Someone actually thinks "Portal" is a bad game!?

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Portal is a good game but what really gets me is how people give it praise it does not deserve. For one the story is non-existent, there is no plot nor real narrative, it's just a robotic voice spouting some exposition that goes nowhere. I've seen people say that portal is the best game to come out in a decade which is staggeringly false, It's only 2hrs (I clocked in around 1hr 55mins) and I was taking my time. Is it a bad game, hell no, is it a very fun game, yes and I always enjoy watching people play it and seeing them figure out the puzzles but there is very little replay value. I think the praise given to the puzzles and concept are spot on, but people claiming it has a brilliant story confuse me, not saying they are wrong. My 2 cents. Haven't played 2 yet so no opinion on that.


EDIT: Also can someone tell me how portal had great writing? Not trolling or anything just curious because I never thought of the writing as very good.

It's probably alrwedy been said but i'll say it as well. While i had a blast playing Portal, and rate it in my top 20 games, it's no where near great. It was bundled together with the rest of the Organge Box as an experiment, to see if people enjoyed it. It's very very short, and apart from a few puzzles there isn't really much to the game. And yeah absolutely no replay value in it. Once you solve a chamber it's not fun to do it again.

Also people are entitled to their own opinion. My sister's favourite game of all time is Sonic 1. She's not wrong, i don't try to correct her, it's her opinion. Now that 30+ people have made you feel like an idiot, maybe a nice cave would be a good place for you to move in to.

That depends on how you're judging Portal.

For me, it was, is, and always will be about the dialog and humor with a little exploration in the second. The puzzles were, for me, just complex versions of a rat pushing a button for a treat. Take those out and the game would have been raised to being above average for its gimmick.

-i've seen flash games with about just as much strength as portal has going for it (puzzles/game mechanics)

Can you link said games? Been itching for puzzles for a while and those sound good.

while it is a good bit of fun, i wouldn't ever put it in my top ten, or even top 20 games ever.

-it's too short
-i've seen flash games with about just as much strength as portal has going for it (puzzles/game mechanics)
-not much depth to it, which isn't a flaw, just saying it wouldn't ever reach my top 10-20 with the depth it has.

overall i'd say it's alot of fun, but never a "great" game.

Regarding the first one, I feel like length shouldn't matter at all. It's like $20, which is about the same price as a movie. And when you blow through it while knowing all the puzzles it can still take around 90 minutes, which is the length of a shorter movie. Really not seeing the issue there.

In regards to the "not much depth to it" thing, it's a game based around motion and abusing motion. So either physics itself is stupid and shallow, or you're just looking for reasons to hate it.

A lot of people think 'Portal' is bad. With over seven billion people on the planet, that's to be expected. Just enjoy what you like, and ignore the people who don't like it. All that matters is that you enjoy it.

...oh my God someone has a different opinion. Oh my God I must make a thread and bitch about it. someone disagrees with you. So what. I think Portal is pretty ok. Definitely overhyped, fun but not amazing. You going to make a thread bitching me out now?

I'm calling it, everyone. This is officially the worst thread ever on this site.


I was coming in here to basically say something along the lines o this.

I personally love portal, but, you do realize not every single person is going to have the exact same tastes and preferences as each other.... right? RIGHT!?!?

You do know you just invited everyone to take a piss all over Portal here :D
Anyway people don't like the same things, I also have friends who would take modern shooter tedium over anything else in the gaming world... what can you do, that sort of thing just sits well with them.

I loved Portal 2, but once you've played through the puzzles two or three times and done everything there isn't too much point in playing again and again. If they add some more DLC I might be tempted to bring it back out of its case, but until then that's where it's staying.

Maybe somebody just likes Battlefield 3 more than Portal. We all have a sense of taste, and just because his taste in games is different than yours, doesn't really give a lot of reasoning to mock him.

I don't like Portal personally, but I'm cool with the fact that you do.

I do. Honestly, Portal was great, for all of three hours. Now that I know how to beat everything, the fun is gone.

Portal is a bad game. I mean, it doesn't even have guns!

There's so much fail in this post that it became win.

OT: Portal isn't in my top ten (although Portal 2 is). OP made the glaringly obvious mistake around the time he mistook his opinions as factual.

I'm calling it, everyone. This is officially the worst thread ever on this site.

It's still better than "What's the biggest dump you've ever taken?" but it's pretty bad, yes.

O NOEZ, HOW COULD SOMEBODY NOT LIKE PORTAL!!1!!1111!!! IT IZ BES GAME EVAR FOLS WHO DONT LIEK PORTAL R STUPED...oh wait I don't like portal, I find it to be mediocre at best. Get over it. Sorry that you feel so insecure about someone not drooling over a game you like.

First post is exactly what I was thinking. Personally I love Portal but I can see why some wouldn't. Who cares if someone doesn't like the same games you do?

It seems to me that neither of you are exactly qualified to determine the "best game ever."

So someone disagrees with your opinion? On the internet?


Seriously, stop the presses!

Also that, as you apparently haven't yet realized the futility of arguing on the Internet.


