You're trapped in the Last Game you played. How long do you survive?

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I'm in my minecraft world with my underground doom fortress.

The Endermen will die!

Binding of Isaac.
I'd be dead in a few floors, unless the powerups were favorable.

Cool! I go to an awesome theme park I designed! Dynamite Dunes, what a lovely place. I'd survive until I left the park.

Space marine. Well.... unless I show up behind imperial lines im fu#$ed, the orks will put my head on a stick and parade me around like a trophy. Even if i find the imperials first my safety is not guaranteed, perhaps i get trapped by an ork offensive or the imperials press gang me into a suicide unit.

Or the soldiers just shoot me for not having my papers. It's not looking good.

InFamous: Festival of Blood, so I'm stuck in New Marais during Pyre Night, how long I survive depends on if a thirsty Cole or a random vampire find me, if I keep sober and inside some house I think I'll survive without a problem. And as soon as Cole fix the vampire situation and the festival is over I will simply start my new life as a citizen of New Marais and die naturally 50 years later :)

I played a bit of GRID last night. I wouldn't survive very long with how many times i've flipped my poor vehicle.

Sword of the stars universe well depends where and when in there i am XD. during Obsidian queens attack on earth id prolly die. later in empire stage id be peachy provided i didnt sing up on any of the Solforce deep recon ships.

Call Of duty 4 At the part when the missiles are fired
OH SHIT looks like the world is going to be nuked

I'm in Wonderland, but I can jump nowhere near as well as Alice, and, well, the only reason anyone cares about you in Madness Returns is because it's *your* Wonderland... So, I'll fade into the scenery and insanity :)

EDIT: I lie! Last game I played was Spore, so oh my god I'm going to die so fast it's not even funny o_o

Seeing as I just played Brutal Legend... again... I survive for a good length of time, once I convince Eddie and Lars to teach me guitar and how to use a large axe. Who knows? I might end up joining the Hair Metal Militia... thats not a good thing :S

Dark Souls.

Uhm, yeah. Nice knowing you all.

Not having a Darksign, not being undead and not having any kind of weapon I see myself getting instagibbed horribly in a very short space of time.

Maybe you'd spawn in one of the nice living cities, the area you are in in the game is just an exile for the undead.

Minecraft. If I die, I'll just respawn so it doesn't seem like too big of a deal. Plus I know how the mechanics work so I'd be totally fine.

Fallout: New Vegas. I'll probably go to Novac and listen to Tabitha rant in between making weapon repair kits.

Company of Heroes: Tales of Valor
Considering that on the match I was playing on, I destroyed almost every inch of the map with artillery I don't think that I would last very long

Well considering it's forza 4, id probably last long enough for the first corner before very car behind me rams itself up my tailpipe at 200+ mph

If Facebook games count, D&D: Heroes of Neverwinter.
So I'd probably be fine, I'd end up working for a Church as a Cleric/Healer probably.

If they don't, Crysis 2. But I live in a small city in England...
So I'd probably fine, as I'm not sure the aliens bothered with England. It's sort've implied that all the exciting stuff had New York built on top of it.

i'de be doing some rightious grey wardening
if i'm a mage great if not however i'de probably die because i suck a sword combat

Battlefield 3....

i actually think i would do quite well, with my military training still fresh :)

I just played FIFA 12. While football is sometimes a violent sport, i believe i would be able to survive for a long time, heh. But since i´m not an ace football player in real life (pretty average skills here),i guess my career wouldn´t survive for too long.

Frozen Synapse.
Now if I'm one of those psychic commander guys I'm probably okay. And if there are no terrorists or evil corporate assholes that come to kill me.

Oh, awesome. Dark Souls.

Well, I'm a decent swordsman and properly paranoid...I might survive all of three minutes.

And then I'll get down to the serious business of dying again. And again. And again. And again...

Minecraft - luckily I've memorized most of the crafting recipes and such, so I'll be able to survive quite a while without having the Minecraft Wiki to consult.

As long as I survive the first night, I'm good.

Meh, an I guess 1920s equivalent society (judging off potential construction methods, mass availability of books, etc) and I get to be a monster trainer. That's pretty awesome.

Yea, Dragon warrior monsters is fine, maybe I can kick off the information revolution.


hmmmm avoid invoking the gods, and just go smashing things and leveling up killing enemies :D think I can manage

The Back to the Future adventure games by Telltale?, yeah, I'd survive (you can't die in those ones, right?).

Alright, Civilization IV, Rise of mankind mod.

I suppose it all depends on what country I'm living in. I suppose all things are fine if I'm living in the refined english kingdom, where all kindred of the earth pilgim to, never been invaded (still only have the one archer defending the capitol), technology matched by few, cheap and limitless electricity provided by the three Gorges dam and the birth place of rock and roll. Until I'm pressed into the army by the nations thousand year old mandatory service and conscription traditions...

Now if I lived in the Spanish Federation, things might be different. Their technology *may* be the most advanced, but they're brutal and expansionist (buggers overran my overseas colony with THREE gold sources, I stole that from the mongols fair and square) and the fair king of england, exalted lord magnificent lord Brettworth the largecock often hears tales of spanish insurrections being crushed by the military.

But I'd rather live there than in carthage or persia. The countries have been at war for near all of history and england have *allegedly* provided nuclear arms to carthage in exchange for oil, much of the region's radiation will melt your bones. Or germany, who's been fractured a dozen times by civil war. all of their citizens pray for the day england will bring god, civilization and peace to their lands.

But perhaps I'd like a nice life on the frontier, the far flung islands of russia, france, mali, mongolia (once the rotten spaniards are gone) and Assyria are all nice places, ever since the english legion stomped out their barbarism and brought them to heel before King Brettingham.

Hmm so I'm stuck in Football Manager 2011? how would that work? I suppose I'd end up being one of those terrible players/staff members that cant find a club and spends all their time in game just existing on the free transfer list. I'd stay like this until I retire at which point i will disappear completely from existence! basically I'd be stuck in a database until deleted

Or does the football manager world count as the real world? Nothing would change then i suppose

Well, it depend son what type of character I am. Since I was last playing WoW, andI'm a fast learner, I suppose that I would survive for a pretty long time. Until I died of boredom having to run back and forth between points A and B gathering some sort of item.

I'm in Fallout: New Vegas?


Gimme like, half an hour before something eats/shoots me.

Battlefield 3. I could probably survive for a while, providing I'm not terribly unlucky.

Half life 1...

Well my day is about to get a whole lot shitter...

Not very long.... it was dark souls.

I think that'd be Portal 2. On a friends a account playing co-op with an awesome guy I was matched with when I chose the Internets to find a game for me.

Survival? Umm...turrets were a real problem for me, but I have a slow reaction time and don't pay too much attention to what's happening around me, so I might survive for like half a co-op course.

I'll die immediately due to spawn killing, but I'll respond in a matter of a second.

Cool, I was in X3. Space ship pilot for me!

And luckily I was in my trusty Vidar, so I doubt anyone is going to be shooting me down any time soon

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