male gamers who create female characters, explain yourselves

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Eh, for variety's sake.

I generally play males, because often the female char feels like a re-skinned male char that they threw in to broaden the game, and I do enjoy putting myself into the game, interesting morals and all. However I did make my first female char on mass effect because it was said to be a different experience as opposed to changing a sentence here and there, primarily because there was voice acting. I am amazed at Shepard honestly, and I can't imagine the char as a male and get briefly confused when people say "He" when referring to Shepard. It just seems to fit they did it so well. If more games did it this well I'd play females more often.

Other than that I only play females in games when they are mandatory, not that I avoid female lead games, Rubi Malone is F-ing awesome.

About half of my WoW characters are female.

The only reason for this is aethetics. Some of the WoW male character models are either ugly (Trolls) or have really weird, chunky body proportions (Blood elves, Draenei). If I'm making on of those I use a female character instead.

I dont know why but in role-playing games I tend to choose the male characters - Fallout, Mass Effect, Dragon Age, Vampire Masquarade, Neverwinter Nights etc.
Only when I play more action oriented, less story driven games do I choose the female characters, because seriously who'd like to look at a dude when compared to a gorgeous ass-kicking chick!

I grew up in a matriarchy (for those who don't know, that's a family ruled by women); I'm one third of the men born to my generation of 27 children in my family. Naturally, I'm attracted to strong and capable women and that's why I play them in games.

Well, it helps me distance myself from the character and actually role-play as someone entirely different from me- when I play as a male character, I often feel reluctant to make "evil" decisions because surely I wouldn't force lightning some defenseless receptionist! (Good ol' Kotor 2)

I don't always use female characters to distance myself from being an evil character, but that's a prototypical case.

By consequence, I must admit, like others have in this thread, that on occasion I will stare at dat ass. Swaying hips are sexy, what can I say? That being said, this kind of objectifying is more of an added bonus than my primary reason for playing a female character. If I'm in the mood for porn I watch porn- I don't boot up Fallout and run around the wasteland staring at my character's ass all day.

I could do a long and boring explanation, but I won't. Suffice to say playing as a female is a more satisfying experience than being a male, which is my natural gender. Its an interesting difference and even helps with the escapism of gaming for me.

If I'm gonna look at one butt for many hours to come I prefer it to be female.

I only choose men if:
-I can't make a good looking woman
-I know this game is epic, and i want to really feel the story if it was me there (it's easier to mentally "merge" with character)

Well the only time I've ever done it is in Mass Effect, I made a Female Vanguard who would make the same choices as my male Adept(pure paragon) and see the differences (which there weren't, aside from a few renegade interrupts and being able to talk to Garrus about something OTHER than calibrations)

I like to play as a guy because that is natural but I play as girls to see the different things that could happen.
Also the female Spartans in Reach don't look too bad.

Famale characters are more pleasing on the eye during a gaming experience. Given the choice to look a man or woman during any activity, I'd always choose a woman. There are exceptions that lead me to play males in gaming:

1) The female is too disproportionate that instead of being a pleasing figure, it's a joke and takes me out of the gaming experience.

2) The outfit is ridiculous to the point that I'm taken out of the gaming experience

3) The game supports a character creator detailed enough to make a male that looks like me.

I'm not really sure. It really depends on the game for me. Mass Effect just felt more believable and enjoyable when I played through as femshep. On the other hand, Fallout 3 seemed more natural with a male protagonist. I guess it just really depends on my mood when I start the game.

I absolutely love the number of people saying "I don't need to explain myself to you".

and then promptly explaining themselves.

Most of the games I've played I've had to play as a male character. So playing as a female character adds something new. I don't play MMORPGs though. it tends to be single player RPGs.

I play as a man first time, woman second. She's usually called Jazz, which is short for Jasmine. I do it for a number of reasons:

1. I like fine-tuning women's wardrobes more than I do for guys.
2. To anti-gay the first one, I like watching their swagger. Dayum.
3. Get to see the game world and the characters from a different perspective. This is mostly for Fallout or Mass Effect though.


1. Why not

2. If I'm gonna look at someone's ass for the next 100 hours, it better be a girl's ass

3. I want to know if the game changes anything if chosing the other gender

4. I'm horny

5. I don't like to be stereotypical so instead of creating the typical male brute muscular warrior, I choose a female one, which is more unusual.

6. It's great for trolling enemies (you just got killed by a girl etc

7. If you act like a girl you get invited to A LOT more raids and parties. I'm serious here.

8. The customization options are generally wider with females. Specially in JRPG's (since they count on males choosing female characters)

And that's about it. I usually create a male black, huge warrior-esque character in all RPG's because that's how I roll and then a female one with another class if I want to.

I don't see what is wrong with choosing a female character.

Also I've seen a lot of girls creating male characters and nobody says shit.

