Looking for Co-op Games to play with Girlfriend!

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My girlfriend has expressed an interest in playing games with me and so I am looking for
fun, interesting games to play together. Sadly I am trying to stick clear of anything "deathmatch" like that would discourage her from playing as I am an avid gamer and she is brand new.

Any suggestions? :)

Try Dungeon Defenders or Portal 2, I suppose.

For one it would be interesting to know the platform you are playing on. Splitscreen or internet?

To be rather unspecific: Stick to Valve titles. The Left4Dead games are easy to learn, even if you are not the best shooter you can have lots of fun if you play it at least with one friend. Portal 2 like mentioned, Dungeon Defenders (not from Valve) as well. All those are not limited to the PC but I can't say anything about the quality of the console versions.

Depends on what you have.

If you've got a Wii I'd try for either New Super Mario Bros or Kirby's Epic Yarn. Portal 2 would be a good option as well, just make sure you don't pick something that your going to try and rush through or throws a shit ton of things at her like MMOs or most shooters.

Trine 2 is a puzzle game that allows co-op.

I used to play Gears of War with my ex, it was really fun!

i started playing resident evil 5 with mine. borderlands is pretty good to and in both games if she starts to fall behind you can save her without making her feel like shes holding you back

Portal 2

If anyone suggests anything else, ignore them.

But if you have already played it co-op portal 2 will be kinda shit because you will know how to complete all the test chambers. In that case the only other game i can think of would be Starcraft 2. Since i have been doing 2v2 in that i have come across a large number of couples playing together.

I second the Left 4 Dead games, Borderlands, and I guess Portal 2.

There's also the Spec Ops/Survival missions in MW3.

Portal 2, Little big planet (just steer clear of user-made penis levels), that 4-player Mario I can't remember the name of.

Resistance 3 has the full campaign that you can play co op.

If you have a PS3 the you can try Little Big Planet 2. My fiance started Co-Op on that, it turns in to a giant game of who can steal all the bubbles. Also, Portal 2 is a great game to Co-Op in because you actually have to rely on the other person.

Dynasty Warriors 6 and 7,
New Super Mario Bros. Wii,
Kirby's Epic Yarn and Return to Dreamland,
Portal 2,
Mario Kart Double Dash, the Wii one is not as good,
Resident Evil Umbrella and Darkside Chronicles,
House of the Dead Overkill,
Left 4 Dead 1 and 2,
Resident Evil 5,
Gears of War 1, 2, and 3,
The Earth Defense Force games,

StarCraft II is an awful idea, it's way too hard for a noob.

Portal II is pretty much ideal if you haven't played/beaten the coop mode yet.

Also here is a slightly more original idea... Crazy Machines. It's not "coop" per say, but it can easily be a collaborative and very fun experience. Especially if drinking. Other Incredible Machine-type games work too, but this one's more recent.

Portal 2, Dead Island (Lots and LOTS of fun, espicialy just exploring about), and Dungeon Defenders.

Oh and Magicka.

Me and a bro of mine played Uncharted 3's splitscreen. Fun co-op action with teamwork and coordination required, but unless you've played a fair amount of Uncharted you might not like it that much.

Dungeon Defenders has been mentioned multiple times. You should heed their advice.

Mrs Splosion Man for a cheaper (and better?) alternative to New Super Mario Bros (It's on xbla)

Portal 2, Little big planet (just steer clear of user-made penis levels), that 4-player Mario I can't remember the name of.


Definitely Left4Dead/Left4Dead 2. My girlfriend has been hooked on both for the past year. It's fun, it puts a strong emphasis on working together, and you can cover her well on the easier difficulties whilst she gets used to the controls.

Most likely something like Portal 2 that really requires some teamwork- and leads to a lot of fun. Just make sure you both have communication skills, so it doesnt resort to one or the other yelling/dictating everything that must be done.

Also, if you have it, Donkey Kong Country 1 or 2. Played the 2-player mode on my old SNES with my girlfriend awhile back, had a really fun and hilarious experience :)

If you both like JRPGs, Tales of Vesperia for xbox and PS3 (PS3 version has more content) is a very, very good game that has up to 4 player co op, and isn't turn based, yay!

Fable 3 , not the best games but between decent humor, immortality and the ability to not just work together but interact for fun in-game it might be a good one

I'm assuming console here. If so, then any of the Lego games are decent co-op. (Plus they're drop-in/drop-out, which can be good) We had the most fun with the Indiana Jones set personally.

If you're using a couple of PCs, than the Valve games (L4D, etc.) are decent, but if she's new to gaming as a whole you may want to consider easing her in with something like Puzzle Pirates.

Well if you have an Xbox 360 then I'd suggest the Halo series. Playing through the campaign on co-op is a lot of fun, and you can set it to "Easy" since she is new at gaming.

Again, depends on what platform and what genre, but as a girl, this is what I enjoy playing with my Beau.

Dungeon Defenders, as it's been mentioned plenty of times. To me the perfect combo has been a squire/wizard or wizard/monk combo, still haven't been able to work in the huntress yet :/ but finals have kinda gotten in the way to. It's a great little tower defense and can introduce her to that genre very nicely (I've honestly been looking for other titles to play with my bf in this genre although I've tried to steer clear before).

