Say something bad about your favorite game.

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there may be a tad too many hats...

Tales of Symphonia:
The main character is boring as shit and the game is full of JRPG-cliches overall.

Mass Effect 2 asked really intelligent questions about whether the genophage is right and whether the Geth are the same as organic life, and then just arbitrarily makes one choice good and one evil.



Ok that will do for now I also have another fault which isnt on VII but springs from it which is Clouds character or more precisely why does he have a different character in every game he is in? Ok different time periods events in games etc but he undergoes a complete metamorphosis each time whereas other characters dont shift nearly as much the only explanation is that he is a chronic schizophrenic or Square Enix dont understand his original character at all and keep changing him to what peoples perceptions of him are or what they want(ed) him to be like rather than what he was, doing nobody any favours.

You do realize that each final fantasy takes place in a different story in a different universe with different characters except for the 13 games and the direct "-2" sequels right?

Yes I know I was more specifically referring to Clouds change of Character to his appearance in other games such as kingdom hearts and Dissidia as well as the film advent children (which along with Dirge of Cerberus and Crisis Core is the same universe and largely the same characters, there is also before Crisis but I know bugger all about that game) but the point I was trying to make is that he shifts his personality much more than other characters who have a cameo/cannon from the FF series in another game/movie/whatever.

The English version of Gothic has TERRIBLE voice acting. It's really the only downfall of an otherwise perfect game. And to be honest, I prefer the Polish voice acting anyway so It's not that much of a problem.

Portal is...


...updating your ending is kinda silly?

My current favourite would be Total War: Medieval 2.
Say something bad about that?
I'd say I'm disappointed that they haven't yet made a Fantasy/alternate reality version of the game. Realism is only entertaining for so long and they can't keep making sequels to the same time period over and over again.
I know there's a LOTR mod for TW:M2, but I'd like a bit more content from a Fantasy mod/game.

Fallout 3/NV. Excellent games. Some of the 'fans' can be horribly annoying twats and the engine sucks harder than a whole factory of hoovers.

Danny Jefferson:
Mass Effect 2 asked really intelligent questions about whether the genophage is right and whether the Geth are the same as organic life, and then just arbitrarily makes one choice good and one evil.

Yeah this really annoyed me too. I wish they had a system where either of the choices didn't grant you morality points but the reasons you made them for did. For instance you could destroy the Geth without any affect on your morality, but when asked why you chose that you could say 'because all Geth deserve to be destroyed' for renegade points or 'because its wrong to brainwash independent creatures' for paragon points. Don't think there's any chance of seeing that in the third game though.

Fallout 3/NV- They're buggy as hell, and NV in particular is a pain to play on the PS3.

Deus Ex: Human Revolution- The stupid, stupid boss fights.

Warhammer 40K: Space Marine- Ultramarines.

Killzone- Not much variety in enemies or weapons.

MediEvil: The platforming is kinda shoddy due to the controls being a bit off and the unhelpful camera. Especially annoying in levels such as The Pools of the Ancient Dead and The Lake (which both appear one after the other) which has you jumping over instant death pools onto thin platforms.

Megaman X4 set the bar for the series so high that nothing could live up to its standard and the next 4 games were all a let down.


You can't sell Ignus into slavery for evil points, and he's the only one I ever wanted to get rid of. Even Vhailor I can stomach.

Persona 4
Sometimes when you speed through the combat, the sound byte for summoning personas gets choppy.


That's it.

most of the game gets really stretched out by the characters being stupid

Alright, that's a given, even if they are just highschoolers. Even Naoto, the so called "Detective Prince", isn't much help during the climax of the murder case. All she really does is restate all of the previous findings from the case to refresh the players memory. She rarely does any deductions for the team.

Dark Souls. Why is the knight shield such a piece of crap? It weighs almost twice as much as the kite shield and is defensively inferior in every single way! Bloody hell.


Danny Jefferson:

morality points

I'm pretty sure that Paragon and Renegade aren't "good" and "evil." I think they're more like "lawful" and "badass" :P

Persona 4


(if you want)

Uncharted 3. Those damn fire spirits towards the end.... And the rigged matchmaking which always makes me team with low levels against a bunch of high-level clanstackers.

The English version of Gothic has TERRIBLE voice acting. It's really the only downfall of an otherwise perfect game. And to be honest, I prefer the Polish voice acting anyway so It's not that much of a problem.

I thought the English voice acting was okay for the most part. I didn't like the main characters voice acting but they improve him in 2. But since you took mine I'll choose a different game.

Fallout 1. The game is great, but the main story having a time limit really made the game feel a little rushed. It seemed like if you relaxed a little and did some more sidequests that you would end up losing the game because you weren't fast enough.

Persona 4

The characters are all wonderful, and relatively enjoyable. While there are some that get on my nerves (Yukiko), they all tend to be fun to watch in general. However they do not 'develop' very well.

In Persona 3, characters join your team as a great big bundle of personal issues. Daddy issues, inferiority complex, revenge obsession, etc. Importantly, they cause plenty of problems through the games themselves. Certain teammates are very obviously merely 'tolerating' other certain teammates through the game. Characters are put into direct conflict with one another; and often times risk or cause severe consequences for letting these issues get the better of them.
Seeing them work through these over the course of the game is very satisfying, and you get to feel the changes in their personality by the end.

