Where's the love for FFIX?

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I feel like I'm the only one in the whole wide world who loves FFIX more than the others? It has (barely) tolerable graphics today, the original black mage and an amazingly nostalgic storyline. Where's the love???

the original black mage

Wasn't there a black mage in your party in FF1/2?

I'm pretty sure there was...

I love IX more than the others. Especially the mini-games like the world-wide Chocobo Hot n' Cold. It would be my all-time favorite but Mystic Quest has the best music, IV has better recurring characters and, VIII has the all-powerful Junction system, which makes someone like Selphie able to kick Galactus' ass (theoretically)

I feel like I'm the only one in the whole wide world who loves FFIX more than the others? It has (barely) tolerable graphics today, the original black mage and an amazingly nostalgic storyline. Where's the love???

Not too much love coming from me. I found the combat to be absolute trash in 9. Slow as hell, and with that stupid Trance bullshit.

Yes. I play RPGs for the combat. Yes. I'm "doing it wrong".


the original black mage

Wasn't there a black mage in your party in FF1/2?

I'm pretty sure there was...

Yeh, there was. Vivi, I guess, was the first one that was really named.

I feel like I'm the only one in the whole wide world who loves FFIX more than the others? It has (barely) tolerable graphics today, the original black mage and an amazingly nostalgic storyline. Where's the love???

But you are right, FFIX has a lot less love than VII. I personally believe IX beats the hell out of VII.

Have you never read forums about final fantasy?

In every single ff thread the majority of fans says final fantasy 9 is the best one, and most underrated, since the playstation era. As far as i can tell(this being only ps1+ not nes) people favorites in general go in order of 9,7,8/10,12,13.

Personally i couldn't get into 9. I have tried so many times yet as soon as i get freya i lose complete interest :P

Now that i think about I need to finally really play and finish 9!!! Ima get on that :D

Square-Enix Business Model:

Exhaustive, Detailed analysis of the best motion to both turn a higher profit and achieve the highest possible customer satisfaction rate.

Then do the opposite.

FF7 was a breakthrough in the North American market, whereas FF9 was a callback to the older games that a lot of the North American market didn't play. I'm not surprised that a lot of people weren't as fond of it as they were of the ones with more technological elements to them.

I mean, I liked FF9 a lot. But I can understand why other people might not have.

It may well be my favourite. It is very well liked, overall, and considered one of the better ones. It's probably just the fans don't go on about it much like many people do with VII, for whatever reason.

You're never the only one when it comes to liking something over other things.

As for me, I've played FFIX last year right after FFVII and fell in love with it. It had a great story, fantastic characters, very fun gameplay, and graphics that aged very well in my opinion. It was pretty much a surprise hit for me. And it is now one of my top ten most favorite games of all time.

Uhh...most people on these forums think 9 was the best/most underrated.

I am one of those people, and am finishing my 8th playthrough.

FFIX is very memorable for me. I loved the setting, the characters and especially the music (used to go to Treno just for the music).

Also I found Ozma to be the best hidden boss of the series, really had a sense of achievement when he/it died.

No, 9 is brilliant. The only aspect I don't like is the trance system. It just goes off in the least opportune moments like when you have to use items / heal or as the battle is about to end.

Here's the love! Right here! Can you see it? I wish you could!
It has the greatest (large) cast of characters I've ever seen in a video game.

Uhh...most people on these forums think 9 was the best/most underrated.

I am one of those people, and am finishing my 8th playthrough.

Ditto. Minus the 8th playthrough (The last FF I beat was 7, I plan on going through 8 again, then will do 9 again in the future.)

As others have said, it was a surprising hit for myself. I was pretty put off by the art style and characters, at first. But being the jaded FF fan I am, who is doomed to play every FF installment from now until the end of time, I gave it a shot.

The one complaint I have with the game is that it's kinda slow to start. (FF8 has this same problem.) I think every FF game has that moment when "shit gets serious" and it takes awhile for that moment to hit in both 8 and 9.

But the game picks up very well, the characters develop nicely, I find myself getting a good chuckle at the humor and Zidane's and Steiner's whole Lupin/Zenigata relationship. and it just struck a chord with me when the game continues onward. I really began to love everything about it later on (Except the Trance system. Fuck the trance system.)

