Love interests in video games.

Ok let me go out in front and say that I have no intention of being offesnive to anyone here, and if anyone is offended by this please let me know. In some games, (Mainly RPGs) certain men and women are presented to us and we are given the chance to grow closer to them. My question is, in games what do you look for in a video game love interest? What is that selling point that pushes you over the line.

Me? I like women that are nice...and that can kick ass.

I like taking the high road and going with the not-so-obvious choice. Case in point, I gay-romanced Bowser and Booster in Mario RPG:

(Skip to 4:30 mark!)

If it's a game where you're given the option between multiple romantic pursuits, I usually just base it on what type of character I'm playing. In Mass Effect 2 for instance, my FemShep is a mostly by the book paragon, so I had her hook up with Jacob (she previously had a thing going on with Kaiden in the first game). On the other hand, my BroShep is a tried and true renegade, so I had him pair up with Jack.

I like romantic subplots in basically any medium if and only if they are well-written and serve a storytelling purpose. The ones I've liked in video games have generally been about something other than giving lonely players a waifu - for instance, I thought that Prince of Persia: SOT and Witcher/Witcher 2 explored questions of trust pretty effectively with their respective romance subplots. 90% of the time they annoy me, however.

I will generally pick the one that is middle of the road in the game's usually ham fisted morality system. I can't stand the characters that take umbrage to every little thing you do that might be a little shady and I hate the ones that love to chastise you when you do something nice. I'm tryng to save the world here, that means sometimes I need to be a bit of a bastard and sometimes I need to help out somebody who might help me out later. I don't need an angel and a devil on my shoulders telling me how good or bad I've been every time I do something. I'd rather have one who goes, oh well, it needed to be done, let's get going now.

I wish that I could romance the Hagraven from Skyrim's "Night to Remember" quest :)

When I play my first run through in a game, I tend to go for someone only if I would be interested in real life- for example, in Mass Effect 1 I was interested in Tali and a in Ashley because both are smart women, and Tali strikes my adorable geeky-nerd side while Ashley strikes my more aggressive and strong-willed side (the fact that she loves poetry doesn't hurt either).

In that I ended up getting together with Ash & then Tali in the second. Not sure what I'll do in the third, I see a problem ensuing.

I just wanna see my main character have sex , thats it . It's sick i knos , but hey , might as well go all the way . I was a female in mass effect 2, and i ended up doing jacob , it was awsome . In dragon age 2 i was also female and ended up doing anders , less awsome , but still great.

I wish that I could romance the Hagraven from Skyrim's "Night to Remember" quest :)

My character keeps Hagraven heads in his inventory for... nefarious purposes >.>


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