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As someone who often receives hate mail for posting semi-successful stuff on the internet, I see a lot of "that sucks" "you suck" "try sucking less" etc. etc. and truth be told, that annoys me. Not because of the possibility that I, or stuff I do, may in fact suck, but because there's no context behind it.

But then I thought about something else. I also get annoyed by flat out praise. The people who when asked about a game or movie they like just go "It's great."

The point that admittedly I'm spending more time getting to than I should is that flat out praise of something isn't much better than flat out insults of something.

So I want everyone reading this (especially you, yes YOU, with the face) to try an experiment with me. Think of your favorite game, or if you don't have one just whatever tickles your fancy at the moment or one you just really like, then think about and present to the rest of the class a flaw with the game.

My favorite video game of all time is Legend of Mana because it's well written, has a variety of quirky, detailed characters, good replay value and decently fun co-op

However, to criticize it, the combat is incredibly repetitive with the same enemies spawning in the same place every time you enter an area, and while the game does a find job setting up a world with interesting characters, the ending itself feels fairly anticlimactic.

Big Rigs: Over the Road Racing does, in fact, have a few compatibility issues.

To quote Yahtzee:

The levels are ugly, and everyone looks the same.

Although honestly, those never really bothered me. The level design is great, and that's what's important. And I didn't really care about everyone sharing a body build and just being skinned differently. Bad things... hmm. Well:

1. The stealth is mostly based enemies having a ridiculously short viewing distance

2. It was pretty horribly optimised at the time. You could get it run OK, but the loading times were ridiculous and you'd often need to cross loading barriers a few times to complete objectives. Fortunately this is one of those issues that goes away with time and better technology.

3. There weren't enough swimming or environmental hazard sections to make the corresponding skills useful.

To mention another one, I'd like to talk about Persona 4. Persona 4 is a fun game, gameplay wise it takes the unique system P3 came up with and improves it quite a bit (dumbs down a few things in the combat, but fine, whatever)

However, the game boasts itself as a mystery novel, it's supposed to be some grand whodunit, but the murderer is obvious, but most of the game gets really stretched out by the characters being stupid (I know that sounds harsh, but while on a stakeout they have everybody chase one guy, on a stakeout you're supposed to leave at least one person there)

Also, the game tries to be funny, and to its credit, sometimes succeeds. But a lot of the scenes go on for way too long, try too hard to be funny and add little to nothing to the plot. So it's kinda like watching a production of Hamlet where the actors take a break every 15 minutes for an all cast pie fight.

I like P4, but it's got a lot of problems.

Bioshock 2:

Bioshock came to a very good conclusion that didn't need to be developed into a second game, this said I still love the second Bioshock and I'm glad it was made.

Fallout New Vegas:

The DLC, whilst excellent, took levelling up too far. 50 levels of game for what you get seems to just drag on once you've finished everything and only have the main story line or at least the last objective of the main story line left.

The Monster Hunter Series.

The games are enjoyable to me but the fact that they keeping jumping from platform to platform and leaving a few of the games stuck in Japan.

Halo:CE - everything that was wrong with that game can be summed up in one level... The Library. Its as though Bungie intended to make the worst level in the history of gaming, and later outdid themselves with "Cortana" from Halo 3...

Jak 2 - His arms are REALLY LONG! They kind of scare me.

kingdom hearts 2 the ''quicktime event system'' its weird seing as atlanticas system would have fit better then yust pressing triangle.

Mercenaries: Playground of Destruction. ends.




Also, the textures were shoddy at times, the controls were weird (circle for jump?), not much variety in soldiers or civilian vehicles and vehicle control felt really...heavy.

Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past

A lot of the game is just wandering around hoping to figure out what to do next. Not talking about the dungeons, it works there. I'm talking about the Overworld. The game expects you to just know exactly what you need to do to get to your next location, some of the necessary items of the game require some kind of clairvoyance in order to know how to get them, and even the best but unnecessary items are even more of a mystery. It's just frustrating to spend all your time aimlessly wandering.

