JRPGS vs Western RPGs. What's your preference?

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Pretty straightforward. What kind of RPG's do you prefer? Why? The possibilities are endless!

Don't really have one. I'll play either as long as it's fun.

western because i fill like i am actively changing the world not just watching it on fold plus all the mopy teens annoying but i do love renaissance of fate

I play Western as they are the only ones where I can actually relate to a believable character! GAWD!

Bang Kaboom Ferrell:
western because i fill like i am actively changing the world not just watching it on fold plus all the mopy teens annoying but i do love renaissance of fate

1) It's Resonance of Fate. Just sayin'.
2) There's a lot more than mopey teens in JRPGs. You just have to look a bit harder.

OT: Anything that's fun, but I've recently been getting more into JRPGs. Though when Skyrim comes out that opinion may shift for a while.

I enjoy both.

I kinda tend to lean towards Western RPG's since they offer gameplay I like over jRPG's (Most of the time) as well as characters and stories I like better than plenty of jRPG's I've seen.

But jRPG's have their special place on my RPG pedestal as well. Mostly because, the grim dark and bloody settings and stories that wRPG's tend to drown themselves in kinda gets tiring sometimes. and jRPG's usually offer more colorful settings and characters, while still managing to tell some engaging and sometimes very serious stories.
Speaking of jRPG's, I'm really excited about Ni No Kuni. Too bad it's not coming out for months :(

Western, though even then I'm very picky as to which ones I do and don't like.

OK, I thoroughly enjoy the idea of a living and breathing world in which you play the role of a character who makes decisions, fights monsters, gets better at everything he does, and rummages through everyone's stuff for band-aids and clothing. My problem with most RPG's comes in the "play" part, especially when it comes to combat. I know they aren't spreadsheet simulators, but by golly I would really enjoy it if I could swing my own fucking sword instead of softly suggesting that my character do so. Like in Dragon Age Origins (which I did start to enjoy, but not a whole lot), where you push a button and tell your character what to do from a menu instead of actively participating in the battle yourself.

Keep in mind that this is all just personal opinion and there are exceptions. Chrono Trigger, a JRPG, was pretty fun to me; so was FFVI. Dragon Age Origins, despite the aforementioned criticisms, struck my fancy when I played as a mage with some cooler spells on easy mode so I could get back to talking with people. Bethesda's RPG's really struck my fancy because I was actually performing those actions, not picking them from a menu.

So, in general, I do not like RPG's, but there are a number which I do like and have been mentioned several times on this site. I especially like it when a game puts a lot of action into its RPG, because then I get the progression and halfway decent story without as much of the damned menus and stuff.

Western, it just has a great D&D feel about it, JRPG's haven't ever appealed to me anyway, I have tried a few Final Fantasies, but they just seems boring.

I typically prefer western RPGs.

I fully admit that maybe I haven't had enough experience with JRPGs, but I feel like they have a tendency to be too linear and restricting. I don't consider 'linear' to be an insult toward a game like some people do... but when it comes to RPGs, I like them to be as open as possible. And that's where western RPGs tend to shine.

Defiantly western. Between Borderlands and Bethesda, they seem to be my favorite genre.

Western RPGs, hands down. JRPGS have never really felt compelling to me: The combat systems seem very simple, the stories linear, the characters one-dimensional, and I don't particularly like anime either.
But basically it boils down to this: I have no real choices, which I think is what RPGs are all about. I can't influence my character development, I can't influence the plot, it's just a linear route from A to B.
I'm sure there are exceptions to this, but I have played a few JRPGs which are generally considered top notch, such as Chrono Trigger and a few Final Fantasy's, and this is my all-round impression.

Hey, if you like JRPGS, knock yourself out, but when a game like Chrono Trigger, cited by many as THE BEST of its genre, merely gets a "Meh, it's alright." from me, it's pretty obvious that this is not my kind of game.

I play both.

Probably more JRPG's, but that also mean I've played more crappy games of that origin.

MUDs! Use your imagination people!

Nah - Old school all the way; personally I'm a big fan of the Baldur's Gate series; character development and narrative at its finest!
"Greetings. I am Edwin Odesseiron. You simians may merely refer to me as 'Sir,' if you prefer a less... syllable-intensive workout." Edwin Odesseiron. Man. Mage. Machine.

However Final Fantasy has stolen a considerable amount of my life...

Mainly J-RPGs because of game structure, design and my character preferences and i like anime so i easily relate to worlds and like characters. i play some WRPGs bioware stuff (Kotor, Mass Effect) and Elder Scrolls, but hate all others(fallout 3, fable etc.). mainly my problem with WRPG is boring world design, boring character design, usually main protagonist is mute with personality of a brick.

Why? The protagonist isn't some angsty and/or anime kid. My experience with JRPGs are pretty limited, so I'm sure I'll get hell for that comment, but apart from Final Fantasy's brats all I've seen in new JRPGs are little... annoying... cartooned kids!

Also I love the medieval settings or WRPGs.

Also also; use the search bar, please. I'm pretty sure there are an endless amount of threads just like this one.

Oblivion. Favourite RPG ever. Favourite type of RPG? None, I like some of both genres.

I'm not really into Japanese pop-culture. Most of it goes right over my head, for some reason. So Western. That said, I did enjoy the Pokemon games, and Chrono Trigger is pretty darn good.

I prefer Western overall, however I wouldn't not play a game just because it's a JRPG, some of my favorite games were made in Japan.

Now, where's one of my favorite posts on this forum...

Oh, here it is:


I don't always play JRPGs, but when I do, I prefer Atlus. Stay nerdy, my friends.

I like both. I've played more, and probably enjoyed more WRPGs but my favourite RPG is Lost Odyssey, a JRPG, so it sort of evens itself out.

