The last time a game made you rage.

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I'm currently playing the new Twisted Metal game. I was having fun with it, too. Until I got to THIS point.

Without spoilers, I'm at a section where you have to race other players. It's a checkpoint race, and you have to hit every single checkpoint through the city to continue. Okay, fair enough I suppose. But then you have to start racing on top of buildings, and if you miss even ONE ramp jump, you may as well start over, since there's absolutely no way to win at that point. Okay, that's annoying.

But the granddaddy "fuck you" comes at the end. Even if you manage to hit every checkpoint, you then have to find an unmarked checkpoint, somewhere on the map. And if the computer finds it first, then your car explodes. Which basically means "first place, or no place".

I have been stuck on this race for an hour now, and it's starting to make my eyes bleed from pure rage. Fuck me, this is hard.

What are some other rage-inducing moments that are currently pissing you guys off?

PokePark Wii: Pikachu's Adventure (I know, I'm a badass)

Trying to play Round 2 of Chase against Flygon. He's ground type so Pikachu can't zap him to hold still, he only lands for about two seconds at at time, and he sends out constant sandstorms to trip you up.

Took me like...four tries.

...I don't think this is a good story >_>

Blight Town in Dark Souls has me raging...I have decided to not play for a week and get a clear head, stupid frame rate drop.

Dark Souls, just....the whole game.

Don't get me wrong, I love that game to bits, but just about every single death has brought me into a rage. I don't play that game if I have zero patience.

UMVC3 . The only reason it makes me rage is because it's a competitive game , so going against other players is sure to make one rage at some point . Although i immediately rage once i see a team with a wesker on it . Not because i'm sure to lose , just because i have to try harder to win . But nothing satisfies me more that beating a wesker team down with x-23 , dr doom and morrogan/storm .

A thief race in AC:Brotherhood. I get 5 seconds away from the near end, 2 checkpoints away, and every single fucking time Ezio does a dive into the heypile below. I can't figure out how to get around it.

Ornstein and Smough in Anor Londo. Y U NO LOCK ON ENEMY, GAME?

I think I should take a break for a few days.

Street Fighter IV, fighting Seth. After thirteen straight losing matches in a row, I finally win a round. He then proceeds to pull a completely new moveset out of his ass and crushes me.

I was afraid for the safety of myself and my loved ones after that learning experience.

Assassin's Creed 2 in the beginning (relatively). First, they don't explain the controls much, thankfully I did just finish playing AC 1, so that wasn't a problem but it still bothered me. Second, the Italian accent was really annoying - I would have preferred if the game was entirely in Italian or entirely in English - the Italian accent seemed retarded to me. And the worse part is that from time to time the characters would slip into Italian for no apparent reason (aside to reassure me that they were indeed Italians). Then, I had to meet "Leonardo" - I was actually praying to not be Leonardo DaVinci because I didn't want the game to just name drop me and make me feel impressed with it. No, at that point I would have been more impressed, if the painter Leonardo was somebody else. Finally, you get yo meet your uncle...and one of the first things he has to say is "It's-a me-e, Mario!". I rage quit at that point. It was too much. I had wait until the frustration went away to be able to play again.

Thankfully, with time it got better but I was literally on the verge of not bothering with the game any more. I got used to Leonardo and the name dropping, so much that when Machiavelli showed up I didn't feel anything. Italian accent was still annoying, though.

This one "puzzle" in Okami. It was really damn difficult because i can't for the life of me draw the "Wind" symbol without intensely thinking about which direction I need to draw. It's meant to be bloody simple!

The entire puzzle is blowing a ball around a corner... Took me 30 minutes and I was in a complete rage the whole time.

To a lesser extent UMVC3, now I can deal with losing even when Wesker's involved! I love my team now. Phoenix Wright, X-23 and Amaterasu. Team Ragtag Bunch of Misfits. Since they have nothing in common. A lawyer, a goddess and a clone... Nope I got nothing.

I personally love fighting Team Trenchcoat now just because beating it is so satisfying. Plus the fact that the guy is even using that team is a testament to his complete suckiness and general lack of imagination.

