male gamers who create female characters, explain yourselves

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I like kicking ass as a woman, plus it's a welcome change of pace from the generic handsome, slightly unshaved, brown-haired man that we have to put up in almost every game.

For several reasons. Probably all of them mentioned by now.

One because yes, looking at an attractive woman while I'm playing is nice. Another because sometimes I want to see what differences there are between playing a female compared to a male. And also because in some games it's a hell of a lot easier to make a female character who doesn't look like a freak as opposed to a male (I'm looking at you Mass Effect).

Usually just because I go ehh, I made a male character last time...let's try female this time (or vice versa).

In general, I play my gender when doing RPGs, but ME is an exception. This is partially because ME2 has Shep/Garrus and Shep/Thane, and partially because Jennifer Hale sounds more like Shepard than Mark Meer does (at least when I compare the two).

Because in RPG games, women can use their gender to get things... kind of like real life, ahahah!

Really for me it started with Fallout Tactics. In that game the female characters were thinner, therefore allowing them to slip through spots that a male character wouldn't fit in. That led me to realize the first posts, it is much more enjoyable to me to be looking at a female character than a male one. I know it's just computer graphics, but men have curves in all the wrong places and stick out where I don't like them to.

I just want to be the littler girl... if anyone gets this meme i feel sorry ya

Most of the time I choose females for story-telling purposes(looking at you, Dragon Age: Origins) orrrr because I simply like the female character more than the male character(also looking at you, Hunted). Generally I just play. My main character will always be a male. When I play a role I create, I project myself into my male character. Whenever I play a female, I have a tendency to be evil, more often than not, because I like evil women. :x Goody goody two-shoes female characters bore me. The evil ones are much more interesting and sexy. Even if they aren't wearing skimpy clothing, before someone tries to call me out on that.

Online roleplay is more puppetry than acting, so you get a big range of characters you can play credibly - women - sure, but also animals, monsters, aliens...

So why would you ever play a character unlike yourself?

For the story, stupid.

I find that usually developers put more effort into the females in their games, especially mmos. Everything from movement down to their gear, it all looks better. If I am going to be investing my time in a game, I want it to look the best it can, and leave me with the most enjoyable experience.

That will is just me saying I would rather see a woman's ass than a man's. I never roleplay a female in any game, just roll them.

Well, I make both. Generally I make dude characters when it's like a story driven game for some reason, though I go back and make women characters later. I generally make lady characters when it's a straight hack and slash, like Diablo or whatever, giving them names like Beef Cakes the Unrelenting or Meat Masher the Powerhouse.

Visually I mix parts of my appearance with parts that I like that I dont have. Same with personality. I always create male characters in games as part my own personality, part role playing/wish fulfillment.

Plus its rare to find female characters who arent "overdone" to try and compensate for the fact that for rightful reasons its usually men who take up the "main character" role.

And of course, in the case of Mass Effect, the voice acting for male is, factually, about a trillion times better than the female, which is simply like being hit in the face with a bland plank of wood. (Hope you like that femshep fans, you sanctimonius, whiney babies!)

I do it purely because I like a variety of characters. I only usually make female characters if they're a secondary character, but they end up being my strongest because I usually just piss around on my male characters. XD

[True fact]: Playing oblivion, my main level 20-odd male character is completely fudged gameplay wise (invisible armor, 20000+ bounty, that sort of thing.), but my female characters pwn face, and i've done everything normally, also, my best character is a female mage, she can fireball most enemies in one shot (She's scary. D:).

As long as the woman is not a healer i'm up for it. Woman characters tend to offer more variety and i feel there are not enough professional looking/acting female protaganist. In some games i play the female dodge better. In some game like an mmo i'm playing that starts with a "D" and ends in a "RAGON NEST" i like archer but all the ranged classes they are all woman.

My reason for doing it...
Borderlands - I made a hunter and thought it was pretty cool, but wanted to try the next best, and the Siren seemed to be the next best...

I play every side of the game, given time. I don't immediately play female, but then on a second play-through, I usually play the opposite sides of morality and gender.


So why would you ever play a character unlike yourself?

Why indeed would you play a game so unlike your real life?

There's a sort of primal satisfaction in watching something cute smash and kill things. I have characters of both genders in around every game I've played in which that would apply and in which gender is a genuine choice (so excluding the likes of Diablo where the character class is intrinsically tied to the gender.) Mount and Blade, WoW, Mass Effect, NWN... if you're not some gender-role-obsessed teenage troglodyte it's no big deal.

Just for the Mount and Blade: Warband example, playing as a female is the only way in which you might find yourself defeating and capturing your spouse in battle (or losing and being captured by him.) And that's just funny. Puts normal marital friction into perspective, I should think...

Female body < mens body.
Change of pace from the majority of games having male protagonists.
Basic reasons really.


I think it's a welcome relief from the grizzled, generically handsome white guy that happens to be the main character in about 85% of existence. Not being racist against white people or anything.

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