Annoying Video Game Quotes Forever Etched into your Memory

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"blah blah blah blah blah, you know?"
"words words words, you know?"
"dialogue, you know?"
Darn that Final fantasy 10!

"Beacause, you are nothing but a puppet"

God damn it Sephiroth! Killing a key moment with bad spelling THEN calling me a puppet? Urgh!

Barry, where's Barry?

"Your health is low, do you have any potions? Or Food?"

Oh god no! Now that's stuck in my brain!

"Can I get you a ladder? So you can get off my back?"

I restarted Dragon Age: Origins and made a new character just so I wouldn't have to deal with that anymore.

i will never forget "this guy are sick" as long as i live

on the good side however "peace is but a shadow of death, eager to forget its painful past" kuja had such cool lines

Anything from the original Resident Evil, but particularly:

"What's this?"


"I hope this isn't Chris' blood..."

"Wizard...your life force is running out"


"Press R to restart"

Every single Duke Nukem Forever 1 liner, and. I'll kill your dick from bullet storm

Soviet Heavy:
Patrolling the Mojave almost makes you wish for a nuclear winter!

This. Everytime I hear it I feel something in my temple throb.

Mitsurugi: "You again! I've had enough of you."
Taki: "Hmph! Haven't you had enough?"
Me: "I will never forget this moment so long as I live."

"Get out of here stalker!"
"Stalker come in come in"
"What are you doing man put your weapon down"

All of them come from stalker, the first you hear it about 3 times in 10 seconds because you need to go trough a building with a guy that keeps saying that.

Want to go get quests? Want to visit your personal locker? then you will listen to the second line every time you walk inside the bar.

The third one isn't said very often but I need to keep my gun in my hands BECAUSE THERE IS A BLOODSUCKER CHASING ME AND YOU ARE NOT HELPING!!!!

Also I play with english voices and the acting in the game is very very bad so it annoys me even more.

Any line in Catherine.

"I don't have time to be dead!"

"Sanity is for the WEAK!"

How can it be anything else but

"Hey! Listen! HEY! LISTEN!"

"This elevator serves me alone. I have complete control over this entire level. With cameras as my eyes and nodes as my hands, I rule here, insect."
System Shock 2

"Hail to the king baby"

And most of the lines from Niko Bellic GTA IV. He always just sounded like some douche putting on a Russian accent. Turns out he was.

"Stay a while. Stay forever!"

"Move 'Zig'!"

- Zero Wing

"Remember the Sunwell"

You stupid Girl (I start way too many new games in never winter nights 2)

Also anything your chief says in Crackdown, that guy never shut the hell up.

Gulie to Chun-li "Go home and be a family man." *face palm*.

"What a banch of jokers!" (Anyone who had played Xenoblade Chronicles will get the reference).

"I fight for my friends."

Partly because it was irritating, and partly because every time I heard it I'd usually just got my arse handed to me on some variety of platter.

"I should go"
Mass Effect, how Shepard end every conversations. It's like he's got really bad constipation or something.

"BY AZURA BY AZURA BY AZURA BY AZURA" - The Adoring (read: Annoying) Fanboy.

"Stop or I'll shoot!"
Spoken by storm troopers in JediKnight,Jedi Outcast, while shooting you.

That too. I once stopped just to see what would happen... they still shot me >:(

Every line from the Spiderman video games (That Spiderman says) and "Tank!" From Left 4 Dead. Considering the size, sound and obvious warnings that there is a tank, the computer players (and characters themselves) feel the need to continue warning you that there is a tank there. Even after he's thrown a car at your face.

A bunch of pretentious old man playing at running the world.

Also about a hundred other lines from that game.

"Phelps. Badge twelve-forty-seven." Followed by, "How can I help, detective?"

There's no way that I was the only one who ended up walking around one box forever with him constantly saying "Whose footprints are these?"

"The cake is a lie" it was fun and cool when portal came out, now it's not.

"Pills here!"
"Grabin' pills..."


Every single time I fall in Minecraft.

You ain't no po-lice, I own the po-lice

It was fun having that pop into my conscious about once a day, now I want to grate my face off.

An pretty much anything Roland said on Borderlands.

Everyone has already put all the oblivion ones, those are the ones that come to mind.

and how everyone in oblivion has the same voice. the guy who plays all the dark elves annoys the piss out of me.


"My life...of pleasure...gone!"

I can't stop sniggering years later.

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