Definitely my favorite in the PS1 era. I think lots of people agree that it is pretty underrated. Compared to that other FF title in the PS1 era.

Best one of all, easy. Best music, best characters inc. NPC's (except Freya), best storyline (although the Genomes thing was a little difficult to follow) and its what FF is all about, being able to completly explore towns and massive cities. Tell me honestly you didn't get a bit excited everytime you went into Lindblum, even after it had been destroyed. Something Enix managed to COMPLETLY miss out in 13.

Final Fantasy IX is my second favourite Final Fantasy! :D There is plenty of love for it, you just havnt found it yet :P

Oh, and Vivi wasnt the original Black Mage, there have been Black Mages since the first game, and if you argue the first black mage with a story line (not just a character type) well the first one is technically Palom from Final Fantasy IV.


the original black mage

Wasn't there a black mage in your party in FF1/2?

I'm pretty sure there was...

I think he might have meant it used a black mage that was basically the same dude as the one from FF1.

To this day FFIX is the best Final Fantasy in my book. I think it is very underrated.

I thought FFIX as a whole was rather bland and not terribly memorable. It's far from the worst of the series, though. That's reserved for 8 and 13.

Yeah I was personally not a big fan of it. The summoners were next to useless unless you go on a very long grueling fetch quest to collect different rocks. The idea of summons only doing minimal damage unless certain things are done really pisses me off. That and the game has like what 4 unwinable battles? It felt like every time I ran into Beatrix I got wasted tons of potions trying to keep myself alive only to find out there was no way to win.

Final Fantasy IX was the first final fantasy that I ever played, in fact it was probably the first heavily story-centric game that I ever played, for that matter, which is now the most important quality of a game for me. Because of that, it will always have a special place in my heart. It also means that I can't really speak objectively about it, but I think it's probably my favorite of the final fantasies as well.

I love it. But then again I'm a Sword and Sorcery in Final Fantasy. Also I like cuter to go along with my adult themes of death and misery.

For all I talked by about the "machoness" of the main character and described by annoyance with his appearance, while I'm indeed quite a bit annoyed by machismo. I'm just as annoyed as anyone by brooding. Cloud and Squall both have a lot of brooding. Adam merely has bigger muscles to go along with it. Overall adding to a package that annoys the all heck out of me. Or perhaps "brooding" isn't the right word, I don't mind a few evident regrets. But I generally dislike an overly serious, irritated, "I'm hard to get along with" disposition. Or just an overly business attitude from a main character. I don't want all my main-characters to seem like sophomoric, immature young adults and kids. But I'm not exactly entertained as much by the "strong, silent types" as much, as people put it.

Along with being cute, has themes of war and existential struggles, it's well balances and has the balance of things that is honestly at the very least, a lot more relaxing and comfortable to me. It actually has a lot of death and suffering, but a lot of people don't recognize it because it doesn't bog you down with the imagery. And that's a good thing in my book. The protagonist is quite plucky instead of brooding. And while I don't have anything against anti-heroes, it was quite a refreshing departure from Cloud and Squall's constant brooding.

I can understand how people do make criticisms of IX having it's story go slightly downhill toward the end and perhaps being wrapped up and concluded overly quickly and bizarrely. But Final Fantasy VIII also goes downhill past disc one where things go from a coherent political struggle, to an off the wall story moves far too quickly ones the party reaches Estar, and mostly has romance going for it. I wouldn't say that IX paces itself worse than VIII.

And the setting was certainly a breath of fresh air, and the kind of Final Fantasy I wanted to play since it left the PlayStation. A lot of people were alien to it since many were introduced to the series since Final Fantasy VII. But for me, it was Final Fantasy IV. And IX was the Final Fantasy I always wanted to see on the PlayStation.

6 and seven were better, in my opinion. 9's good, I enjoyed it, but I think the battle systems, heroes and villains were all better in those games. Well, maybe not Sephiroth. He wasn't actually that cool.

I didn't like FFIX...As much as other FF's.