Borderlands can be fun, but I don't know about as a newbie. I basically learned how to play fps on the pc with Borderlands and at first, that wasn't very fun, for me or for my bf, and I'd been playing fps for a while on the ps3 at this point (well okay, a few months). I'm sure you can figure out which combos would work best for you, but by the end we were kickin' it with a Lilian/Mordecai combo :)

Army of Two on the ps3. Now the 2nd one wasn't nearly as much fun, but we've played through the first one a bit and that's how I learned to play 3ps. Granted before this I'd avoided shooters like the plague so I sucked, but it was forgiving enough on easy that my bf could basically carry us through the whole thing. It wasn't until the end when I finally got a grip on things that I was actually of any use lmao.

Resistance: Fall of Man. The first one, we still haven't beaten due to circumstances, but honestly, we've been itching to play for a while. To us, it's a great hilarious co-op experience as we've been trying to go through it, especially with me so new to shooters.

Dynasty Warriors 7. Okay, no clue how this is in two player mode, but I've enjoyed it, there's enough customization that it soothes my RPG itch (which is a huge itch to me) and still has a general beat 'em up. Although it's completely superficial, it's also nice to see those KO counts sky rocket, and for a newbie, even a girl, it's a pretty good feeling :x.

Assassin's Creed. This one is a bit of a stretch, especially since it's single player, but honestly, I've enjoyed watching my bf play it, I thoroughly loved the story line. Now, it does get a tad repetitive, so like I said, it's a stretch, but it can also introduce her to other types of games.

DA:O. Play together, create a character and allow her to help design him/her and role play. Make sure one of you is decisive though. This is how my bf introduced me to DA:O and we hardly got anywhere because he didn't want to mess up "my character" but I didn't want to screw up "his character" lol.

Either way, try picking a game you both will enjoy, and remember to stay open. If she's not feeling a game, don't try to force her to continue, ask her for her input and ask her for her opinions. It's the companionship that makes co-op awesome, especially for couples. Have fun ;)

I'm pretty surprised nobody suggested Minecraft, Terraria, or Spiral Knights. All three games can be immensely cooperative and it's incredibly easy to LAN these games as the requirements are pretty-much 1PC per player. Minecraft's server may require something beefy, but that's about it. Furthermore, SK can be played for free.

EDIT: added bonus, all three games are incredibly easy to learn. Terraria and Spiral Knights can become difficult to master though. Minecraft is a great game to sit back and spend quality time with each-other. I remember the things my brother and his girlfriend built together in MC... It was pretty fucking cool.

Anyone who suggests, portal 2 is an idiot, yes its a good coop game, but you are going to play this with your girlfriend, playing coop portal is probable the best possible way to get into a fight with your girlfriend, because of the amount you rely on each other to progress, and you will stop dead if one of you gets stuck. So if you go with portal 2, make sure you have the adequate patience.

Michael Jennings:
My girlfriend has expressed an interest in playing games with me and so I am looking for
fun, interesting games to play together. Sadly I am trying to stick clear of anything "deathmatch" like that would discourage her from playing as I am an avid gamer and she is brand new.

Any suggestions? :)

Minecraft and Terraria might be something to start out with. In both games theres a lot to learn and you can make your own goals for the game. My girlfriend and I play Minecraft together and its always fun to come up with a new project and even more fun to build it together.

Without knowing her tastes its difficult to recommend games outside of the puzzle/creative genre. For example my girlfriend is a history expert so she loves assasins creed but I can see that being something other people dislike

Portal 2, Left 4 Dead 1/2, Halo 3/ODST/Reach. Those are worth mentioning.

This isn't going to be the most popular opinion, but I was playing the co-op from Sonic 2006, and that was fun.

I can only reccomend borderlands, left 4 dead, and possibly a good pvp minecraft server. You could possibly get away with gears of war(dont do 1, start at two for difficulties sake)

Portal 2 it,s on sale right now and the co-op is allot of fun.
or maybe Minecraft it,s light and runs on nearly every PC.


Sorry, I couldn't resist that one.

In all seriousness though, Left 4 Dead would be ideal because it requires teamwork and encourages players to work together.

All the people who are saying L4D are wrong, it's good co-op, but she's a BEGINNER and it just isn't forgiving enough. All these people who say Portal 2 are also wrong, it's a great game, it's got great co-op, and you SHOULD play it with your girlfriend down the line. HOWEVER, she's new to gaming, and most new gamers aren't any good at thinking in 3 dimensional space. This means that Portal will be VERY frustrating, and you should start with something that doesn't require as much spatial awareness. I recommend beginning with 2d games (Kirby's Epic Yarn is perfect if you have a wii), Little Big Planet 2 (if you have a ps3) would also probably work well (just don't start her on levels that you haven't checked out yourself), or games that have 3d graphics, but aren't actually 3 dimensional in their gameplay, such as mario kart. Once she has a bit more experience with gaming I'd recommend a moving up to games that are 3 dimensional, but don't require quite as much spatial awareness as Portal, a good place to start (if she's cool with violence) would be Halo, due to its easy-to-learn-hard-to-master nature. Also, I know it has great co-op, but don't play Gears until she's a seasoned veteran, reason being that due to the low contrast (everything is grey or brown), you can't see a damn thing without a highly trained eye (it may be highly advanced graphically, but it still looks like a smear across the screen when you're in the thick of battle).

My wife's favorites are Katamari, Mariokart and WoW

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