And this is a ROLEPLAYING game so I can be whoever the hell I want to, why not a chick?

When it comes to create-a-protagonist games I usually go with a male character for my first run, but I generally get bored and then create a female character if I decide to play through the game again. So I don't really have an intricate reason beyond boredom.

I have never tried playing as a female character before, but now that I've read through this thread I think I'm going to consider trying it.
However, in nearly all of my RPG experiences where I can customize my character, I make a more than six feet tall African-american player character that has a striking resemblance to Will Smith, including the moustache.
So, in your opinion, fellow Escapians, should I try a female character?

I have always been a fan of strong female characters.

The character models are more fun to look at, and I find are often better animated and sound better than their male counterparts (e.g. the awful Conan-esque grunts that accompany every jump by a male character in City of Heroes)

Also, can't beat a nice pixel ass.

The only people who get bent out of shape by this are geeks who treat MMOs like dating sites. If those fuckers were able to resist the urge to flirt with animated character models there would be no issue. Personally I assume that everyone on the internet is a raceless, ageless, genderless thing. It's easier that way.

Because you like how the female looks more? Because you prefer to run around as a pretty girl instead of a a macho man?

I'm about 50/50 on the issue. When I create a character anything goes! I am not afraid to explore the "less" attractive options either.

Instead of asking why? I prefer to ask, why not? The option is there people! Let us explore freely and without restraint.

I'm already a man, so playing as men isn't as interesting.

It's quite simple, in most MMos/Rpgs there is only really one male character model, which is all muscular, what if I don't want to play a muscular mage or I want to play a skinny rouge? Then I go with female cause there body shape just makes more sense for a Mage/ rouge.

There is also the fact that I find a lot of Male character models ugly as ass. :/

Sober Thal:

The usual reason - I get to watch a woman's butt instead of a man's. Really. That's all the reason I need. I hit the "Female" - button instead of the "Male" - button when the game tells me to. Same effort, more enjoyable result. It's a no-brainer.

Yep, I like the female body more than the male. Simple really.

I can say this aswell, but since I am bi I could say that it doesn't matter to me, but the female body is just... Better, in all ways imo. Plus I like being a small person (and females usually are the smallest) because the weapons usually end up being humongous!

I do my first run as a guy, usually a big brute in heavy armor with big weapons. My 2nd run is usually a female in lighter gear with ranged attacks mainly.
Men are stupid ignorant brutes who just run up and whack things with progressively bigger things and women are too frail and fragile for melee and boobs help archery skills (honest).

I think it's just become a force of habit simply because, lie everyone else, I just prefer the female anatomy, but in Fallout 3 and New Vegas I had two female characters and decided that my character in New Vegas would be the cousin of my Lone Wanderer. Which is when I actually started putting effort into making these characters more "real" by treating it like a hybrid between a first and third person narrative. Every action I did in both games weren't because of what I would do in the situation, but what I guessed they would do, eventually it became second-nature and I was just watching them become more fleshed out as the story progressed.

The Lone Wanderer turned out to be very pissed off with her dad for leaving her behind and forcing her to confront the wastelands alone, she wanted to prove how she wasn't "daddies little girl" any more, so she'd often do things that involved a lot of risk, she'd only take a job if it paid well and she did not let anyone mess with her.

However, her cousin, the messenger from Fallout New Vegas was a little bit nicer and preferred the diplomatic approach instead of just whipping out a gun and demanding what she wanted, but she was determined to make that bastard pay for shooting her in the head and she'd step all over you if you stood in her way.

Because I've got a soft spot for strong female characters and heroines in general. I absolutely can't stomach damsels in distress, so yeah, nothing makes me happier than the sight of a woman kicking ass and taking names. (<3 Bayonetta)

I'm probably in the minority, but I have tendencies toward transexuality, so I just like to pretend that i could be a girl sometimes.

Rather look at a girls ass then a male ass. Also, it's fun to mess with people

Girl butt > Boy butt

Girls look better than men.


James Crook:
I have never tried playing as a female character before, but now that I've read through this thread I think I'm going to consider trying it.
However, in nearly all of my RPG experiences where I can customize my character, I make a more than six feet tall African-american player character that has a striking resemblance to Will Smith, including the moustache.
So, in your opinion, fellow Escapians, should I try a female character?

No. Having Will Smith as the main hero of your adventures is perfectly fine as it is.

I do it too.

Same reason as everyone else: I prefer looking at womens' backsides.
Also, in games like Fallout 3, they're more fun to dress up...and undress.

i just like variety. though i usually do go for male i try female especially if there's variation between the male and female characters, like in Phantasy Star Online

Sebastian Krantz:
I'm probably in the minority, but I have tendencies toward transexuality, so I just like to pretend that i could be a girl sometimes.

you are in the internet, nobody is a minority here.

(I like to think that too, if that makes you feel better, but don't tell anybody)

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