Most Boring Game You've Ever Played

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I tried my hardest to play the Dragon Age series (and I might give it a shot again this weekend), but I just cannot stand the combat system and writing.

I'm all for medieval RPG, but my goodness.. the combat system was so boring and stagnant.

I'm a big fan of the Mass Effect series but have avoided Dragon's Age in fear if I didn't like it, it might spoil Mass Effect for me

Oh and welcome to the Escapist!

Thank you kind sir! I've lurked the site for a while, but just decided to make an account today. :p

It might just be me, a lot of people seem to enjoy the first Dragon Age... And then there's Dragon Age 2.

Don't say Dragon's Age II, it cause some people around here to explode!



I'll go first and to some this maybe controversial but, well that's half the fun!
Just Cause 2

You played the story for Just Cause 2? I think you were doing it wrong.

Yeph played it, still bored!


OT: Misreading the thread title completely like everyone else and adding the word "popular" in between "Most" and "boring", I'm gonna go with Mass Effect 2.

Look at how edgy I am. I put in a popular game. People are going to double check what I posted because it's so edgy and unheard of, despite the fact that probably 3 other people said the exact same thing.

Because I'm a rebel. And edgy.

Anyways, It wasn't particularly boring (I even picked it up a few days ago), it's just that there's so much running around and rather samey fighting in between, that the parts that are amazing and stand out (the dialogue options and relationship building with other team mates), suffer a little bit too much.

You see we're all different I class ME2 as one of my favourite games! And you can say what ever you want, it all good!

I'm going to piss off some people by saying this but... BioShock.

Don't get me wrong, there is some aspects of the game that I love. I love the whole setting, the Art Deco style is beautiful, the story is good, if a bit shaky near the end. I pretty much like everything about the game except for one thing.

The gameplay. It's dull. I haven't played a shooter with such boring, unsatisfying combat as BioShock before in my life. There are no satisfying weapons to use (Save for the shotgun, but even then it's not very good) and almost no variety in enemy design. Plasmids really weren't fun to use either. I could almost get over that, as there isn't a huge amount of combat in the game at first, but after the big reveal, the game decides to up the ante by sending endless waves of splicers after you and it gets really, really boring.

so you basically just said that bioshock had dull gameplay. i was like yeah okay, then looked at your fallout avatar. lol wut.
OT fallout 3 has the most dull gameplay i have ever experienced. i gave up half way through because i couldn't bear to enter vats one more time.

so recently, like last weekend, i decided to start playing world of warcraft's free trial to see what all the fuss is about. i was a been apprehensive about getting addicted since it does have that reputation. but how could i? it is one of the most boring, repetitive, poorly paced games ever made. i played 2 hours and got to level 5, so don't say i didn't give it a fair shot. right after a mission where i had to kill 10 of the exact same enemy, using one of two of the exact same attacks (which are accomplished by pushing one button over and over), and then killing a bigger version of that same enemy, my mind broke, and i gave up.

so anyone curious about WoW and havent tried it yet, i can tell you it is TERRIBLE. the world is fairly decent, but everything is just plain dull and generic.

just curious how you managed to sink 2 hours into getting to level 5. you can seriously do that in like 20 minutes.
also i wouldn't say you have given wow a fair shot until you have actually played endgame. That's what sets it apart from other MMOs. so basically you didn't give it a fair shot. But i would say that if it took you 2 hours to get to level 5 then you never will give it a fair shot because it will be far too much effort for you to do those levels near the end that actually take about 6 hours each. and that's after you know what your doing.

One of "The Sims" games. Can't remember which it was, my brother borrowed it from a friend and I decided to give it a go to see what the fuss was about. Played for a couple of hours or something, and was intensely bored by it. Yep, really not my sort of game.

Never got far in Fallout 3 - the starter missions I had were too annoying for me. First character I specialised in a way that turned out wouldn't work all that well, and was a failure. Second one I died with less, but just couldn't get into it.

Haven't completed Dragon Age: Orgins yet, because I got stuck in a fight I seemingly cannot win :/. Turned the difficulty down, and don't think I can escape the fight -.- Game really does seem to screw you if it doesn't like the chars in your party.

Puh. Sims aside, I found Deus Ex: HR to be really boring when played with pacifist in mind. After the second mission it was always the same ol boring procedure. Go in, observe the movement, look into the corners for shortcuts, win. It bored me so hard that I actually did not finish it.

But I have this "problem" with many games. When I find the strategy for my playstyle it comes down to execution.

Daystar Clarion:
Final Fantasy 13.
It's like being forced to watch a shitty Japanese soap opera for 40 hours (that's when I decided that I was done with the game), broken up by periods of linear corridors and terribly uninteractive combat.
I can't help think Squeenix spent more time trying to make it the best looking game at the time, rather than the best game.