But fuck people taunting after my entire team's dead pisses me off no end. Fucking taunt mid-game if you're gonna do it. You won, congrats. Don't be a dick about it.

I sometimes taunt mid-game with Turnabout Phoenix Wright or Ammy but only mid-game. Scout's Honour. Except if I make an epic one character comeback, then LOL taunt vision activate! And let's face it Ammy's taunt is just awesome, makes me wanna play Okami


Just felt like posting again to say... FUCK, finally beat that god-forsaken level.

...I need a drink.

I'm starting Dark Souls soon....

Well it wasn't entirely the games fault but when me and my friend were playing Saints row the third on coop we finally beat one late game mission (no spoilers don't worry) after 2 hours and about 10 attempts on it (he thought it would be a good idea to play on hardcore mode) we beat it and the end mission cut scene starts and i kid you not the second it starts both of our games froze and crash setting us back at the very beginning of the mission before about 3 checkpoints, we tore our headsets off at that point and screamed ourselves raw. it was a good thing i was alone at my house at the time i think i made the windows rattle...

Gears of War 3, Myrrah on Insane. FFFFFFFUUUUUUUU!!!!!

Just a few hours ago, actually, in Skyrim. I hate that insta-kill move dragons have by grabbing and tossing you to the ground. I'd been running around without saving for a few hours and came upon a dragon, and it killed me before I could even draw a sword.

Gears of War 3, Myrrah on Insane. FFFFFFFUUUUUUUU!!!!!

Fucking Royal Guards. They are like ninjas I swear.

Legendary Souls in Soulcalibur 5 is my most recent example. INPUT READING AI HOOOOOOOOOOO!

That stupid harp duet minigame in Legend of Zekda: Skyward Sword.

This is one of the reason why I hate the bloody motion control as it's not super hard to play a harp in real life! Well at least play the string straight in a back and forth in rhythm of the tune!!!

I rage a little bit every time I play Super Street Fighter IV, since there are so many safe moves in that game it drives me nuts.

Shank 2, on hard, the resort level. I almost never rage at a game, but this part just made me toss my controller across the room (with care, so it landed on my bed, not the floor or a wall), and walk away. The part just before the first checkpoint in the level is just insane, and I keep dying there, having to restart the entire level.

Prototype. All of it. I'm flipping between it and inFamous at the moment, and for some reason my brain stubbornly refuses to release the muscle memory fixture on inFamous' controls so I can play Prototype without pressing the wrong button.

Street Fighter IV, fighting Seth. After thirteen straight losing matches in a row, I finally win a round. He then proceeds to pull a completely new moveset out of his ass and crushes me.

I was afraid for the safety of myself and my loved ones after that learning experience.

Yeah I hear you that guy pissed me off I still cant beat him on normal and above to this day except with my 2 mains. Silver Kasumi from DOA4 had a similar effect sometimes she would go down easy but then other times it would be counter, smash to floor half life gone then 18 hit juggle air combo you are dead after pushing 1 button (please dont have a stupid boss in 5 team ninja).

Soul Calibur 5 had a slightly less rage inducing effect on Legendary souls until I realised how to cheese the AI by spamming certain moves and throws oh and defeating the A ranked opponents in quick battle usually I take the first 2 fights then they go absolutely mental goddamn it still I usually beat them before my blood boils over.

Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword. Learning the spin dash. I had to hit a certain amount of targets with it before the guy teaching it would let me use it. Not only was it kinda hard, it was completely pointless! I'm like, "I'm using the bloody move now! Why the hell do I need your permission to use it!?"

Gears of War 3, Myrrah on Insane. FFFFFFFUUUUUUUU!!!!!

It's not possible.

OT: With ME3 on the doorstep, I've decided to run through ME2 again. In Legion's loyalty mission, nearing the end, I derped around a little too much (Vanguard biotic charges are too much fun, I swear) and died. Fair enough, I thought, gotta be more careful next time around. And my game loads... the beginning of the mission. Wat. All my checkpoints failed, and had to do the mission from the F*CKIN BEGINNING AGAIN!

My controller met the wall.