Persona 4's characters, while very good characters regardless, act roughly exactly the same from the point that they join your team on-wards. In some cases, even before then (Looking at you Chie and Yosuke.) This is because dealing with their problems is a prerequisite to joining your team, and we see very little of most characters before they are thrown into the TV (Really only Naoto gets much screen time prior). Whatever lingers from their problems is dealt with in Social Links, which are optional.

The Social Links are, without a doubt, very well done, and touching. However it is somewhat undermined by them having no impact on the story. The characters' previous issues only ever come up in gags. They never come in conflict with eachother, or suffer any adverse effects from their previous demeanor. Whether you max their Social Link or ignore them, they always act exactly the same.

Fallout 3/NV: Incredibly buggy

Skyrim: If you play as a stealth character it really shows how awful the AI is. Also if you get to have a really High stealth level the whole game is just a cakewalk

Deus Ex HR: The BOSSES, need I say more

Mirror's Edge has a problem of you never knowing where your feet are unless you're looking at your feet rather than the path ahead, meaning it takes a lot of time and patience to get a lot of the jumps right. (But at least you can see your feet if you look down; something not many shooters bother with.) The combat is also pretty terrible: hit guy, move back, hope you don't get turned into a bullet pate, hit guy again, take gun, clear room, back to parkour.

Metal Gear Solid 4

-The game was still stealth oriented, but it went by a lot slower than in the previous entries, most of the game was run n gun.

-The rewards for getting the advanced emblems (Big Boss, Fox Hound, Boss etc.) were not good enough to motivate me to try.


was honestly a waste of development, I still don't understand why you needed to go there.

- The

was even worse than . It was neat and all, but why sneak around for 45 minutes only to ?

-Not enough people had access to Metal Gear Online to enjoy it, it was in my opinion one of the best online experiences of it's time.

Besides all these complaints, it's still an amazing ending to this series.

Two games from my top games list:

Okami for Wii: The waggle control does not translate fluently from controller to a wiimote, especialy when using glaves. And the draw mechanic is horrible and proceeds to be worse for everyone who has trouble controling the pointer.

Brutal legend: Hitting enemies does not make them recoil over half the time and the RTS is rather shallow as is the campaign.

Crash Bandicoot Warped. The plane and bike levels are an absolute pain in the arse

KOTOR 2 has two of the worst ending cutscenes in history. One of them is literally the camera panning out. And thats it.

Fable is made by Peter Molyneux and so each game is doomed to being crappier and crappier.

In Fallout 3 after I downloaded all of the DLC would randomly get very slow and would randomly crash. I think it took me 5 tries to actually get abducted by the aliens to start Mothership Zeta without it just freezing on me. Plus the game would start to get my system to overheat after a while. causing me to have to take breaks every couple hours. I never really had many problems before I downloaded the DLC though. Although that Sentry bot shooting itself in the face with its own gatling laser was hilarious.

The Uncharted Series, Nathan Drake could be a bit campy sometimes.
Crash Bandicoot, while they did it right, so we ourselves could project onto him, not giving Crash any character development meant an extra virgin orifice Activision could stick it's crusty dick into.
Batman Arkham City, the reward for collecting every Riddler trophy was disappointing to say the least.
Ratchet and Clank, while still in the hands of Insomniac, seems to have taken a bit more kid friendly path, which isn't a terrible thing, but the shitty little jokes like the crotchitizer will be missed.
Skyrim: Most of the little stories that went along with the misc. areas weren't as fleshed out as I would like them to be, but then again, you can't make every area as cool as the vault with the sacrificing people computer voting thingy....I DON'T REMEMBER THE NUMBER OK?!

I would talk about Tomba 2 but it's so expensive I can't get ahold of it to finally beat it.

KotOR II is a broken mess that Lucasarts decided to maul over with an aluminum baseball bat. The overarching story must be pieced together with duct-tape and spit if you want it to be vaguely recognizable, the level scaling and all semblance of a challenge just dies 2/5ths the way to the max level, and it is the poster child of the phrase "wasted potential."
((And yet it's still oddly compelling.))


You will never, ever find a shittier community than Runescape's. Yes. It's worse than COD's.

So true. The good people are there, but their example is lost among the immaturity of everyone else. ((I defy you to find a better browser-based MMO.))

The entire cast of Portal could very well be insane lunatics.
((It's only Chell, the Companion Cube, GLaDOS, and her inhibition cores. Cores confirmed for insane, GLaDOS is up in the air, the Companion Cube could quite possibly be a backstabbing psychopath, and Chell (the player) is what you make of her. But with this kind of fun, we don't need sanity.))

Monster hunter series, 5 years and they still won't let me play frontier, or actual problems with games...Started tri recently after (more or less) finishing freedom unite...damn that game holds your hand and takes hours to give you any real freedom...also no duel swords (favorite weapons,) Longswords take a while to unlock (only other melee weapon I can use.) Boo hiss boo

totally heterosexual:

Persona 4


(if you want)

Go for it, bro.

I'm open to critisism.

Jade Empire; not long enough, not enough romance options.
I'm totally not a die-hard fangirl or anything XD

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