You're trapped in the Last Game you played. How long do you survive?

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Borderlands. On a zombie-infested island on a crapsack planet. Not good... these zombies are not easy to kill. They can take alot of punishment. Though if my character shares her guns and ammo, then I will stand a reasonable chance of survival. After the zombie crisis is over I will probably just take all the money and catch a ride to the spaceport to escape that God-forsaken world. I love a good adventure, but Pandora is Hell.

fuck.... dragon age... I'm boned because I can't kill dragons with swords... >.<

Amnesia The Dark Descent...... oh hell!!! Hide in the closet.... what is that sound -hears the gatherer moaning sound and some insanity crying and stratching- I want to go home! -keeps rocking back in forth in insanity- So survival is not long for me. -five minutes later is in the archives running screaming as the water horror is chasing after me-

League of Legends?

As long as I sit in my spawn pool I should be fine. Seeing as it's The Harrowing right now in periodic gold should be enough to give me unlimited candy! I might even be able to give Rammus a high-five when he comes back to shop!

Full house poker? I might be okay, though my skills are kinda rusty.

i'll be on reach. the duration of my survival would be dependent om whether i could find noble 6. if i could we would've taken back reach by our lonesomes -__-

Minecraft. Suppose i'd do alright, if i was dropped straight where my player was. Got a nice little house with a farm on the roof and big thick walls to keep the creepers out.

That said, bread milk water and pumpkins don't seem that grand a mix of food. If only i had a chicken farm...

Now granted, I last played Dark Souls, so you would think I'd be pretty much dead. Right? Well I happened to turn it off right near the Astora blacksmith. Maybe he could use an apprentice...

Puzzle Quest. I'd be alright, I'm boss at bejweled!

Dwarf fortress. A few days of throwing dirt at anything that moves and running away, maybe (I'm pretty fit). But then like all aspiring fortress heros, I will inevitably be sniped by some elf and made into a stack of beer tacos.

Well, last game I played was Team Fortress 2.

I'm taking first plane to Australia for australium and country filled with people with moustache, even the females. xD

How long I'd survive? Idk...BLU and RED seem to be respawning, so..there's that. :P

Disregarding the respawning, about 45 seconds, tops.

My last game was Dragon Age 2 and while I was about to say that I'd likely be dead pretty quickly due to my lack of fighting XP and DA2's overabundance of blood magi, human-hating Qunari and, other random encounters. Then I realized that if I went into Kirkwall as my current profession then technically I'd be a Merchant! That's the thing though, MERCHANTS NEVER DIE!! LOOPHOLE!

Heroes of Newerth... so, about 20 minutes, which is about as long as it takes me to get dominated in-game funnily enough.

On the plus, that'd make me a controllable hero, I guess. A pretty weak one, but I bet there's a competitive player out there who would build a meta-game out of making me into a powerhouse.

City of Heroes?
.... depends if I'm a civilian or not.

Sandor [The Hound] Clegane:

Dragon Age II

I would probably die within a few days due to random abomination #21452323. Seriously that one goddamn city had more abominations than the entirety of Ferelden...

And the rest of them were Blood Mages XD I think theres actually a dialogue option where Hawke goes "Why is it always Blood Mages in this city?"

I know, it was RIDICULOUS. And I'm pretty sure the entire thing could've been solved without a giant war by Hawke going, "Hey, Zevran, I know you're not part of the crows anymore, but would you like to do a job for me anyways? See, there's this nutter Knight Commander Meredith..."

Minecraft, but vanilla minecraft.

If it were actually me there, I'd probably survive comfortably for about 2-3 years before I got stir crazy and did something stupid.

The world of Rocksmith?
Well, I better learn to stop being such a mediocre guitar player if I'm going to afford food then.

I'd be fine. I'd chill in the gun store until Chuck showed up, toss him a shotgun, pick up a couple of rifles, and make my way down to the safehouse. I'd then just lol a bit and play strip poker with the babes while Chuck does all the dirty work in the zombie-infested ruins of Fortune City.


Sequence... Shit's gonna be awesome.

I don't want to be cursed by El Dorado! D: I'm not sure how well I would fare in Uncharted's universe. Then again, it's set here on Earth. So, I may not have to worry about it at all.

Arkham City

I'm screwed unless I find a really good hiding spot or Batman passes by and rescues me.

Lets ignore that and say Oblivion instead. I'd do well, I think, just as long as I don't try my hand at adventure.

Battlefield 3 With all the shooter training i have had as long as the shit doesn't completely hit the fans i should be ok.

Grand Theft Auto IV, you know what? If I did what I was told and didn't get in anyone's way I should be fine.

Fallout New Vegas soooo....I suppose I'd be ok so long as Ceaser's legion doesn't come a knocking...or the great khans...or rad scorpions...

I'm boned.

ES4: Oblivion.
... Shivering Isles
......I just Hit Sheogorath
.........It's A Nice View.

Hmm. I fired CoD4 up on easy for old times sake...

nowhere near fit enough to be an SAS trooper. or a Marine for that matter.
I guess 5 min, tops.

Just Cause 2?

Well, I can usually survive a few hours in game without dying at any one time. At the very least, it will be a very exciting, action-packed, explosion filled time.

Fallout New Vegas. I'll probably move to Novac. That's pretty much the safest place in the Mojave.

I am now in the League of Legends. My survival depends entirely on whether or not I will quickly be transported off the Field of Justice into the Institute of War. If I am, I'll probably be fine and offer my limited knowledge of advanced technology (I'm sure they could use magic to help pull out greater details I've learned in the past but forgotten over time, they're good at memories) as payment in order to have them help me get back.

And if they decline my offer, hopefully they'll at least set me up at some cool Hextech shop where I can learn to make cool magic-steampunk tech and try to infuse some modern Terran flare into everything.

However, assuming I don't get off the Field? Well, I dive into the bushes and pray no one finds me until the battle ends, and then try to make my way onto a Summoner's Platform and flag down some help.

Hopefully I won't be instantly lasered to death.

League of Legends?

As long as I sit in my spawn pool I should be fine. Seeing as it's The Harrowing right now in periodic gold should be enough to give me unlimited candy! I might even be able to give Rammus a high-five when he comes back to shop!

Hahaha, I hadn't thought about that either. Hopefully I would get gold... if so, I would just buy as much armor, MR, and HP as possible until the match was over! That way Ezreal and Ashe couldn't snipe while I sat up there.

Dark Souls...

Now if I'm undead I supposed I'd keep on surviving. Otherwise I'd sit near the blacksmith in the Undead Parish for the rest of my life. Beg for food from him.

that would either be in 1500 Rome or technically the Animus. one will eventually shred my mind, the other would probably get me stabbed or beat to death by Borgia douche bags, unless i learned how to kill, and got good at it, yada yada, assassin stuff.


I survive a LONG time. Advantage to playing fluffy puffy dating sims!

I think i'd survive for a fair while; seeing as the last game I played was GRID. As long as i'm not stuck in the online; It's like what would happen if 12 year olds could drive...

The Sims 2. I'll be fine up until I die of old age, although I could avoid even that if I can get myself turned into a vampire, acquire a cowplant and drink the life of my foolish neighbours, or get my hands on the Elixir of Life. Then again, I could still die if I'm unlucky or stupid enough. Come to think of it, there's quite a few unlikely-but-possible ways to randomly die in this game, like having a satellite fall on your head or getting caught in a deadly hailstorm or being literally struck by lightning.

This is assuming I don't have the kind of cruel player who'd wall me into a room with nothing but an oven and wait to see whether I burn or starve to death. This thread is somewhat less than clear on whether the game is still being played by a person.

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