Probably Deus Ex revolution on hard. Enemies can drop you in a millasecond and your somehow supposed to feel like a cybernetic bad ass. yet I walked straight up to somebody, pointed a sniper rifle point blank at his face and shot and he proceeded to kill me before the gun recoil was even over.

Sniper rifle shot. POINT. BLANK. TO. THE. FACE!! Fuck that overrated pos.

Mass Effect the first crashing on me just as I was getting into it last night.
Luckily I had recently saved, but it was still annoying.

I was playing the MGS HD colelciton, and one of the Snake Tales in MGS2.

There's this one where you and Emma have to escape a room full of enemies that continually respawn, and don't stop. The only way to get out of the room with her is to hold her hand, and you walk really slowly. And if you get hit, you let go of her hand.

I was so fucking mad I could't finish it

Super Crazy Guitar Maniac 2.


Fucking hate that bullshit song. I've gotten perfect on every other song, but I just can't fucking beat it.


I'm playing one of Vechs' "super Hostile" maps (spellbound caves to be precise), and OH MY GOSH I hate hate HATE Vechs!!

He sets those maps up just right so that monsters can spawn in places you think are safe (light level is JUUUST low enough to spawn them), and the creeper ambushes are no fun either. Especially when you're starting out with nothing, and arrows are hard to come by... >_<

EDIT: Oh and the incident before that that made me rage at a game was Dreamkiller (a serious Sam style run and gun shooter).

There was this boss that just kept regenerating and I couldn't kill it. The heroine then hinted that I needed to find out where the bees were coming from, and I looked for nearly half an hour to find the source...Only to have to look it up on a forum (there was no FAQ on GameFAQS), and find out that there was this beehive WAAAAY in the distance behind the boss platform and that I jut needed to shoot that...I was BEYOND pissed.

The last time I raged at a game?

Hm. Probably Skyrim. Game's hunky-dory until you meet up with a Dragon Priest and his usual fuckton of Draugr. My current character isn't terribly long range-centric (level 38 Orc with an Orcish Greatsword enchanted 2 D MAXX and a hundred points in Smithing) so I just had to rush him and hope to God that his cronies wouldn't cause me to eat through my Healing Potion reserves.

I died. A lot. Took me about six tries to pull it off by a hair's breadth. Still, the reward was well worth it, Rahgot (Forelhost, The Rift) has a mask that has a higher base defense than a fully upgraded Dragonbone Helmet *and* it counts as a piece of Heavy Armor! Yay, I don't lose my "Cushioned" perk!

These rages are the best. You start out absolutely burning with the desire to chuck your keyboard out the window, and then an epic reward falls into your lap, melting all that anger into sweet, sweet exultation.


Catherine. Pretty much every boss level.

Shank 2's survival mode. My brother and I were playing it two or three times each day for the past week until we beat it. The amount of times we lost at the last second was enough to put our teeth on edge.

The last time I played Super Meat Boy. *SIGH* I'm just...really bad at it.

Right now I am just playing Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning. It's not particularly 'challenging', but I can honestly say I am having fun.

vech superhostile...all of them, i have completed 2 of them todate, was doing good on the knew one but save corruption ended that.

darksouls, i kept getting pulled into a fight with a guy in the garden area, but somehow he was able to zip across the field and kept killing me, still haven't figured out how he managed it

the binding of isac, because that game is just a pain in the arse.
and last night on killing floor, because i was playing with people who literally didn't have a clue and was getting sick of soloing levels

these are my most recent game plays, dont usually rage over games, but every now and again

How can those things annoy you? Those were some of the reasons the game was great!

Just a few hours ago, actually, in Skyrim. I hate that insta-kill move dragons have by grabbing and tossing you to the ground. I'd been running around without saving for a few hours and came upon a dragon, and it killed me before I could even draw a sword.

I'm gunna have to agree with this. I always forget to save!
But tbh most games make me rage- I'm just a ragey kinda person :/

That would be Sonic Generations. That final boss battle was just one big broken gameplay mechanic, and when I finally beat it it was pure luck that I was able to gather enough rings to stay in the fight. Had a lot of fun with the rest of the game, but this one battle felt like someone chucking a handful of sand and poop on my perfectly good icecream cone.

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