This. Oh, so many times this. I'm usually all for JRPG drama, and love almost every other FF (bar FFX-2). BUT XIII.... dear god I hate that game.
X X X X X X X X X X (heal) X X X X X X X X X.

Ok, so apparently it got slightly more involved later on. Like as in, 30 hours later on. Fuck that. I'm not going to sit there and wait 30 hours for a game to get good, when I could just trundle over to Resonance of Fight and play some of the most awesome and innovative turned based gameplay I've seen in a RPG for years. Plus it had one of the most difficult and rewarding end bosses.

XIII... bad story, bad characters, annoying voice overs, J-pop music, thick-as-bricks hand holding tutorial that lasts 15 hours, so linear it's practically a straight line, far to many cutscenes, and an awful, awful battle system. The only thing the game has going for it is it's graphics, and even those aren't enough to ever bring me back to that game. I'd rather beat my face into it repeatedly, not even caring if it became a bloody pulp, as long as I knew the disc was destroyed for good.


Uncharted. I Thought i t had to be good, so I've finished it. Bored out of my mind all the way.

Probably not the most boring game out there, but the combination of high expectations and positive reviews made it more tedious to me.

I 2nd you, good sir and/or madame.

A good friend of mine told me he doesn't like PS3, but he would have bought one for Uncharted. He's a good friend whose recommended me good games and movies before, but Uncharted is one of the misteps.

Is it sad that when the game jumped the shark is when I started liking it, BTW?

No, I can imagine that. My main gripe is the so called humor in the game. If they'd go completely over the top it might improve the game. I have played the first and only touched the second, so I wouldn't know about that.

Thanks for the backup anyways.

Shin Megami Tensei: Nocturne

DON'T get me wrong! I love the game... but that repetitive music, and the dungeons that go on forever with the same environment... I'd use it to get to sleep :P

Red Faction Guerrilla. I was expecting awesomeness from Volition after Saints Row 2, but Guerrilla was just so boring. I didn't even find the destruction fun.


Tried a CoD title once to see what the fuzz was all about.
Dear god was that dull and unimaginative.

My last game I found really boring was Fable 3

Probably Oblviion, I spent two hours and I nearly fell asleep with the controller in my hands. There might be worse cases that I'm not recalling right now, but off the top of my head, it's definitely Oblivion.

The original Deus Ex.
(let the flaming commence) Look, i know its apparently a masterpiece or something, but this was my experience:
Get a wrist mounted crossbow, ninja mode engage. (good so far)
Sneak around, fire tranq dart with crossbow at unsuspecting guard. (awesome)
Guard doesnt even notice. just keeps patrolling. hm. Sneak much closer and fire again. Doesnt notice. Save game and run right up behind him, shoot him point blank with crowwbow. Nada. Kill guy loudly and in a fit of frustration run&gun to the top of the pyramid thing. Next level - kill some dudes and run around aimlessly in a directionless city area with nothing to do and no indication of what to do or where to go. 2 hours of that crap and I quit. that was 4 years ago.

For me, it was Battlefield Bad Company 1.

I started playing it and got through a few missions.. or acts... Well, I hit a loading twice, so I'm assuming I had done two 'acts'.
It was so boring. I couldn't get myself playing because it was all the same thing with little reward, action or purpose.
The characters were shallow as hell. Am I suppost to care about these idiots?

And its another America VS Russia game... which I'm sick of at the moment.

NIER. 'nuff said.

Well this is just me, but i've actually never been bored with a singleplayer game. i've disliked many but i've never been bored to the degree of deciding to turn it off and go bash my head violently into a walrus for an absolute divine intervention of entertainment. (with an exception for deus ex: human revolution on my second play-through)

However, i have never EVER EVER EVER EVER EVER found myself not bored with multiplayer. (co-op doesn't count if it's played locally) But the generic formula of multiplayer just bores the living crap out of me. there isn't any context or reason to be shooting/maiming/fighting with a bunch of random people and i personally see it as a technological gong show in the same vein 3d is becoming. Now, thats not to say multiplayer is actually broken, nor is there anything wrong with enjoying mindless slaughter and upgrade of pointless statistics. i just don't find myself ever being entertained with even the most polished of multiplayer experiences.

Bioshock....aka the most over-rated game of all time.

I tried it multiple time over the years and could never get past the two hour mark. It was just sheer boredom.

