Favorite Race?
36.7% (269)
36.7% (269)
12.6% (92)
12.6% (92)
Dark Elf
13.9% (102)
13.9% (102)
High Elf
4.2% (31)
4.2% (31)
10.1% (74)
10.1% (74)
Wood Elf
4.8% (35)
4.8% (35)
11.5% (84)
11.5% (84)
5.5% (40)
5.5% (40)
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Poll: Favorite Elder Scrolls Race?

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Self explanatory. What is your favorite race?
Mine is the nords, cuz they are awesome!

Damn poll only having 8 options :/


And before anyone starts in on me, it was always Nord. I dislike the Elves of Tamriel, and I don't go in for the monstrous races, and I prefer martial to magical. I also like cold/craggy/alpine landscapes, I find them very evocative (I grew up in Northern Canada).

Part of why I was as excited about Skyrim's setting as I was.

I started play TES back in morrowind. So The dark elves will always hold a spot in my heart.

However through oblivion and Skyrim I was a Breton. 25% resistance to magic? How could I go wrong?

I'm the crazy cat lady so I go with Kahjit. I found them the easiest race to play. The thief skills are completely overpowered and in the beginning when your sneaking sucks you can still overpower them with your claws. By the time enemies get weapons to rival your claws your sneaking should be high enough to not deal with that. I'm normally a mage in other games so I tried to liking the elves, but magic sucks in that game.

Orc I guess. Mostly just because they look cool. I like the tribal savage theme.

The various humans are just, well... humans. The elves all look kinda silly to me.

The animal races look silly because they're just different heads stuck onto human frames. The argonians look especially derpy. I kinda like the kahjit's personalities though.

Toss up between Argonian and Redguard. I love what they did with the Redguards in Skyrim. At the same time, I love what they did with the Argonians, too. Damn you, Bethesda. Making me indecisive since 2002.

I don't really have a favorite race, but I almost always play one of the following: Dark Elves, Nords, Bretons, and Wood Elves.

I love the Breton's abilities and stuff but I wish they had more character.

Breton for the magic resistance. Shame it's only 25% in Skyrim but it's still much better than nothing.

Dunno, look wise i'd probably go redguard or nord or something. But i seem to always play as a khajit since they make the best sneaking classes.

Khajiit are probably the coolest looking race and my first listener in ob and skyrim, and my first character to get to level 10 in oblivion and my first character in skyrim, but the tails bother me, especially with the nightengale armor.

Argonian all the way
they've been my bro-race since Arena ^-^

Dunmer for sure. I really can't tell you what made me go for them in the first place, but once I started playing Dark Elf I could never go back. That and Morrowind is awesome on a bajillion levels.

I voted Breton, largely because I guessed it would be under represented... I was wrong.

But anyway, my three favourite races are: Breton, Dunmer, and Nord. Which has been the case from Morrowind to Skyrim. It would be hard to choose just one.

Imperial and Orc would be my next favourites... don't really like any of the other races, or at least I have no interest in playing one.

Also, I understand putting the 'beast' races together, but it's gonna skew the poll...

Dark Elf, or Dunmer if you will. For a while I was a male Dark Elf in Oblivion, but gave up because he always felt too short. Now I'm a female Dark Elf whos some how taller and plays much smoother.

Simply the Kahjiit.

I never play their race but I do like their culture and enjoy their companionship.

On a side note, I am rather Racist against orcs....Though most of the world seems to be More-so than I am.

No Love for Orsimar?

Dunmer all the way. Although it is pretty much because of Morrowind. As in, the game. I always, always end up playing a Dunmer at some point on TES games (and nearly every character I've made on Morrowind is one). So yeah, I vote Dark Elves. If you don't love the Telvanni, I will cry.

Argonians. Cause the look the coolest. I mean who wants to play a normal human when you can be a freaking lizard man. Plus I like playing an assassin.

I seem to stand more or less alone on this, but Wood Elf for me.

