You're trapped in the Last Game you played. How long do you survive?

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Dark Souls...awesome. Maybe I'll just chill with that cool blacksmith near Darkroot Gardens. He seems like a decent fellow. He always hopes I don't go hollow.

woo! Drakensang! thats not bad, RPG elements and all i would be that bad off. though the MASSIVE amounts of wolf rats would piss me right the fuck off (as they do now). just need to get some cash armor and a weapon and ill be sitting pretty for a while if i learn blacksmithing,there is an incredibly high demand for bear traps in that much infact that you can buy all the stuff to make it from a merchant,make the damned thing,then sell it back to him for a whole ducat (gold coin) profit! such easy money ill be able to BUY anything and probably own my own little town in the course of a week? maybe 2 if i get conned out of money for a boat...but that will NEVER happen >.>

Crap. I just played Super Meat Boy. Uh... I'll die in seconds.
Edit: I mean, of course, I'm so good at the game that I never die! Yeah...

Kingdom Hearts oh hell ya!

had this dream before ended know after fall through the earth!

The last game I played was WoW, so... forever, assuming I don't ever leave the relative safety of the starting areas.

The last game I played? Crap... Am I seriously going to be stuck playing angry birds for the rest of my life?!

Titan Quest ... I'd be dead in about a week :D

Arkham City.. Guess I'll have to join a gang or get eaten alive... Actually I'm not so sure that even that would work, guess I'll just hope Batman saves me.

So I'm stuck in Day of Defeat: Source?

I survive for about five minutes.

League of Legends. Being a summoner seems like a pretty risk-free situation, so I think I'd be fine. Hell, I'd basically just be doing what I already do - play League of Legends way too much.

Dungeon Defenders.

I'll be chilling my tavern with pizza and Mtn Dew swinging awesome weapons around.

Maybe i'll even get a pet, or maybe the tavern keeper will actually have some booze to share.

Either way, i'm good.

Cities XL... so I don't think there's much issue there except for my house occacionally getting demolished and replaced with swankier digs... or a public pool.

Pokemon Fire Red... Looks like I'm the only GBA player here... Well... Emulated GBA, but a GBA all the same... Well I tell you what! I'd live forever, cuz I'd capture Mewtwo AND Lugia! Screw the ticket! Who needs a download when I can just sneak onto the boat? I'd live a happy and content average anime life... Which means I'd live forever. Just enough time to catch em' all and be the very best, that no one ever was!

Team Fortress 2.

Well I'm Australian, so I'm fine, so long as I have my Australium.

Bioshock. Assuming by extension I'm stuck in Rapture... Dear god. I dunno, maybe I could survive. Claim an area as my own, hole up, set defenses against splicers... I don't like my odds though. At least I can set things on fire and stuff.

Portal 2.
I might actually survive, unless I had my [BARELY SPOILER] Life support turned off by wheatley

Halo: Reach

Well, if I'm lucky I get evacuated before the covenant fleet shows up. Then I'll live a few months until the events of Halo 2&3 at which point I'm pretty much bound to die.

Chances of survival: Virtually zero.

Oh fuck I'm trapped in a Sierra Game (Lytton City from Police Quest, and least my death will not be horribly violent).

Mass Effect 2. Well I guess I'd have until the Reapers arrive. Or if I was drafted onto Shepard's team I've be perfectly fine.

I just finished Professor Layton and the Last Specter. I think I'll be fine.

I'd be stuck in Minecraft. Yay! I'd build random stuff and go fishing. :3 Until a creeper blows me up. :( Then I'd respawn back in my house. :3

Pokemon Red. Assuming I can get me a pokemon and they don't like man flesh I could prosper there, my obsessiveness coupled with enough stupidity to go chasing after dangerous animals with my small red and white balls...yeah I think I'd do okay here.

Since its Dark Souls ... not long. I will propably die a lot!

there are a fair few I'd survive in, hough I just logged in to Echo Bazaar just to be safe.

The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King

Hmm depends where I was last I guess, heading for the Pelennor Fields to join the battle for Minas Tirith I think... damn. Still I can ride a horse well enough so I could just get out of there. I have handled a bow... once... so maybe that might...

Ah hell, I'm screwed.

World of tanks

Well, if I climb out of my tank (I have no idea how to drive a real one), and sprint to the bushes and just lay low I should be okay. I'd be the only 'infantry' in the game, so I probably won't be looked for or spotted. If I'm ever seen though, I'll be dead.

If we assume I can drive my real tank, I'll be dead within the hour since I'll lose soon enough.

My Scottish Empire in Medieval Total War 2, that's being relentlessly attacked by Spain and Milan. If i'm not a soldier, then i'd say i'll be fine.

Diablo 2.

I'm dead.

Yep, pretty dead.

Last game I played was Dragon Age Origins. So I would join the circle of magi if I had magic learnt all I needed to know to be a Blood Mage, Battlemage and a Arcane Warrior. After that pull an Ander and escape form the tower. After I would make it up as I go along. Maybe find Flemeth and get her to teach me some magic.

Or if I wasn't able to have magic I would be a Rouge who would use crossbow, because I'm pretty good with a bow and arrow. Then try to become a Legionnaire Scout, Ranger and a Shadow. After that no idea. Would probably try to join the Grey Wardens.

Dead Island.
Depends if im immune or not. hmm thinking about im pretty much dead either way

Space marine...
I'm essentially F***ed

Might and Magic Heroes 6, well, I can definately say it's pretty good, because in 6 hours all my enemies would have been crushed and my empire getting me trillions of gold pieces every day, also in a day I would have been learned all the possible spells and skills, and would have army with one digit and M symbol right next to it :D damn that game is easy with Necro's

Star Trek online. Fly to Sol and never leave, live forever in the holodeck with holographic orion slave girls.

Kirby Super Star Ultra. The only constant threat being Waddle Dee's so I'll be fine. Unless I get stuck in the giant underground cavern with the huge pipe-smoking whale, in which case...bugger.

Well, I played League of Legends just then, and on Summoners rift, I'll more than likely get gobbled up by the Baron Nashor or the Drake, along with the 10 champs and other jungle creatures I'm not standing much of a chance here...

*Facechecks a bush*

Me: "SHIT, GAREN!!!!"

Garen "DEMACIA!" *Demacian Justice*

"You have been slain!"

Me: "fuck.."

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