The artstyle wasn't my favorite (The large heads and what not)

The characters where annoying (Especially Zidane... Who you were forced to have in your team)to the point where the only character I liked was Freya

Oh god the grind... (In order to learn skills, you need to wear specific items and do battles which may or may not have good stats (Thus affecting the stats you gained as you leveled when you eventually (Which you would with the annoyingly high amounts of points needed to learn skills))

Items on bosses where also a bit of an annoyance for me, either they would be one time only - must steal from the fight or they would be sold in the next town for tuppence...

Though other than that it was pretty solid game in my opinion.

Bonus points for one of my favorite cinematics:

Hurrah for Bahamut being an actual dragon (Being the dragon king...) instead of a weird bird hybrid (FFX) or a plane (FFXIII)...

Regardless of its qualities, what would more "love" for this game accomplish nowadays exactly?

Whether it is or isn't underrated...why does it matter?

I really liked XI and I had a lot of fun with it but I can't argue with that it was a odd one.

The Love was taken away by Final Fantasy I through VIII. Also, by the Spirits Within, Chrystal Chronicles et al.

IX was my favorite Final Fantasy, its VI that I always thought was somewhat overrated.

IX was pretty solid. I really didn't like the Trance system, but aside from that, the story was solid and I liked a majority of the characters. My favorite Final Fantasy game remains VII, as cliched as that may seem, followed by IX and X. No love for VIII from me.

Piss off, Squall.


I don't remember much about the plot outside Vivi's story god I loved that little guy!

First and foremost: Freya is fucking awesome, and a good (rare) genuine example of a more "mature" character in the FF series. She tries to become the voice of reason, and yet has a slightly more complicated set of issues that she keeps mostly to herself. Nothing convoluted nor preachy. She's also the dragoon of the group, so props are automatically due.

With that out of the way...Final Fantasy 9.

Uh, yeah. Not my favorite, but it's not nearly as bad as some...others I can mention (FF8, FF10, FF12...or the very worst in Dirge of Cerberus).

Just about every other character drove me nuts, and I cannot to this day quite place why.
The overall plot felt...devoid of anything meaningful for me. I had a similar problem with FF5, in which nothing I did felt as though it had consequence; the bad guy(s) was always one step ahead of me because the script said so (and there was no foreshadowing leading up to some major twist or a mystery to unravel as you went along, which was the saving grace of 7) so that when I did reach the end of the game and fought the Big Bad, I didn't really find it all that believable (nevermind the colossal WTF-bullshit moment as the Final Boss Battle, but I won't spoil that here).

When FF9's "twist" did arrive, it did so far too suddenly and too late in the game for me to care; by this point, so much of the story had already focused on Garnet and Vivi with Zidane acting as a sort of "life-lessons coach" for the both of them.

On the Gameplay-side, it's one the BEST in the series (I have it just below FF6 and FFT; it's close). It's not nearly as busted as 8, bland as 10/12, nor as face-rollingly-easy as 7 (which has maybe TWO POINTS in the entire game where it's remotely challenging).
The game allows for grind-to-power OR clever approaches; which is something you just don't see in JRPGs anymore.

The characters have their own skills and roles, yet EVERY ONE OF THEM is useful at several points during the game (including late/end game; whereas in the other FF games in the series, the characters are either too similar to even classify, or a few are just so innately broken in the end game that they take over).
My only complaint here is that Freya is noticeably absent from your party for a good third of the entire plot...but that's just me.

The closest case of "outmoding" of a character is Eiko taking over for Garnet; (Esuna and Holy are just that damn good) which doesn't occur until fairly late into the game.

No, it's my favourite too. I don't know if it's the story, the animation style or the gameplay, but it's almost the only FF I replay once in a while.

Definitely has the best music of a Final Fantasy game, which is saying something.

I rather liked FFIX it was the only one I actually finished and enjoyed. My only complaint was the replacing of Kuja as the big bad at the end. Why build up a villain the entire game only to go 'oh here is the guy really behind it' blah blah. Also seriously calling the guy 'necron'? Talk about lame. Other than that though I really enjoyed that game.

final fantasy was the first final fantasy game i ever owned. Not the first i played through but the first i owned. I received it with my first playstation and ape escape and the game will always hold a special place in my heart. My mum didn't buy the memory card when she got it, but that never deterred me from playing it. I now own a second copy of the game after my first copy was stolen. I also have it on my android to play it when ever i need a break from college life. To lose myself in the fantasy once again.....

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