Strange... a lot of people here hating on really awesome games. Oh well, each to their own. My vote goes to Mass Effect. Could not stand that game. The characters were the most dull pointless people I have ever come across in a video game, the graphics either looked totally sterile or ugly, the character designs was boring and unimaginative, the story went nowhere (in the time I played it, which was a fair amount), the dialogue was so overdrawn and tedious, characters moved slowly and controls felt sluggish, combat was awful and frustrating (could never see what was going on and if I wasn't constantly dying then NPC partners were getting in the bloody way), and the interface was incomprehensible. Basically everything that is in a game I hated about Mass Effect.

I have to mention Fable 2 as well. Ugly graphics, annoying characters, HORRIBLE controls, tedious navigation, tactless combat, annoying camera, and the WORST ending to any video game I had ever played. God I hate that game with such a passion. My experience with it wasn't necessarily as dull as with Mass Effect, but it managed to be very boring and incredibly frustrating to play at the same time. Oh yeah, and also the way you have to wait for shops to get the stock in for the potions you want to buy as well. And even once I had waited, a lot of the time the shop owner would just never turn up. Like he was deleted from the game. That drove me crazy, I wasted so much time on that crap.

There's probably other games I found ultra boring, but were so boring I can't remember.

Ico. Never finished it, was bored most of the way through and I absolutely DREADED the combat sections. They were awful and tedious beyond reckoning.

NIER. 'nuff said.

Not really... I don't think enough people have played the game for it to be widely known. On that note, I have actually been thinking about buying the game. What exactly is wrong with it?

This will probably be an unpopular choice but I found Crysis 2 such a chore to play. I was bored through most of the game. It was at that point that I pretty much lost all faith in the FPS genre.

Borderlands. Fetch or Assassinate missions, and nothing else for the whole game. About 5 different mob models. An interesting weapon finding gathering bit until you find the best gun you'll ever get in the game about halfway thru the first playthru. Bland characters with 0 customability (you'll wind up with everything.) Lame or non-existent story. Pointless and useless driving system and cars that explode when you hit so much as an anthill and leave you with 1 hitpoint no matter how much shield and health you have. Only saving grace was local multiplayer. Unplayable otherwise.

Although I liked the game a lot, Mass Effect can be very boring at times, especially near the beginning. But of course, I kept playing and I really enjoyed it.
Limbo probably counts as the most boring game I've played. I know I probably have a minority opinion here, but I was so bored that I was genuinely over-joyed to have finished it.

Mass Effect.

Can't last 25 minutes.

It looks terrible, the game feel is all dodgy, the combat is slow and unimaginative, the vehicle missions are like driving in real life except with flashy lights that somewhat resemble weaponfire, the story is boring as shit, the universe feels tiny and linear, the characters are boring, the voice acting is mediocre, the range of weapons is small, the skill customization is raablah blah blah blah blah...

Gears of War 2 was an exercise in painful monotony.

Funny thing is, I was playing it co-op with a friend, which is supposed to be one of the series best aspects, but the both of us just wanted to stop after about half an hour.

The previous night we had both just finished Resident Evil 5....a game that is apparently boring, stupid and racist....all the way through to the end whilst having an amazingly fun time.

We went from being restricted while aiming, and being taught to respect and value every last bullet we could get our hands on, to marching around as an invulnerable shaved bear wearing an entire skip bin and throwing away bullets like they were candy.

Resident Evil 5 was way more fun that Gears could ever be for us.

Having said that though, all characters of both games were insufferable dumbasses.

TF2. I just...don't....get it. It could be that I'm horrible, it could be that it's just hats and props. Or it could be just because it's totally unengaging for me.

Any FF or turn-based RPG...can't stand it.

I really, really like Dragon Age - but that being said, the combat is intensely boring.

GalCiv 2. I know it was a huge hit and people rant and rave about how awesome and complex and enthralling it is but I just could never get into it.

The Legend of Alon D'ar for PS2. If you haven't heard of it, that's fine. Nothing lost there...

Holy shit, I just posted that game over in the "worst game ever" thread.

I'll second Alon D'ar for most boring game ever.

Mass Effect.

Can't last 25 minutes.

It looks terrible, the game feel is all dodgy, the combat is slow and unimaginative, the vehicle missions are like driving in real life except with flashy lights that somewhat resemble weaponfire, the story is boring as shit, the universe feels tiny and linear, the characters are boring, the voice acting is mediocre, the range of weapons is small, the skill customization is raablah blah blah blah blah...

Funny that you only played 25 minutes but still has rode the Mako, explored with the Galaxy map, and achieved a reasonable high level to comment on the skill customization.

Either A: You haven't done what's above.
Or B: You've played more than 25 minutes.