I enjoy both but I tend to lean towards JRPGs. JRPGs tend to have more heart and better characterization in my opinion. I've felt emotional at some points in JRPGs, but never in a WRPG.

The big trade off though for me is JRPGs tend to be linear, so it can feel restricting. On the other hand WRPGs tend to be non-linear so it is harder to construct a well connected plot. Compare it to a TV sitcom. Although there is an overarching progression, it doesn't matter what order you watch the episodes in as they are self contained. This detracts from the ability to make the plot connected and cohesive.

They are both excellent branches of RPGs, but each has their pros and cons.

Why choose?
Fallout in the morning,
Final Fantasy at night.
If its fun its fun

I used to be all about JRPGs in the late 90s, but now, they've really turned me off with all the horrible anime made for teenage TV drama stuff going on. Yes I know that the audience in Japan is different, hell, I still love watching anime when I can, but at the same time, this trend has been going on for too many years, and I'm not the age where I can relate to teenagers saving the world time and time again. If I can't relate to a character, in a game where I'm supposed to be playing their role, then something is really wrong. Because of that, I've gone the route of western RPGs, and I gotta say, I'm a little disappointed I didn't do it sooner.

Western, by far. Though I prefer the more action-RPG route, with leveling up and skillpoints and such, but with fast combat and not so many fucking items all the time.

I can't stand most of the JRPG:s, sure some people prefer them, but they just seem to lack competence in character creation and story, and I really don't like angsty teens beating up Satan with 500-pound swords.

Western. I dunno, I just like the characters most of them use more. It seems like in JRPG's traits like Weird and Loner get so hyperbolic they make the possessor of the trait unrelatable. Also most WRPG's allow me to make my own characters as opposed to playing a linear story with a set character.

I am however, a massive fan of tactical RPG's. ie. Final Fantasy Tactics and the like. and those seem to mainly belong to the JRPG style.

anything with a good structured story, whether they be WRPG or JRPG. I don't like sandbox style WRPGs like elder scrolls because you pretty much just get dropped in the world, and given absolutely no direction. I do, however, like games like Mass Effect and Dragon Age, since they have a structured story but also offer freedom of exploration. I do not, however, like completely linear games like FFXIII.

JRPGs. Final Fantasy X, IX, VI, XIII, X-2,Crystal, All the Kingdom Hearts game, P4. The World Ends With You. They are great games to me.

WRPGs seem boring. Also the fans haven't been making me want to play them by being so smug.

WRPG's for me,
I just can't take the clothing in JRPG's serious!

Realistically, WRPGs. I have very fond memories of JRPGs, and on the surface I would like to say I prefer them. But the reality is that I haven't been able to finish one in a long time.

Western mainly. Occasionally once every milennia when the planets align there is a good JRPG. The main problem is the story. Typical JRPG format is use of massive monologues and exposition to explain the story, while the characters just stand there. There needs to be a more interactive experience, ala story telling through gameplay.

Also the characters are less cliche (note I said less) and usually have better voice actors, instead of the same 20 actors I hear when I watch anime/manga.

And the emotion thing makes me laugh, I think its just because the JRPG crowd tends to have more female fans. Theres too many crazy characters with weird names and crazy hairstyles and outfits like a tourbus crashed in middle earth on its way to a fashion show, and none of them are given the proper screentime for me to give a shit about them. I just can't feel sorry for a bunch of kids with insecurity issues trying to save the world when a group of experienced adventurers SHOULD exist in said realm, or at least some type of military to deal with the problem.

I don't get it, but hey if its your cup of tea....and I'll be slaying dragons as Dovakin.

Typically WRPGs. They just always seem to be superior. By far. I hate TBS (except for pokemon) and a lot of JRPGs incorporate that. If a game is good I like it no matter what though.

I play both, but I prefer jRPGs.

wRPGs are just as bad as jRPGs in recycling the same basic story, characters and gameplay, so I choose the superior combat systems.

I used to love JRPGs, but after FF X, I can't seem to manage them anymore. They all look very, very similar (with some exceptions, of course), and I don't care anymore for the stereotypes that are prevalent in them.

I think that, lately, WRPGs are striving much more to give something new to its players. Whether they manage to do that or not, that's to be seen, but the quality of the titles, overall, seems a bit better on this side of the hemisphere.

I like both equally for different reasons.

It really annoys me when WRPG fans go "All JRPG's are just angsty teenagers saving the world" when these people are really just referring to Final Fantasy, which really is not a good example of the entire genre.

You could make the same generalizations for most western RPG's but just replace teenager with adult.

I used to love JRPGs, but after FF X, I can't seem to manage them anymore. They all look very, very similar (with some exceptions, of course), and I don't care anymore for the stereotypes that are prevalent in them.

I think that, lately, WRPGs are striving much more to give something new to its players. Whether they manage to do that or not, that's to be seen, but the quality of the titles, overall, seems a bit better on this side of the hemisphere.

More or less 100% accurately my thoughts.

One of the best games I ever played was FF8. And one of the best characters I've ever seen in a game was Vivi from FF9. FFX was decent enough but after that I just didnt care.

wRPGs have always been awesome, and still are. DA:O was fantastic. Mass Effect if you can tolerate a game on the more actiony side. WRPGs all the way.

Depends, i find jrpgs have a more interesting story, whereas western ones tend to involve a lot more wandering around/exploring.

Oh and i just dismiss the whole argument about been able to make your own unique charactor in a lot of western rpgs, once youve got the same sets of armour most people at your level will be using, you will all look pretty much the same, at least the people in jrpgs stand out more, even if its for sometimes worrying reasons.

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