Someone actually thinks "Portal" is a bad game!?

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Aerosteam 1908:
It was a mistake making this thread, OP. Prepare to get bombarded by people who don't like Portal.

Edit: Looks like you already have.

Portal is a bad game. I mean, it doesn't even have guns!

Portal gun.

There's as much win in that post as there are grenades in Portal. None.

Did his name not clue you in?

Herpa derpa derp how could anyone believe that horrible brown game is better than the artistic, creative masterpiece that is the almighty PORTAL! I must make a forum post immediately!

Its youtube.
Seriously, stop giving a fuck about the comments.
If something upsets you, walk away.

Don't let pride come into play with strangers on the internet, period. Especially not Youtube.

And the Escapist is not a personal army with which you may attack people elsewhere on the internet.

It wasn't, but people have different tastes.

I however, despite not being good at some genres, still can tell if a game is "good" or not. Sometimes I rate games on Armorgames and other sites highly, even when I occasionally can't get past a few levels; I recognize that a game can be decent functionally.

Others would disagree.

I know people who say Portal 1&2 are gay. They'd just rather play CoD and Halo, oh well.

Oh noes! Someone with a different opinion! Burn the heretic!

My God, somebody doesnt care for Portal?


Well, if this was a situation of them actually trying to justify saying it's a bad game instead of them just not liking it, I would've attempted to get on your side and defend from the sarcastic comments of "OH NO YOU DON'T SHARE MY OPINION", even though at a point it just comes down to opinion.

But since this is a situation where somebody just didn't think it was anything special, and you felt like stating its superiortity as a fact, I will join the sarcasm.

Do't you know that getting upset because a gamer that only plays fps' says something is a waste of time?

I love both Portal 1 and 2 and despise the shit out of Battlefield and Modern Warfare.


Oh, wait. People have opinions.

Seriously, OP. You wasted ten minutes of your life trying to get someone who likes oranges to start liking bananas. You can't debate when it comes to personal tastes, you can't even remotely come close to winning. Put that up with the insipid "Superior Character" comparison threads on here, too. Batman and Superman have different strengths and different weaknesses. They'll appeal to different people.

The best thing anyone can do is take a chill pill, when confronted with someone who's being obnoxious about their own tastes. I know it's hard to constantly remind yourself that it's all about different strokes for different folks when we're force-fed with the idea that MW or BF fans are uncultured simpletons - but you have to try.

I thought the first portal game was mediocre at best, terrible at worst. It was an afterthought of a game. Glados wasn't even funny in the first one. "OH NOEZ THE CAKE IS A LIE!"... that whole fad was retarded after playing the game. Much like the Arrow in the Knee nonsense.

Portal 2 was much, much better. But the hype surrounding portal 1 was entirely unjustified.

I don't really care who likes portal, It's not some people cup of tea.

you mean someone had the nerve to have a different opinion to you? WHAT IS THE WORLD COMING TO? /sarcasm

really, though, so what if someone thinks Portal is a bad game? besides, he said it was mediocre, not bad.

Let me guess, next you're going to throw a big fit because someone doesn't like My Little Pony.

Oh cool, i've always wanted to meet the idiot who makes all those exceedingly moronic, self-important non-thought-out posts on youtube channels. Now I have! Nice to meet you Forlong. Love your work.

Obviously that person didn't buy enough day 1 DLC. I thought it was mediocre as well until I saw the face of god in one of the cowboy hats on sale.

Really? Someone doesn't like Portal?

*Takes off glasses*

Mother of God we need to call Putin.

Portal is a fun and funny game although its not the best game ever or something. I could see how someone could not like portal. The whole thing comes down to that whole personal opinions thing.

Monkeyman O'Brien:

Have to reply to this thread because this image is so epic!

Ok, so where were we? Someone says Portal is bad...Ok!

Everyone has their own opinions, some people will treat even the lowest rated games as if they were the source of immortality. I'm sure somewhere there is a crazy man who is currently masturbating furiously over his copy of Action 52 and would insult you relentlessly from here to the high hills of the highlands if you called it an overpriced shit bucket of dead kittens. I HATE the current generation of modern-warfare shooters like Call of Duty and Battlefield, despite the colossal fanbases but does that mean my opinion is right? No because it is all a matter of perspective and it all depends on what you enjoy.
I had fun playing Portal but would I put it in my top fifteen games of all time? No! Same goes to other well-liked games like Half-Life 2 and the first two Fallouts. It's all a matter of taste and some people have different tastebuds than others (I swear I wrote this exact sentence not too long ago)

...and that's a problem how? Not everyone likes everything. I fucking hate multiplayer, doesn't mean everyone else has to suddenly fucking hate it too.

Opinions, people have them. Deal with it.

Opinions, people have them. Deal with it.

Some people just don't like it. They are entitled to their opinion [sarcasm] even if their opinion is wrong [/sarcasm]. I would probably put Portal somewhere in my top games list just because it's rare that a game can pull off humor as effectively as Portal did. My only real gripe with it is that I thought it was a bit too easy.

I don't like Portal either. I think it's insanely boring and not worth my time. Not to mention it's created one of the most annoying ass memes ever that people still seem to think is funny to this day.

