Say something bad about your favorite game.

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Deus Ex HR: you want to be Ghost in the Shell way too much with that Hengsha level....
Bayonetta: the proportions....are sooooooooo ackward......

Half-Life 2: Barney, seriously dude... you're undercover as a Metro Cop, you can't tell me it would be all that hard to get near Breen and take him out. Sure, you might not survive, but you're not really all that important anyway, as long as Gordon is around. Take one for the team!


The story is ok at best

Some of the guns are completely useless (Looking at you plasma repeater)

The fan base is a bunch of elitist jackasses.

Multiplayer can be as frustrating as hell if you don't go in with the right mindset.

Star Trek: Bridge Commander (My all time favorite game)

The character models are ugly and the ship list is a little lacking.

@Liquidcool It's still effectively a morality system though, and the point is that I could easily justify the use of the genophage being the better choice (or lesser evil, however you want to put it) but the game just decides it's the bad choice

Big Rigs: Over the Road Racing does, in fact, have a few compatibility issues.

Glad I'm not the only one who remembers that jewel!


The load times on the PS1 port are atrocious, especially early in the game. Also, like most Jrpgs, its a really, really easy game. And some of the characters were WAY overpowered. Chrono/Frog/Ayla was an instant win.

Knights of the Old Republic: Taris is dull on multiple playthroughs and annoyingly discourages leveling despite being several hours long. Also, Non-Jedi are rather underpowered.

Mass Effect: Annoying loot and inventory management, boring exploration.

Okami: Most of the sidequests are fetch quests of the highest degree. Also, too easy by far.

Skies of Arcadia: WAY TOO MANY RANDOM ENCOUNTERS. It should not be a chore to explore in a game about exploration. Also, insta-Lambda Burst about halfway through the game trivializes all subsequent random encounters.

Dark Souls: Online play can be a frustrating experience, what with connection issues, lag, and lots of two is in low level areas. Also, way to many insta-death pits and falls.

The graphics in timesplitters 2 have not aged well at all and the difficulty ramps way the hell up with atom smasher.

Capcom vs SNK 2: sprite editing can go horribly wrong because some parts were linked to other parts that you don't want to change (like gloves and hair wth)

The horses in Skyrim should have been implemented like in Mount & Blade. Instead they were implemented like a sidekick for Spider-Man....

I like the thread! It inspired me to stop lurking and put in my 2 cents.

That said, I'll echo the sentiments of others about Skyrim.

What I didn't like about it:

- The AI is pretty bad. Like in Morrowind and Oblivion, stealth is too easy at higher levels of the skill and NPCs STILL get stuck on rocks every once in a while. The pathing for some NPCs can be downright atrocious. It's a common complaint but come on Bethesda, it's been nearly a decade since you released Morrowind.

- Balance in regard to skills can be pretty bad. They added a pickpocket skill independent from the sneak skill and it's pretty much nearly useless in most cirumstances. Top tier talents break the game's difficulty and are altogether just too powerful. For example, the 15% chance to paralyze the target with a bow that is 100% irresistible gives an edge to the player that they do not need on any difficulty.

- They tease you with so many story-related tidbits and then just don't develop them more fully.

The Thalmor also fall under this criticism. They introduce them, attempt to flesh them out pretty well, and then do hardly anything with them throughout the course of the game aside from their existence being an indirect cause of the civil war. Maybe for an expansion, I guess.

The headless horseman, that rides around but serves no purpose but to ride around and be a headless horseman. Disappointing. The list goes on, but I'll leave it there.

In spite of these criticism I still love the game and realize no game is perfect. I love the open world, massive number of quests and the ability to plan to do one thing and spend 2-3 hours doing several things because they interested you along the way. The combat is a lot of fun now as opposed to something that got in the way of the rest of the game and the new leveling system is a MASSIVE improvement over what we had in Morrowind. The whole game just plays much more organically than its predecessors.

The graphics weren't too good for it's time
Movement and movement animation was donkey bollocks
Some skills were completely useless
Most characters were one dimensional
Bugs, bugs everywhere
Not enough voice actors
NPCs were so dumb it lowered my own intelligence
You can literally skip half the game if you know where to go
The entire game just ends after the main story line

I'm talking about Fallout 3. And now I just realized the same goes for New Vegas.

[quote="Xaio30" post="9.351443.13919332"]
[spoiler="Chrono Trigger"]
Skies of Arcadia: WAY TOO MANY RANDOM ENCOUNTERS. It should not be a chore to explore in a game about exploration. Also, insta-Lambda Burst about halfway through the game trivializes all subsequent random encounters.

So I'm not the only one who thought that. Gosh I haven't beaten it due to getting burnt out by random encounters. Shame too.

Shadow of the Colossus:
Uh... The game could have been longer? There could have been more explanation to what was going on? I don't know, I love the game a lot so I can easily overlook it's shortcomings.

Final Fantasy IX:
Some of the areas in Disc 3 kinda sucked.

Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater:
The Fury battle has massive slowdown issues. Of course that's most likely because I was playing the game on a PS3.
In the grand scheme of things, you don't actually need to use CQC at all. (Except maybe during the final boss.)

Oddworld: Abe's Oddysee:
Jumping controls are slightly delayed. Plus if you played Exoddus before this game you'll miss the quicksave feature.

Valkyria Chronicles:
Enemy A.I. is dumb. Final boss is somewhat anti-climactic.

