Bethesda decides to go to court in the Scrolls case. :(

The ongoing Bethesda vs Mojang case over the two games scrolls and the elder scrolls has had a new development. Despite all the light hearted and bad ass offers from Notch that they finish it in a game of quake 3, Bethesda have decided that they are going to go to court. Now I'm probably guessing that it wasnt Todd Howard or anyone like that, I think the decision was probably made by their lawyers who just wanted a new thing to get loadsa money from. Whoever it is they are not cool and are taking this whole thing too seriously.

To anyone who doesn't know what this is all about. A few months ago Mojang announced their new game after Minecraft titled Scrolls, its a card based game that has no resemblence to anything Bethesda has made. Bethesda then saw that Scrolls was too close to The Elder Scrolls so they decided to sue them. Notch (the creator of Minecraft) then offered that they settle the case in a game of the game Quake 3. Bethesda has now refused to do so.

I wish the best of luck to Mojang in this case and hope they crush Bethesda.

PS: This kind of makes me want to start calling Bethesda "The Elder Trolls"!


[EDIT] Forgot to put the source :P.

Copyright laws suck dick. Dirty, STD-ridden dick.

Dont give a shit, theres no way in hell this will go through anyway. If Bethesda wanna be dicks, they should be my guest, in the process they will waste my Skyrim money on paying lawyers and wont get to keep a penny :)


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