No one thinks it's funny anymore, and I like to believe that no one thought it was that funny then either, though I'm probably wrong.

Portal is a bad game. I mean, it doesn't even have guns!

Go to the console, type "sv_cheats 1" and "impulse 101". Firing a Half-Life 2 rocket launcher through a Portal into an unsuspecting turret is immeasurably fun.

I have to say that while I LOVED Portal, it wouldn't be in my top ten games of all time either, because I'm just not a fan of puzzle games.

Plus, my favorite types of games involve character developement, explosions (caused by a gun-happy protagonist), and battles for revenge or to protect the country/world/galaxy.

i love portal. others don't. I see no reason why i should be effected by that.

Take a moment to get over the shock of someone being that dense before you continue reading please.

Anyway, I found this video on YouTube:
I saw a clear error in the poster's judgement of "best game" by limiting himself to RTS games. I corrected him on this and pointed out some games that should have been there (obviously "Portal" was among them). Then some user going by XboxLikeWater said that "Portal" was mediocre. I promptly corrected him and said that his entire game library combined isn't as good as "Portal". I took the opportunity to check his channel, and found that he believes "Battlefield 3" is the best video game ever. Yeah...sure...

Yeah! How dare someone have an actual OPINION! The nerve!

I love the irony that your avatar presents. You, sir, are a sad, sad little man. I correct myself: child.

QUICK!!! Someone call a waaaambulance! Two people on the internet had differing opinions! When will the horror end?!?!

Let me guess, next you're going to throw a big fit because someone doesn't like My Little Pony.

:O Someone doesn't like MLP?!?! WHAT IS THE WORLD COMING TO?!?!

I feel there's plenty of replay value in Portal, but the point is shut the fuck up and stop bitching about someone's opinion.


Let me guess, next you're going to throw a big fit because someone doesn't like My Little Pony.

:O Someone doesn't like MLP?!?! WHAT IS THE WORLD COMING TO?!?!

In all seriousness, I think that show is okay; it's only the obnoxious fan base that bothers me. The self-proclaimed 'bronies' strike me as akin to Mega Man fanatics in that they feel the need to integrate their juvenile obsession into every aspect of their lives and force it on everybody they meet. I didn't need to pop open the front page of Destructoid to see that someone had replaced the dragons in Skyrim with one of those obnoxious Technicolor horses, and neither did anybody else.

OK... so newsflash here. Portal isn't objectively a great game. Saying one game is better than someone's entire game library means you go under the assumptions that games can be added together for a complete score. It also means you say he doesn't have Portal. It also means you are very petty when someone disagrees with your opinion over a trivial matter. Opinions are subjective. Personally I found Portal to be somewhere between mediocre and good.

I've played it and thought it was okay, but not God's videogame when I played it.....don't be a hater.

Those are turn-based games on his list, not RTS. That ugly game in the middle was Runequest. And the guy who posted the video clearly has almost no interest in games that move at real time. Also, he has no intention of playing any game made this millennium. Clearly he's a strategy fan and his list matches his interests. Most importantly, that video was posted two years ago and you went to correct him now? There's a little zombie-fighter in each of us...

Portal made a big splash because it, like the others that make big splashes, offered something different. Different will always attract a certain group and repel another. For every Ben "Yahtzee" Croshaw there's a Johnathan "Fatal1ty" Wendel. And the guy who posted that video? He's "Colonel Bill" Gray.


-i've seen flash games with about just as much strength as portal has going for it (puzzles/game mechanics)

Can you link said games? Been itching for puzzles for a while and those sound good.

i honestly haven't played flash games in years, but i remember playing portal when it first came out and all i could think was "huh, this is alot like some flash games i've played while bored at school"

honestly,,etc...probably have them on there

Sexy Devil:

while it is a good bit of fun, i wouldn't ever put it in my top ten, or even top 20 games ever.

-it's too short
-i've seen flash games with about just as much strength as portal has going for it (puzzles/game mechanics)
-not much depth to it, which isn't a flaw, just saying it wouldn't ever reach my top 10-20 with the depth it has.

overall i'd say it's alot of fun, but never a "great" game.

Regarding the first one, I feel like length shouldn't matter at all. It's like $20, which is about the same price as a movie. And when you blow through it while knowing all the puzzles it can still take around 90 minutes, which is the length of a shorter movie. Really not seeing the issue there.

In regards to the "not much depth to it" thing, it's a game based around motion and abusing motion. So either physics itself is stupid and shallow, or you're just looking for reasons to hate it.

that's fine, thats your opinion on the length, but i don't think it's a good length for a "game". portal by itself is fun, like i said above, but i would never rank it in my top 10-20 games, as in my head, it just doesn't add up to a full game. which is fine, it doesn't have to, but just saying i would never rank it "amazing/great", just "good".

i actually enjoy physics, it's by far my favorite subject, but that doesn't mean i have to like the way it's being used in portal. I think there is alot more they could've done outside the puzzles to make them more interactive and actually mean something rather than just "cube here, portal there, go there, checkpoint, rinse and repeat"

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