I know I listed a lot of games, but I can't just pick one favorite! D:

Halo: Combat Evolved- The library is a horrible horrible level.

CoD MW3:

Great game overall. I don't even have a problem with it lacking much gameplay innovation but I do have a problem with having to sit through a host migration every time someone rage quits. Oh and maybe respawning wouldn't be such s%^! if you made the maps bigger infinity ward. And I don't why you can't port over maps from previous games/map packs for free if we own them because those 10 new maps get old really fast.


If you claim to want to beat out COD and then you're NOT ALLOWED rip-off their plot lines for your single player campaign. Switch up the teams every now and then. Don't just let a bunch of vets steamroll noobs match after match. Let them intermingle and maybe noobs can get better and learn some teamwork.
And balance issues:
-Healing and vehicle repairs are too effective
-SMAWs/RPGs shouldn't be resupplied so easily

Diablo II:

Blizzard! You never got rid of TPPK in hardcore mode you bastards!

Resident Evil 5:

Why won't you let me shoot and move at the same time or enjoy a cutscene without QTEs? *cry*

Mass Effect 2:

I literally CANNOT care about so many support characters and their petty personal problems. We're TRYING to SAVE the Universe! That other crap can wait.


I've never said this before but if you removed the GAME (Obnoxiously difficult block puzzling) part of your video game I'd be all over it. And I'm not even a big anime fan.

Halo Reach:
Your 'if they came to hear me beg' achievement is f&#@-ing impossible. Wasted so many hours on that.

Uncharted & God of War:
Why'd you have to be PS3 exclusives??!! Sony sell-out pricks...

Deus-Ex HR:
*ugh - ran out of rage to continue* I'm sure someone else will come beat this dead horse for me

Gothic 2: The final chapter/epilogue is an absolute breeze for what is generally a tough, challenging game. Bit disappointing really.

Persona 4 -

For a murder mystery, the culprit is fairly obvious, but the path to unmasking them in game is somewhat convoluted.

Also, not retaining all of your character levels in NG+ is kind of lousy.

EDIT: Sorry I didn't notice my first point had already been made, but I guess I'll stand by it haha.

OR I'll say that Sacrifice doesn't seem to work online anymore. That is literally the only negative thing I can think of for that game.

Heroes of Might and Magic III

- The story is pretty mediocre

- No random map generator until the expansion

- A lot of creatures are too similar

- A lot of heroes are too similar

- Too many useless secondary skills

- Damage dealing spells are underpowered, especially on larger maps

- Way too addictive


The headless horseman, that rides around but serves no purpose but to ride around and be a headless horseman. Disappointing. The list goes on, but I'll leave it there.

Actually, if you see him at night and follow him you apparently get led to a graveyard (or something along those lines) and get some really good items.

Devil May Cry 4 and by extension pretty much every Capcom game - it's stupid as hell. About as much fun as I've ever had playing a game but my god it's stupid.

Dark Souls - I don't know if it's just me being experienced from Demon's Souls or if I just stumbled upon a rather powerful build but at around the second half of the game not much was giving me trouble. Even bosses I'd never seen before or heard anything about were sometimes ridiculously easy. The final boss was a bit disappointing too, bash his sword out of the way a couple of times, smack him around a bit when he's recovering and he's done.

Thief 2.

-It's so good it made all other stealth games that weren't in the Thief series utterly unplayable to me?

-Oh, I have a real complaint actually! Your character seems to be wearing wooden clogs while trying to sneak. One step on a marble or tile floor is somehow louder than a man screaming in pain as you shoot him with your bow...


-Medium armor is horrible. At least it looks good though.
-You can't control your blocking, and attacks miss
-For the first 6 levels you move slower than a snail weighted down with lead.
-Pickpocketing is completely pointless.
-I always run into an annoying alchemy bug that makes it so I can't brew potions.
-Poisons are completely useless except to sell

Deus Ex:

-The sword you pick up in Hong Kong is amazingly overpowered.
-The poison darts ARE NOT STEALTHY.
-There are a lot of bugs involving stealth, like enemies will magically know you killed someone in a room they could not see

Some people would complain about the graphics...But I refuse to. First, these games are old. Deal with it. Second, I play games for gameplay, I'll look around at real life if I want great resolution. Third, the dated graphics make these games playable on my junk laptop.

The characters of Final Fantasy VII look like Lego figures. lol
Also the grandeur of this game is responsible for seven more sequels, and unfortunately only a couple of those are worth of bearing the Final Fantasy title.


-Campaign isn't long enough
-Cutscenes graphics are a bit iffy
-Multiplayer kind of sucks
-Not enough skillshots.

Persona 4:
Enemies were shamelessly brought over from the last game with some getting little more than a palette swap and only a handful of original enemies, bosses are great though.
The fox social link was lame because it had fuck all to do with hanging out with the fox. Exam days sucked because you couldn't do anything the whole week until they are over, wasting time. I understand not being able to do stuff after school but why can't you do shit at night in your house.
Personal stats are stupid, especially since you need to max out a lot of them for VERY important social links (Naoto, Nanako etc).
Can't skip dialogue (so if you die at the many tough bosses, you have to skip the dialogue which is just tedious.
The ABSURD difficulty curb in each dungeon (if you don't gain around 10 levels per dungeon you will have trouble with the next dungeon (even beginner mode was tough at times).
WAY TOO EASY to accidentally get the bad ending and WAY TOO HARD to just chance upon the true ending route without a guide.

Still my favorite game of all time.

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