male gamers who create female characters, explain yourselves

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Like the rest say, it is preferable to stare at a woman's behind. I really don't think this requires more explanation. And in games like Dragon Age 2, and Mass Effect, somehow the more... unhinged reactions just seem a lot funnier coming from the female character than the male counterpart. Double standard and all that, I guess.

Have you SEEN female armor in in most games? Holy hotness batman!

The usual reason - I get to watch a woman's butt instead of a man's. Really. That's all the reason I need. I hit the "Female" - button instead of the "Male" - button when the game tells me to. Same effort, more enjoyable result. It's a no-brainer.

Exactly the same here.

Why spend 40 hours staring at a man ass when I can stare at a cute little butt? And I get to dress her up and do her hair and weeee!

No homo!


Couldn't agree more. "Why is your avatar female?" is the new "So you have a man-crush on ___?" It's just another excuse to homoeroticize everything or turn it into gender politics. And if we're talking 12-year-old gender/sexual politics (and we most certainly are), then if I as a man pick a male avatar, some adolescent dipshit can infer that it is because I have latent homosexual tendencies. If I as a man pick a female avatar, some adolescent dipshit can infer that it is because I secretly wish I was a woman. Both of these are of the realm of the uneducated and ignorant.

I can suspend my believes and think that there could be a world of dragons, magic and elves but the idea of a female hero (lol) saving the world, let alone beating MEN in combat is completely preposterous.

Role play games are a form of escapism, and I find you can immerse yourself more if you play something different to what you are. Theres a bit of projectionism going on as well, and I find its easier to role play a character who is not my gender.

Also, dat ass.

I never role play characters, so the particular details of the characters don't really matter so much to me. Sometimes theres a nice looking female character model and I'll pick that. Similarly, if theres an awesome guy character model that fits the world or just looks damn cool I'll take that.

Whatever looks best, really - and it's about 50-50 to me which gender of character I make

females dont sound like they've been smoking since they were five and women that kick ass are hot and awesome read this: Buffy Shepard. Amelia Hawke.

Sometimes I do it to mess with people online..

But in the Case of Morrowind I do it because they get different looking armour to the Males. Variety

A tangential point: Looking for instances in games where gender does matter or somehow affect how they are treated, what they can do is like squeezing water out of a rock.

So far games have restricted playing as a female main character to the aesthetics and who can and cannot be romantically involved with.

I'd really hope for more.

Of course there's no payoff for developers to do so. After several replays of ME and ME2 the differences from playing one gender to the other are a handful of strategically changed sentences, most of them pronoun changes. Well done, Bioware.

Can I answer with another question? (hah, I already did)
Do you only read books with male protagonists that you can identify with?

Because in MMO's, guys that play as guys will pay for all my shit.

I read that female gamers tend to use male characters, so I want to counteract that.

I know what it's like to be a guy, I've know for 20 years. Video games (specifically RPGs) offer the chance to explore a (not THE) world as someone that from birth is viewed differently by society.

I played through both Mass Effect games as a guy and a girl and I enjoyed playing as a girl slightly more because it honestly did feel more intriguing to see how everyone subtly thought of my character as different

I get to watch a good looking woman's ass run around for X+ hours instead of a fugly male I can't identify with anyways. Only reason I'll ever need.

Plus some games go the extra mile and add extra variations of gameplay and the world based on your gender and/or race, and those extra tidbits are usually worth finding, or at least add something more. It's nice to see them, and I otherwise wouldn't have if I stuck to the same character archetype every time.

The only game where I have created a female character is Halo Reach, and that's because I prefer the shape of the armour more. I actually have the firefight voice set to a man who I can relate to, so it's not really a female character at all.

A) I like female model more than male (human in WoW)
B) Gameplay wise - Fem Sheppard in MA / MA2 and different romance options
C) Because I completed the game as male and want to try out female.

Women are better to look at, and have smoother voices. Though If the male character is honey badger like I will play that way.

Yes, on the rare occasion that I elect to play as a woman it's so I can take off all her clothes and watch her tits and ass jiggle about. It' also hilarious when none of the NPC's seem to notice the naked woman strutting about town, stopping to pose in front of mirrors.

This, however, gets boring fast and I usually end up playing as the character that I can more readily identify with.

In all seriousness, the only time I ever really play a girl is in games like Mass Effect or Dragon Age, when the relationships your character can have differ depending on gender. After all, if I wanted to stare at woman's ass... I'd just stare at a woman's ass. It's not like the character models in most of these games differ that much from eachotehr anyway. Even when they do, the protagonist is rarely the sexiest one. Not to mention the fact that it usually requires mods to make the whole thing worthwhile, as most games do not feature nudity.

This threads sad really sad. The people here.

Really the ass excuse thats it? When i play games am actually looking at stuff not the backside of my character.

People in this thread gotta meet some girls. Really meet some girls they really need to it seems.

Then again, its a teen thing i guess i always see kids between 13-17 make the argument. kids are horny i guess.