Gotcha Force. While I do love the game alot but it can be very repetitive as every single level is kill all of the enemies Gotcha Borgs.
They can at least change the level objective like survive for [inset time] minutes or target only one specifit borg. There was a mission to protect your partner borg in one of the early mission but it still revolve around defeat all of the enemy borgs.

ok so:
my favourite game: Prince of Persia: Sands of Time

the bad part: unballanced(bad) combat system


Following the brilliant boss sections of Blast Pit and Power Up, Gonarch and Nihilanth were disappointing.

Mirrors edge

The hit detection on pipes leaves something to be desired

Steambot Chronicles.

The graphics were outdated for the time and it lagged a lot when facing a certain direction.

Raiden, Raiden, a million times Raiden!!! Yes, I'm referring particularly to MGS2, though he still annoyed me in MGS4. :P
Also, the bad facial animations in oblivion.


One of the worst UIs I've seen so far.

Deus Ex Human Revolution

As someone already said, the stupid, STUPID boss fights (Luckily the DLC had a great boss) Also, the AI was sometimes quite dumb, some of the voice acting could have been better *cough* Pritchard *cough*


You will never, ever find a shittier community than Runescape's. Yes. It's worse than COD's.

Planescape: Torment.

My god, the combat is just no good. (the ultra-flashy high level spells are pretty neat tho)

Its not my favorite game but...

Just Cause 2 has the worst group of voice actors of all time. Any of the faction or agency missions are almost unbearable thanks to the voice actors. Aside from that its a very fun and pretty free roaming game.

Silent Hill 2

It could have gone to the other world more often. I thought that silent hill 1 and 3 did it too often, but silent hill 2 barely went at all. Even though it stayed there much longer.

The Neverhood

Fuck the graphics sucks! It's like they made it out of clay or something... A child could do that!

Okey, okey, okey... To be serious, The Neverhood, some solutions are just fucking ridiculous. There is clearly some sort of thinking involvd, it is just not rational in any way.

Red Faction Guerrilla

The story was good, the controls were tight and easy to learn, combat was incredible both on and offline, there was an actual reason to try the side missions offline, and the destruction physics made the game a blast to play.

However the characters were dull and flat, the environments were very lackluster and bland, the AI was about as thick as a cement milkshake, the rail gun weapon was about as cheap a kill you could get online, AND there was a damn mission that wanted you to be stealthy. The kind were the alarm goes off as soon as you're spotted.

But all of the negatives are outweighed by the positives.

Final Fantasy VII my favourite game of all time I absolutely love it but obviously its got a load of faults such as :-

Out of battle character models are really really crappy admittedly they have aged well but thats because they looked crap then and they look crap now especially glaring back when it was released in comparison to the awesome backgrounds.

Mag def on armour dosent work do you need it no, would it help yes and it should work if your going to create a stat for it.

Obtaining some of the materia is an absolute pain in the arse involving luck betting on Chocobo racing so annoying.

Final Weapons/limit breaks vastly swing the power balance in favour of certain characters i.e Cloud,Yuffie,Barret (especially Barret) and Cid sure the others are still perfectly usuable but you cripple yourself technically to do so. Tifas Final weapon in particular is pathetic even if she is a monster mid game and Vincents limit breaks are almost pointless except very early on.

Chocobo Breeding the typical pointless waste time activity they include in almost every RPG ever, god help you if youre not using a guide and are relying on mr um... I cant remember Sages advice.

Cant skip summons yeah Knights of the round is nice but I dont want to see it every single time VIII also had this problem cant remember if IX did but yeah anyway I hardly ever summon Bahamut ZERO or KotR now in VII because it takes so damn long.

Great Glacier yeah that about says it I am ok with the place now but on my 1st 3 or 4 playthroughs that place always pissed me off its just not a fun area.

