You're trapped in the Last Game you played. How long do you survive?

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Warhammer 40k: Space Marines....Exterminatus.. without Power Armour and weaponry... I don't expect to survive longer than 20 sec.

Rhye's and Fall of Civilization from Civ IV? Shit. Not only does nobody ever found my hometown, because it's the same tile as Toronto, I'll probably die due to Plagues or DIRTY FREAKIN' DOG SOLDIERS.

Dark Souls?......yeah...I'm boned

Well I've been grinding pokemon cause its just a fun thing to do between classes in college (and it makes the magic kids act more douche tastically hipster. and im doing a pearl litlocke run). so I'd say a long enough time provided i didnt try to go actively fuck with the monsters in the grass that shoot fire or pure energy.

looks like I am stuck in Tetris Attack. as long as I don't try to break the spell I should live quite long

Dark souls, I would probably die in a few minutes, come back, beat the bastard that killed me, die see where I am going with this.

actually no, i suppose I am wrong since I wouldn't have the darksign, meaning I can't revive....crap. well I will hide behind my character as she one shots everything with crystal soul mass and paves the way for mankind to be the new rulers of the world.

Me? Stuck in RE4? Hell, I probably wouldn't even make it into the village.

Obviously not very long, because I can't even remember the last game I played. I think it was Xenogears, in which case... plenty of time. I'll mess around in town or something.

Professor Layton and the diabolical box.
I'd say pretty fucking long.

I'd say I'd survive well in Professor Layton's world. London is somewhere I've always wanted to go and live, so hey, it's a big win for me.

I'm trapped in Pokemon.

Forever, I would freaking rule this world, so long as the pokemon has to do all the work.

Mother 3? Alright then, weird monsters, pig mask armies and magical children (don't look into it too much). I should be fine since nobody dies. They just get knocked unconcious, good thing i played THAT instead of Kirby ((shudder)).

Still not played a different game yet, well maybe ..actually yes kinda sad. Pokemon Soulsilver, I guess I will life forever standing on one spot to wait on a trainer to come. Is that a hell or a heaven..erm..I dunno.

Dragon Age II

I would probably die within a few days due to random abomination #21452323. Seriously that one goddamn city had more abominations than the entirety of Ferelden...

And the rest of them were Blood Mages XD I think theres actually a dialogue option where Hawke goes "Why is it always Blood Mages in this city?"

Well, I'll be stuck in Morrowind. I think I'll last long if I stay in one of the cities, hoping I don't get lost. And I'm sure I'd be okay at fighting if it wasn't for the damn movement and combat system. I won't understand why I'll be missing so much.

I'd die of cancer in New Vegas. I wonder what level I would be...

5 minutes

Dark souls.

Hmm so I'm stuck in San Andreas, eh?

I'd probably head over to Venturas and chill in the casinos. I likely wouldn't survive long wherever I go but as long as I have $100 when I die they'll just revive me at the nearest hospital. Seems alright to me, so long as nobody turns on riot mode...

Grand Theft Auto 4. It'll be like living in New York City. I'll probably be homeless for a while, but eventually I'll steal my way to a comfortable life style.

Minecraft v1.7.3, with Industrial craft, buildcraft, and alchemy mods. I might do alright, actually, thanks to the last I could possibly survive long enough to become invincible/immortal, then build whatever the hell I wanted. Not a bad fate, provided I mind the creepers...

Oblivion. I could live forever, potentially :D

Well then I'm stuck in Mount & Blade with Fire and Sword. Yeah.. I'm totally fucked. I don't have a single skill that would be useful in that world >.>

Stalker Call of Pripyat
etc etc

The Binding of Isaac.


Anyone got an onion?

Red Dead Redemption: Undead Nightmare.

Um, a minute, maybe two or three if I had a fast horse. The question would then be what would kill me first, regular undead, undead animals, hurling myself off a cliff as I try to escape the undead.

I would die pretty quick in Arkham city unless Batman saved me. But then again I probably wouldnt be involved in anything involving Arkham city so I would likely just be another citizen of Gotham City. Still think I wouldnt last long because it seems like a tough dog eat dog city so I don't think I would last long.

Arkham City. I'd sign on with Two Face. Go figure.

Second to last game is Scott Pilgrim. Huh. Cool.

Third to last game is... Morrowind :D That ought to be fun.

Pokemon white, umm did anyone else who said pokemon remember from red/blue where oak say's not to go into the grass without a pokemon? otherwise unless i spawn in a city or near a trainer im pokechow

Stuck in Fable the Lost Chapters...
Well, unless pony RPs on tumblr count.

1 Minute 33 Seconds after defeating the Impossible Game Level 1.
Then Infinite Staircase Blocks!

Wii Sports? Well since nobody dies in Wii Sports, I'll probably survive indefinitely although playing sports for the rest of eternity doesn't sound very appealing.

Last game I played... Ah, yes, Gears of War 3. Well, I've handled a gun before and I'm not one of the Carmines, so I might be alright.

oh man im screwed.dark souls,i would survive for aproximatly 10 seconds before that gargoyle comes


I'd say I'd last pretty long, I'm an alright dancer/ rhythm-game player

Man, I've been playing that game too much lately

1. Rome: Total War - Welp, I guess I'll just have to adjust to Roman life.

2. Dark Souls - OH FUCK *gets backstabbed*

3. F:NV - Well, that's not too bad, just have to practice with my guns.

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