Save Files Corrupted in Deus Ex Human Revolution, please help

Pretty much, I was up to Mission 9 in

when my game crashed while I was attempting to reload my quick save file and then upon loading the game back up, I found that none of my save files from the mission work. I'm asking for help because my only save file previous to this one is from about three or four hours ago and I would love to not have to replay it all again, as much as I'm enjoying the game.

As far as I know, once a file is corrupted, you cannot fix it.

As far as I know, once a file is corrupted, you cannot fix it.

Yep, that guide was full of shit, reinstalling didn't work. Time to absolutely plow my way through the next few hours like you wouldn't imagine.

I was able to recover my save, here's how:
1. The saveindex file is what gets corrupted, you can get rid of it. Backup all the other files (gamea1, gamea2, gameq, etc), these contain the information of your latest saves.
2. Start a new game so a new saveindex file can be created.
3. Put all those files you had backed up, in the save folder, where the new saveindex file is.
4. Loading the game should now take you back to your original position.
5. Save your game, backup your save dir every once in a while to avoid doing all this again.

Deus Ex Human Revolution corrupted saves working solution!

Thank you very very very very frickin much mr fingler for your solution for the corrupted saves problem I just did it and it worked, although I only managed to restore one of my saved games but it was maybe 30 min b4 my newest one so it was very much worth it. I just phrased the beginning of the post so that hopefully if someone else tries to find the solution for it on google, they will find this thread.
cya l8r and again thanks a google to the power of infinity!!

no prob, thanks for the praises. I actually figured out this solution by accident and was so relieved it worked that I posted it first thing. Btw if you load your game from the load screen and not by pressing continue, it will put you back right where you were last, sorry but I only figured this out after posting the solution. Another thing i figured out recently is that if you keep a backup of just the saveindex file, thats enough to recover ur latest save, just replace your corrupt saveindex with the backuped one.


Thank you, fingler. You saved another person from committing suicide and/or replaying through nearly the entire game.

I did have to do something a little different though and would like to clear it up in case your instructions didn't work for everyone.

1. Backup everything in your save folder to another folder. (To find you save folder, search for the file name "saveindex", that's how I found it)
2. Delete everything in your save folder.
3. Run the game.
4. Start a new game, save, then quit.

Now here's the different part. From what I figured (as I was writing this post, actually) "gamer1" "gamer2" etc are all manual saves. "gamea1" "gamea2" are autosaves, hence the "a" at the end. This means of course that "gameq" is a quicksave.

The problem with this is that if you start a new game, save, then quit, the saveindex will only be able to load the file called "gamer1" since it's the first manual save and the only save file in it's memory, since you have no quick saves or autosaves (unless you get far enough into your new game for an autosave or if you quick save).

5. This basically means that you want to copy ONLY your latest game save (look at the date modified etc in the details/properties) from your backup folder, into the real save folder, and RENAME it to "gamer1", unless it's already called "gamer1" in which case it should overwrite regardless and fingler's guide should have worked, then launch the game.

When you go to load selection screen, it will tell you that you're in the beginning of the game but load it anyway/press continue and you should be at the place you left off.

If you want to add in more of your old save files for whatever reason, go in-game, create a new manual save, exit the game, delete "gamer2" from your save folder, copy the save you want added to the folder, and rename it to "gamer2" and you keep doing that for every new save you want except replace the 1 or 2 with whatever number save it is.


Fingler, Javan,
thank you very much for your help, really appreciate it. I thought my save is lost (I was in Montreal at that time) but I figured it out using your advice.

THX again!

Thnx for this, saved me 9h worth of playtime! :)


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