male gamers who create female characters, explain yourselves

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The first time I ever used a female player was in KOTOR 2. On my first female file ever, I found a heavy repeater rifle on Paragus. PARAGUS! I then decided that I would play as female characters from then on in hopes of another lucky draw.

Not really being the most manly of dudes, I tend to have trouble relating to ultra-macho characters in games or even male characters in general (with a few exceptions). Since i wouldn't sexualize a character I created, I find it easier to "play the character"

Because everything looks dumber in pink.

I generally play male characters, so the few times I play a female is for the sake of variety.

If given the choice I'll play as female about 75% of the time. A big factor there is that most games don't offer that choice, and also tend to have a bad case of "generic action game hero". When I have the opportunity I like to get as far away from that cliche as possible. Even besides the protagonist, the cast of most games is a sausage fest. So, why not add a female character if you can?

I usually won't roleplay as myself, even if I do pick a male avatar.

Definitely not a "chicks are hot" argument on this side of the fence. Pixels never got me off.

Rather, when I make a character in, let's say, World of Warcraft, I enter with a very specific character in mind. For instance, I don't just make a Human Warrior, call it "Humnwarior," and just play the game for the sake of pwning n00bz and slaying e-dragons. Rather, I make a character for a particular feel. A character will be, for the sake of keeping it simple, smart, quiet, introspective, violent, noble, scandalous, devoted, vengeful, whatever. There's a feel to them that governs my internal narrative of game play.

Part of that character creation process of gender, and this can be things as simple as aesthetic and as complex as why a male or female makes sense in the role. For example, I recently made an undead warrior in World of Warcraft. I wanted the feel to be an executioner - an undead consumed by nothing but anger, out to leave a wake of corpses spelling his/her name, visible from space. I haven't thought much further than that, but I knew that I wanted it to look terrifying, so if you saw it riding towards you, you wouldn't think "d'aww, isn't it cute!" but "I am probably going to die if I don't run." From previous play in World of Warcraft, the males have always felt a little bit more like the society's scientists, while the females tend to excel at being out on the front lines barking orders or killing humans. Plus, of the character models available, female undead most directly translated to that role in all ways - stances, special move animations, portrait, body orientation, what have you. So, I made it a female undead warrior, and the ability to continue an internal narrative while playing has contributed to the play experience.

Does that character make me sexually pleased? Not at all. It's an undead. And it's not like this is relative in terms of "well, it's more attractive than a male undead." I find both genders of undead equally unattractive, so that had little to do with it.

The feel of the character just made more sense as a female, as is often the case.

usually female characters have some story options that are different and i like to see those on a second run. in saints row 2 i made my character female because the genre lacks female protagonists and because i ended up just dressing up my male character in a black suit while i used more options of the female variety.(unless i just dressed my male character up in a pink dress, high heels and kill ronin with a taser.

sometimes i just do it because i like the female voice actor better(shepard) and because i don't try to make female characters look like myself.

oh and i never got the "looking at a female ass" argument. just look at the ass of the female exile in the miners uniform in KOTOR2. Also: are you so bored gaming that you don't scan the environment for treasures and enemies?

Jesus, this is a hot thread, really? OP you live under a rock for the past 10 or so years or what? This is WAYYYY old news i feel this topic is just a shameless way for people to raise a their post count, this topic has been explained into the ground..... Officer Brady says it the best


In my second playthrough of Mass Effect, I decided I would do everything differently/ the opposite. I decided to include gender into that set of things to do differently, and found that I really didn't care. It didn't change the experience for me at all. That pattern has become standard practice for me now.

I play games to get away from the common place. I'm pretty much always a guy in life, so why would I play as a guy in a game unless i have to?

Reasons for people to do so:
1- They'd rather look at a girl for the time they're in the game.
2- The voice actor is better (in their mind)
3- They like girls better than men.
4- They'd like to be a woman.
5- They want to distance themselves from decisions, avoiding the temptation to do what they think is right and go for something out of their own character.

Me? I just don't like guys terribly much. So in ME+ME2, DA, DA2 I got lady characters.

I'm sure there's other reasons but, honestly doesn't matter to me what others play as.

I guess it is because I somehow emphasize with my character better and like to take the tough no nonsense rought when dealing with sexual discrimination in games.

Becuase characters do not alway need to be me. Sometimes they're elves and dwarves while I'm human. Sometimes they can use magic while I cannot. Sometimes they're dumb while I'm incredibly intelligent. And sometimes they're female while I'm still male.

I don't see why I need to explain myself as all, as if I have some kind of agenda when creating my characters. (Hint: I don't.)

Most of the time we're forced to play as a male character. When I play a female character it's simply for a refreshing change of pace.

That basically is my reason. Especially since I play FPSs all the damn time, and they have to fill out the stereotype by making the main character male.

I played as a female character once in Fallout New Vegas, nothing changed. I still used guns, speech and repair, I still wore NCR armour and I still followed the same path I always follow.

The different aspect reason clearly doesn't affect me, it's just a group of polygons with a texture over it to me, it rarely serves a significantly distinguishable purpose.

