Most scariest Indie Horror games

Penumbra: Overture Amnesia: The Dark Descent
Devil's Tuning Fork - The DePaul Game Elites
Amnesia: The Dark Descent
Which - Mike Inel

What you think guys ? is it good list or there are better indie horror games . In my opnion scratches is the most scarist game i have ever played. I like horror sometimes its give me motivation to fighting myself.

Scratches is on the top of horror because it has everything i expect from a good game,, i know many will deny this everyone has their own taste of choice.

Above mentioned list i found from Source:

Never heard of Scratches... hm... May have to investigate. I love me some horror games! As for you putting Amnesia on that list, I have to agree with you 110% on that. That game is enough to creep me out for hours on end. Mostly shock value, but it is also very immersive. A thing I like is that you can't fight, you can't do much for running, but you can hide or trick the monsters to escape.

I personally found Scratches boring. And your list is missing Yahtzee's horror games.

I think The Path deserves a spot up there. Scratches sounds good, I'll have to check it out. Also you put Amnesia up there twice.

The Void while not being scary sets me at unease because the world is so strange and foreign.


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