X-COM UFO Defense Graphics Mod

Anyone know of any? I got UFO Defense a bit back and I love it, but I'd love it even more if I had a high quality mod, or something like it. Are there any that anyone knows of?

Other than the 'remakes' such as the after(blank) series or fanmade ones like UFO: Invasion and the likes, there is one called UFO:2000 which has a higher resolution that the original game but it is strictly multiplayer versus. No story. Mods that bump up graphics are few and far between so you might not find one.

There's basically a remake called UFO: Extraterrestrial out there that's much more contemporary and streamlined. If you get that, grab the Gold edition since it includes a bunch a mods that up the game in good ways. Other than that, I've got nothing.

I don't know of any graphical mods (anything that runs on DOSbox probably doesn't many), but there is a massive amount of fan-made remakes on Steam, some good, some bad. Someone already mentioned UFO: Extraterrestrial which seems to be the most popular one.


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