Ok that will do for now I also have another fault which isnt on VII but springs from it which is Clouds character or more precisely why does he have a different character in every game he is in? Ok different time periods events in games etc but he undergoes a complete metamorphosis each time whereas other characters dont shift nearly as much the only explanation is that he is a chronic schizophrenic or Square Enix dont understand his original character at all and keep changing him to what peoples perceptions of him are or what they want(ed) him to be like rather than what he was, doing nobody any favours.

Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker

- The game is a lot shorter than most Zelda games, especially as far as the main plotline goes. About 5-6 main dungeons not counting Ganondorf's final dungeon.

- The game is extremely easy. Maybe it's just because I played it a lot, but it's very easy to go through the whole game without dying once. 3 heart playthroughs can alleviate this, but not completely, and that also means you have to be very careful about opening chests so you don't get heart pieces.

- The Tri-Force gathering quest was just filler. The areas where you got the shards and the maps were pretty cool but they should have cut the whole map part out of that equation.

For the record, I actually liked the sailing.

Kingdom Hearts 2 If it weren't for the drive system goofy and donald would be worthless

BioShock 2. If ever there was a game that begged not to have a sequel, it was BioShock. The story encapsulates perfectly, there is no need for anything more. While BS2 is not a bad game its very existence is an insult to the original.

Skyrim. The game is just too damn big. I don't mean the world itself, I mean the endless side quests, the 100+ dungeons with 50,000+ burial urns each containing 3 septims, and so forth. I am a compulsive looter who feels the need to collect everything. It's unlikely I will ever finish the main quest.

Left 4 Dead, either one. Rage quitters. I've lost all three teammates after we lost the very first round of a versus game by less than 100 points. Holy freaking god, I can understand quitting after you've been curb-stomped, but we did not do that badly. Is it really so difficult to imagine we might make up those points later -- or even lose the match, but still have a good time? Nope, gotta quit and find "a team that doesn't suck," i.e. a team that will carry your whiny ass on its back -- for all of five minutes, until you rage quit on them too.


Ok that will do for now I also have another fault which isnt on VII but springs from it which is Clouds character or more precisely why does he have a different character in every game he is in? Ok different time periods events in games etc but he undergoes a complete metamorphosis each time whereas other characters dont shift nearly as much the only explanation is that he is a chronic schizophrenic or Square Enix dont understand his original character at all and keep changing him to what peoples perceptions of him are or what they want(ed) him to be like rather than what he was, doing nobody any favours.

You do realize that each final fantasy takes place in a different story in a different universe with different characters except for the 13 games and the direct "-2" sequels right?

Grand Theft Auto 4.

There was one mission

Cave story - Dialogue could have used a little touch-up, and I wish they would stop rereleasing reworks of the original game 50 times trying to milk me for my money. Lets see, there's a wiiware version, a 3ds version, and a steam version. I love the game, but I'm not buying it 3 times. Release a new one dangit.

Skyrim - The questlines need to be longer. I feel like I'm playing and ADDRPG sometimes when I'm in skyrim. Very few questlines are more then 5 or so quests. Usually, the more quests there are, the shorter the individual quest is. I finished the mages' guild questline in about 30 minutes. In the meantime, it feels like "I gotta finish this miss... Oh, look, a different mission, let me go do that real quick."

Mass Effect 2
I have to play as femshep to sleep with Garrus.

Why u no let me block with dual wield?

This thread again, eh?

This time around I'll go with the Disgaea series. The over the top humor, the unique grind fest, the ability to pick what types of party members you level. This series makes my Sony purchases worth it. But.... There always seems to be one character I just don't like, or use at all. Emizel, Mid Boss, and Tink, being top on the list.

EDIT: Oh yeah, any game that adds English voice actors, just give me English subtitles and original languages please. I can enjoy bad voice actors in a foreign language much better, thanks!

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