The male protagonist charging into battle is a massive cliche. Even if the dialogue is the same word-for-word, the subtext of a man being manly for the sake of manliness is there purely by the gender background.

With a female character, the subtext changes more to someone who has something to prove. It gives more impact to your actions and makes it seem like you're less of 'one of the guys' and more the up-and-coming champion that's earned their respect.

That's my reasoning, anyway.

To me playing a female character is often times seams more badass going through the story then the male conterpart.

Well, two reasons. One, as a Male-to-Female transvestite, I tend to prefer this. Furthermore, if you're going to Role-Play, Role-Play as something you aren't

I like to make characters with a backstory to them. Sometimes they are male, sometimes they are female. Also I hate characters that are big steroid monkeys.

In truth I find tit hard to make an "evil" male character. It's just to far from my real nature. If I make a female caracter there's a little more distance. Silly, I know

I prefer their bodies?
Armour looks better on females in most mmorpgs and console rpgs, because women have nicer bodies than men. Curvy, athletic and most importantly boobs.

Femshepard looks more like a warrior than John because she is sleek, she looks like she can move like an assassin across the battlefield hitting targets and dodging fire like she was made of liquid metal all the while sexy as hell.

John looks like he would charge across the battlefield eating their fire before pounding them in the face with his boot. Also a cool option but also the option we see 100,000 times a year in America action movies.

I also like Femshepard because when the convo options open up in dialogue I can make her a kick ass, sexy warrior heroine who isn't a total bitch because she has dick envy. I make her really nice, pleasant and friendly when talking to people and then ruthless and steel cold in battle or when dealing with bad guys.

My ideal woman <3
If only I could download her into a blank robot :<

As for other games, like Dragon Age 1 & 2 and other good / evil moral choice RPGs I like women for the same reasons. I can make them sexy and fight like a bad ass while making them nice as hell. Male characters are good for being an iconic powerhouse in battle, but women just feel more... at home being the acrobatic, fast firing warrior type, why do you think in games like Trine, D2 and Torchlight all the athletic rogue types are chicks.

In games like WoW / Warhammer online I take females as rogues, casters and healers while my tanks are usually men... although my DK and Paladin are both women.... hmmm...

That said their armour again looks slender and elegant as well as bad ass.

So yeah I guess you have my reasons there.
They look hot, look more likely to avoid taking damage due to their smaller size whilst being as bad ass as the men =P

Sober Thal:

The usual reason - I get to watch a woman's butt instead of a man's. Really. That's all the reason I need. I hit the "Female" - button instead of the "Male" - button when the game tells me to. Same effort, more enjoyable result. It's a no-brainer.

Yep, I like the female body more than the male. Simple really.

I'm with these guys, and any others that said the same, I'm just much to lazy to read through all the other posts.

The usual reason - I get to watch a woman's butt instead of a man's. Really. That's all the reason I need. I hit the "Female" - button instead of the "Male" - button when the game tells me to. Same effort, more enjoyable result. It's a no-brainer.

Ha, this is exactly why I do it, too.

Also, there's a big difference between a man playing a female avatar in a single player game, where it's running through the rails on your own... and playing in a Massive Multiplayer Online game, where there's an expectation of actually giving a voice and personality to said female avatar.

I do that, play as the opposite gender, as much as I can. I find it soothing.

I thought about it long and hard, and i think that, to me, heroines are just a little more heroic then heroes. More to fight against i suppose.

Mass Effect. I'd completed it as a male. Wanted to do another playthrough, check the other decisions out, and thought "why not make it a girl?".

Simple as that.

Yes, I did this with Fallout 3 on the second play through.
My first male character was specialized in blowing stuff up and big guns. With the lady character I used a whole other tactic, stealth.
Somehow I feel a other approach to a game deserves a whole other character as well, not only in stats but also gender.

Well, I never roleplay ever.

So, it boils down to - as a heterosexual male, do I want to stare at a mans butt, for hours, or a female butt?

Female butt.

Depends on the game I suppose, with Mass Effect I much preferred the voice actor and customisation options with FemShep, so I opted to play her. In general, I usually play a male character first time around then a women the second, but in certain situations I'll be more inclined to play a female. Simply put I like to roleplay, I like to put myself in the perspective of a character that isn't just a self insert, see how certain situations and moral dilemna's come across from a female perspective. Yeah, maybe most of it is just my imagination filling in the blanks, but I find it to be an interesting experiene nonetheless.

Because I like to try both.

I'm a roleplayer and writer at heart, and sometimes you want to see if there is any difference. Gameplay, story wise. Also as a lot of guys will say, if I get bored I can go thirdperson and pull "Dat Ass" face all day long.

Why in Skyrim my first character will be a dude, and my second will be a female. Probably gonna be a Nord based on Red Sonja. Love that red hair.

Kinda silly since I want my first character to be an Imperial based on Conan. Guess it's my fault for buying the Robert E Howard Conan collection.

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