I had to join the site because this has to be one of the most educated gamer threads I've been on in a while and its refreshing. I had to do a breakdown of what games I've played on what medium to really break down boring games that I could never finish because of how terrible they were at keeping attention

Atari ST - Any psygnosis title. Not entertaining in any way

NES - Metal gear was bad bad bad back then, Super mario bros 2 is a legit boring game, shitty powerups and crappy level design

Turbografix 16 - Bonk was such a waste of time

Genesis - Altered Beast is brutal..not fun at all, didn't understand why it was considered any good,
Captain America and the Avengers, Shaq Fu, sonic spinball, donald duck world of illusion

Super Nintendo - Aladdin, any of the Donkey Kong games, Super ghouls and ghosts, super metroid

Playstation - Final fantasy 8 was god awful boring, terrible followup to FFVII, The last syphon filter game, spyro the dragon, Tenchu, Gran Turismo 2, kept going back to GT1

Xbox - The first Halo game, on your own is GARBAGE, have to play it co-op with someone to appreciate it, every single fighting game on this system, jade empire, prince of persia:warrior within, amped, tony hawks underground

PC - Every Crytek game is so boring (Farcry 1, 2, insincts; Crysis games), no rewarding gameplay at all, you really don't care about anything that is going on in them, system shock 2, didn't draw me in at all, heretic, descent (1, 2, and 3), Rainbow 6 (swat is so much better) Half life 2 - Boring is the only word to describe this experience, all the sims games, deus ex - dry and no fun to explore, age of empires 3, total rome, empire earth, vampire:the masquerade, Bastion (oh my gawd bastion...anger anger anger)Hellgate London and quite a few more

360 + ps3- GTA4, Tekken 6 (botched system, juggles, mids highs and lows, stupid characters and laggy online fights), Bully, Mirrors Edge, Prince of persia, all the assassins creed games (except brotherhood which is pretty legit) NHL 09, Ruse, Brink, Red Dead Redemption (really make me run around on a horse for 20 minutes collecting thistles), Ninja Gaiden (NG:Black was way better), Halo Reach, Mass Effect 2 (the first was excellent), little big planet, just cause 2 (both being too repetitive), Kingdom Under Fire




try to slog through it i personally refuse to play more then an hour at a time cause if you spend longer then that the constant walking from place to place will drive you mad. that being said DA:origins is probably the most boring game ive played.(funnily enough i thought DA2 was allot less so because you werent walking so much, go figure:)

I also made the mistake of playing DA2 first. Trying to go back and play DAO is really hard! I have played all the origins but i still need to finish the game at least once. I am running around in the Deep Roads right now and I want to kill myself!

lol i played origins first so i didnt have that problem but yeah take your time theres no time limit and the game takes 60+ hours to do right yeah its boring at points but its fun as hell once you get past 2 things the fade and the fucking deep roads.

As long as i don't have to go back to the fade for a third time! The mage tower made me want to kill myself. Why is everything out of focus? Good idea to only play it an hour at a time. I want to finish and kill Loghain!

Proverbial Jon:
How could you successfully make LOTR BORING?

I don't know, Tolkein did a pretty great job of it.


Seriously though, those books are a struggle to get through.

On topic, I can't really answer this question. If I feel a game is boring in the first hour or so, I don't continue playing it (unless it came highly recommended by someone I trust, in which case I give it a chance to impress me and it usually does), and thus I don't feel I can accurately judge if it's a "boring game." If it has boring stretches but overall charms me enough that I want to find out what comes next (like Dragon Age: Origins), then I don't count it as boring.


Proverbial Jon:
How could you successfully make LOTR BORING?

I don't know, Tolkein did a pretty great job of it.



OT: Half-Life 2 episode 1 mayhaps? The other two are fine (yeah, overrated I guess, but fine anyway) but that one was basically just 4 hours of retreading the first quarter of HL2 for no apparent reason (except the 2nd level, which was retreading the last quarter of the game instead). I suppose it had a few suspenseful moments down underground, with the pitch-blackness and Zombies. Other than that, there was just no reason for its existence, other than that it didn't occur to the Vortigaunts to teleport Gordon further away from the citadel.

Yet even that I finished, without feeling like going to sleep midway through. So I feel glad I've not played most of the shit you guys are mentioning (that is, the ones who aren't doing what I just did and being edgy by hating on a popular game).

Fallout New Vegas, mostly becazuse of the glitches, but the game could not keep me engaged when it did not stop working on me to make up for it. that is sad considering my love of the fallout franchise.

Breaks my heart to say it, but every Rockstar release this gen has bored the shit out of me.
I was psyched for GTAIV, curious about RDR and bought into all the graphics hype for LA Noire like everyone else. But as games for the purpose of gaming, they were utter balls.

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