on hentai, because it generally looks better

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