Seriously op, I read your comments on his video and you are every single bit as bad as him saying "If you have not played at least 4 of these games you can not call yourself a gamer."
Get the fuck over it. Oh and for the record. Portal, not that great. Shadow of the Colossus, fucking garbage.


Sweet Jesus, how could someone on the internet ever think that Portal wasn't one of the greatest games ever invented!? Of course Portal is one of the greatest games invented! Or at least, that's what the Portal fanboys keep telling me, and they could never be mistaken! THIS IS BLASPHEMY!!


Really, OP? The real world must be killer on you, people not sharing your exact opinions and such.

Okay what is this thread and why should I care?
Okay so you had a postwar/back and forth on youtube about videogames with complete strangers, I reiterate, okay what is this and why should I care?

People can hate on stuff all they want, it doesn't make it any less in your eyes unless you have some sort of issue where public opinion overthrows your own. I for one actually had fun with Duke Nukem Forever. Bought it on sale and didn't find anything wrong with it besides the driving portions, but I suck at driving games.

I enjoyed Portal, I enjoyed Battlefield more and I enjoy Kingdoms of Amalur even more than that.

I'm not going to go on about my opinions on games because what would be the point? the same applies to you judging this bloke for having a different opinion to you on Portal.

It was a pretty good game but that doesn't mean nobody could possibly dislike it, admittedly it's the only puzzle game I've ever truly enjoyed but that doesn't mean it will work for everyone.

The internet is a big mixing pot of opinions so if you plan to spend any length of time here you're really going to have to move past this view of "everybody must like this game because I think it's great and so does half the internet"

i never really liked portal 1 dunno why, i mean i LOVED portal 2, but not 1 just seemed boring

I, myself, have absolutely zero interest in either Portal games. Not saying they're bad at all - I've played the first one and it bored me almost to death - they just aren't my thing.

I guess I'm dense, then.

Portal is overrated it's not a bad game but it's not a great game either, in my opinion.

I'm actually a bit torn on whether I should scold the OP about opinions or if I should throw out a bunch of criticism at Portal (Which I do enjoy) just to bother him. Hmmm.

Your post actually highlights on of the reasons why Portal is considered such a good game; real-time shooters. There have been so many of them, and rpgs etc, that when a well-made puzzle game came out it got so much good press, because although there have been plenty of puzzle games in the past, (and there still are today but not so many that aren't indie games) it was breaking the mold.

Portal is well made, fun to those who like puzzle games, very funny at times and a good concept. It is by no means a bad/mediocre game. However, it's also short and doesn't appeal to everyone. If I was to count the games I've picked up and said 'no thanks' to as bad then this game would be bad to me, not because it's a 'bad game' just because it doesn't appeal to me as an individual.

On the other hand, I love Portal 2 as there's more of a story going on :D

Well, OP, since you think all RTS games are exactly the same I really don't feel inclined to defend you here.

They're not.

I respect the game for what it is, but I could see how plenty of people could find it boring.

I guess that makes me a lesser human being or less intelligent though.

I love Portal. And Portal 2. They're epic experiences, but that doesn't mean everybody will like it. It's the internet.

I think Portal is a good game. My brother says it's mediocre, he prefers JRPG's. My mum thinks it's the best game ever. My dad doesn't like it at all, he only likes high-octane FPS games like CoD.
And I love them all.

So you found a person who doesn't like a game as much as you like it?

On the bloody internet, no less.

Holy shit guys! I think we've got a real situation here!

Nah, it's cool. I'll just create a load of bots to endlessly repeat their exact opinion to make them feel better. That's apparently what they want.

For one the story is non-existent, there is no plot nor real narrative

Oh god NO, a story that is not told through stupid angsty cutscene drama! This must mean there is no plot or narrative at all!

You know, Valve unlike many other use environment and to tell a story. If you've played Portal than you know that there is a plot. This robotic voice "spouting" exposition, combined with the progress in the game and the environment tell a really interesting story about a testing facility where an AI with full control over this facility went to the total extreme (ergo she went rogue) and killed everyone during her "testing".

It was a mistake making this thread, OP. Prepare to get bombarded by people who don't like Portal.

Edit: Looks like you already have.

Portal is a bad game. I mean, it doesn't even have guns!

Portal gun.

There's as much win in that post as there are grenades in Portal. None.

Did his name not clue you in?

Yeah, is if all his posts are going to be sarcastic.

I watched my brother play it, it lookd fun and all but i never felt the urge to play it for myself due to the fact that, well i didn't have too, I'd already seen what happened in the game.

I feel pretty bad for the OP, but yeah, Portal's nowhere near my top ten or probably twenty games. It was fun to play through once, but I don't feel the need to go back. I don't think it would have received anywhere near the critical acclaim it did if it hadn't launched as part of the Orange Box.

I know someone who doesn't like either of the Portal games, TF2, and both the Left 4 Dead games. He won't give me a good explanation so I just think he's a super hipster or maybe he just has a major hate against Valve. So, just like him, unless that XboxWater guy can bring up some good points (which, in my opinion, is impossible for Portal), then he's just ignorant.

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