I find the staring at the butt reason funny. Personally mine are usually glued to the back of his head or shoulders, same goes for my female characters. That is when I'm not paying attention to more important things, like uglies beating on me or shooting me.

If i'm going to be controlling the character indefinitely and am expected to keep said character alive, i expect the character to have a decent ass to draw my attention away from the tedium. That said sometimes it has it's advantages. I always play as a female in Fallout 3 because the Black Widow perk is far more useful than the Lady Killer perk since you encounter more male enemies.

Are you accusing me of wanting to be a woman? Are you saying I long for the day where I can have long luscious golden blonde locks, where I can frolic through the long grass in a cream silk dress, swirling around looking into the sky, singing along with all the woodland creatures?

...I don't know what you're talking about...

I like to be something I'm not.

On Halo I set my gender to female because when you get shot they're a bit more vocal about it. I like to think that if I get shot I wouldn't just let out a manly little grunt but a full on scream.

As a WoW Player the only male character I made was dwarf because I don't find short stumpy birds attractive, I'll admit I prefer looking at women even in the video game world.

It's got to do with asses and third person cameras. Male asses, to be more specific. I don't fancy them. So women it is.

It's pretty simple. I know others have said this but I'll reiterate. I'm a guy in real life. I don't buy videogames to project--I buy them to explore. Thus, I want to explore the female psyche (as interpreted by game developers, of course). For that reason, playing as a female keeps my attention.

In almost all games I much prefer to make a male and role play actually as myself, it adds a lot more to the badass kinda feeling when it feels much more like you doing it.

The only games I have females in are when the male models aren't very good or the equipment in game looks a lot nicer on a female character, like Aion. The female armour IMO is damn cool but some of the males is kinda iffy especially cloth armour.

It sounds shallow, I know, but my main reason is 'Women get more jiggle-physics.'

I adore jiggle-physics, BTW.

But in all seriousness, I often make more than one character and my male:female ratio is about 1:1. It usually depends on the feel of the game, I made a hacky-slashy female character in Fable 3 because 'The Rebel Princess' sounded cooler and I dig women with attitude, but then went back about a month later and did a second playthrough with a shooty male character. I made a male and a female Shepard in ME2 because I wanted to do a second playthrough with a different build, same idea with Fallout 3.

It all boils down to what you want from a character and some builds suit women more than men. male tanks are cliché, as are female assassins and mages so I usually try and mix it up a bit.

So the gender of my characters can be predicted by the roles they will take:
Melee-fighter = female
Elemental = female
Marksman = male
Assassin = male
Tank = female
Healer = male

*Cookie for spelling SMEMATH with the caps there?*

As a wise woman once said to me:
"If I'm going to spend 40+ hours staring at a person, I would much prefer it to be an attractive member of the opposite sex."

Or the same sex, depending on what way you swing.

Sometimes I get bored of my "me" characters (male, good (if the option is there) and the closest I can get to my own looks.) so I make a chick (usually evil) just for opposites sake. Simple as that.

When I'm playing an rpg or a game with a major multipul choice system, I like to play the character like one of the protagonists of my various story ideas. As So many games insist that you play male characters, I tent to play females when given the option.
I'm also so fed up with the generic testoserone filled heros that I'll play anything that's different (apart from child characters, who are even worse).
I've also found some rpgs (dragon age in particular) give much more interesting talking options for females, and the voice-acting is often better.

I always alternate, first character I make in a game is male, second one I make is female

I am a role-player, and I enjoy the merits of the female personality when doing that. Its a lot easier to be expressive, impassioned and open without being judged unfairly as a female.

Boredom or better fighting animations.

i don't really know why i play a female character over a male... i don't do it to look at the character, because i'm not interested. (i'm gay) i just seem to prefer playing a female character rather than a male. i guess it's like a feeling of "i'm a male in real life, and the purpose or roleplaying a different character is to experience something different, so i'll play a female" i'm not entirely sure why i do it... (although most male characters in games where you can choose character look pretty bad... where the females look MUCH better) but i WILL say that it IS fun to mess with the male gamers in multiplayer games... when they automatically assume i'm a girl (because i don't dress my character like a slut and show her off... like a lot of straight male gamers do... so what i do is a characteristic of a female player)

In MMOs it means better treatment and free shit.
I also don't need to exit out of the game to fap most of the time.

no i'm not confronting you, i too prefer female characters in games where you can make your own protagonist. i am a bit of a nerd and find it easy to roleplay, that is, lose myself in a fictional setting. so it's partly because i'm a man in real life, so why drag that into my role playing when i have the option to try out the otherside of the chromosome (okay, "roleplaying" is swiftly becoming the wronge choice of word here...) and i won't deny it's also partly because, well... i like girls.
femshepards armour is way better than male shepard's armour. why? cuz i can see femshepards bum!
so people? if your male and often favour the female option, why is that? don't be shy.

It's usually on my second playthrough and it's to experience a slightly different game. Because there are things that different genders can do in a RPG (example being in Fallout with a simple perk that you can change the way you play a quest).

Free stuff in MMOs from all the people who think im actually female.

In games like Fallout and Fable I usually make my 2nd playthrough a female character.

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