Solid resistances, start off as decent thieves, best sneaky-from-the-beginning race that doesn't look like a big cat or giant lizard. Also, command animal has some great moments of turning the tide in battle, sewing confusion amongst enemies, and did I mention you don't look like a big cat or lizard?

I kind of like the Bretons. Not entirely sure why, I prefer human to non-human, I'm don't exactly prefer magic, but I like using magic to enhance my more stealth focused characters. Also I love having a bonus to Conjuration so that I can summon myself up a meat shield.

My favorites tend to shift from time to time though, and do I like to try and play as all of them, so I can try out different styles of play such as a warrior or a pure mage.

Also I seem to like magic a lot more in Skyrim than I did in any of the previous games, I've never been able to do a pure mage before, but in this game I'm really enjoying magic. I'll have to go back and give it another try in the earlier games.

Their voices are boss.
Their claws are boss.
Their eyes are boss.
They are boss.

And they thieve like a boss... A boss of thieves.

I started play TES back in morrowind. So The dark elves will always hold a spot in my heart.

I'm in the same boat as this guy. Dark Elves just scream elder scrolls to me. They're my favorite.

Argonians (Not the oblivion kind, those were rubbish)

Primarily because fuck yeah, lizard people.

Khajiit (Fuck yeah, cat people) take a close second.

You should have put the wood elf and the high together, instead of the khajit and argonians, people love those two, the result would be closer that way. I went with Breton.

Khajiits, for obvious reasons... *Cough*

But I also adore their sort of Honest John Used Car Salesman spirit. They do what's necessary to rake in some gold in this cruel world of ours. They're morally flexible, but can stand up for what is right when it matters.

Also, I really like the Unlikely Hero-approach. A Khajiiti warrior of Meridia and "archaeologist" turns out to be the sacred Dragonborn of Nord legend? Whoops! Sorry, Stormcloaks!
I also imagine him poking his head into Windhelm once in a while, asking "Where da Nord wimmin, eh?", just to troll.

I quite like the Argonians, as well, even if they look a bit less believeable with fully human legs. The Khajiits in Skyrim works, somehow, but the Argonians really could use some more beastification.

Why didn't you loop the elves together?

Khajiit and Argonian? Really?

Khajiit forever. Damn Nords think we can't stand the cold...

Argonians Are Badass (Except in Morrowind, they walked like idiots and couldn't have shoes)
Bretons are runners up for their awesome mage mods
Third are wood elves, who are generally versatile and useful (I just wish they weren't so short!)

only 4 votes for wood elves? you guys are crazy! they're the comedy relief of TES! how can you not love those silly little buggers?

I like being racist towards fictional races.

Either Argonian or Khajiit, depending on if I'm playing Skyrim or Oblivion at the time.

Argonian in Oblivion, because there was actually enough water to warrant the water breathing ability. There is no enough open water in skyrim. Khajiit in skyrim because robberies, lots of robberies. And assassinations, lots of assassinations.

Imperial...because I'm just that boring. PRAISE AKATOSH!

They are all pretty shit, I respect only the river crabs.

Argonian, because hes a fucking lizard, how can u go wrong?

Argonians, personally. I really love the way they're modeled and voiced in Skyrim. They feel far less caricatural and a lot more realistic. At least, in the confines of an entirely fictitious world.

*sighs* I hate having to precise that. If I didn't, I'm pretty sure someone would've misunderstood me and said "Explain to me how talking lizards are realistic."

Skyrim does indeed strive for realism - within the confines of its fiction. It's trying to make it seem as though everything makes sense, which is why the beast races, among other elements, have been so extensively reworked. Anyone remember Morrowind's beast races and their crooked legs?

Through cracking skulls and hewing flesh. Orcs all the way, hands down.

Argonian, I thought they looked cool in Morrowind and the water-breathing, disease resistance and poison immunity were pretty sweet in Oblivion, even if there was nothing there that used non-alchemical poisons.

They make pretty good sneak classes as well.

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