Poll: Why did YOU buy Black Ops?

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So I've been told that Black Ops is one of the top selling games in history. But why did you, Escapists, buy Black Ops? Single Player? Multiplayer? Zombies? Achievements? Or maybe just a fanboy (No offense if so)?

I bought it for zombies mostly. Same reason I got the DLC's.

1- I like the series.
2- The campaign was set in one of the most interesting yet unexplored (in gaming) periods of the XXth century.

Single and Multiplayer. The multiplayer was actually very enjoyable, particularly with the points system allowing you to unlock the weapons and perks you wanted, rather than them unlocking at arbitrary levels. The Wager Matches in particular were great fun.

Also, the single player campaign addressed one of the more neglected periods in history from a gaming perspective; the Cold War was a refreshing change of scene after WW2 and Madeupistan largely dominated the CoD campaigns. OK, so it got a bit wacky towards the end with the whole conspiracy malarkey, but it was still better than the "Invade ALL the countries!" plot of MW3.

The multiplayer was the first one that I found to be enjoyable for more than an hour. Normally I just would Gamefly the CoD games and send them back once I finished the SP campaign, but because I found that the MP was surprisingly fun and noob friendly I got sucked in and haven't looked back.


I Got addicted on the IOS app funnily enough, the one with the WOW maps and got black ops from there on. I Quite liked the game as a whole, the Single player had a decent story i thought.

Other. Friends wouldn't shut up about it, and I was tired of staying in the dark. Loved the single player, which you might tell by my avatar. Multiplayer was ok, but I prefer battlefield 3 in that regard. I don't think I played BO's multiplayer for more than 8 hours total, no vehicles and small teams in small maps equals boring.

I didn't, my brother bought it, played it for a couple of hours before tossing it into the "never play again" bin. So I ended up playing it instead. Zombies with a couple of friends wae great fun. Multiplayer was meh, and the campaign was alright I guess.

Long story short, Zombies.

I bought it cause I had several recommendations for it. I was disappointed. Now those friends of mine will burn in hell. I did quite like the single player though. The cold war hasnt really been explored in gaming that much.

I bought it because... well, everyone else had it at the time.

Nearly every person on my PSN friends list was playing it so I thought I would jump on the bandwagon.

What I was left with was a better-than-average story for a shooter, a decent multiplayer, and an okay zombie mode.

Treyarch did a great job of World at War, great campaign, horrible multiplayer.
I thought COD BLOP's would be the same, I was wrong, horrible close quarters on multiplayer, shocky texturing and one retarded campaign story... Manchurian candiate + fight club = a horrible story, despite that is was voted the best game story, oh god how I hate how people actually thought the whole schizophrenia double ganger is a good ending, Fight Club was the only story that pulled it off.

I didn't. My brother bought it though, so I'll pick up the second controller if I'm bored. It's not really my thing though.

A friend of mine bought it, and I borrow my brother's copy whenever said friend wanted to play. The only COD game I've ever purchased was Big Red One.

Multiplayer was alright. Much preferred Halo, another game I played with the same friend. Zombies was fun. Never played the campaign.

This can pretty much be said for every COD game since Modern Warfare. Borrow a copy, play multiplayer with friend, don't touch campaign, repeat.

My brother bought it.

I only played for the campaign.

I bought Black Ops? ...When did that happen...?
In all seriousness, I played it at a friend's house for the campaign. A few hours later after laughing hysterically at the ridiculous ending, I then went and played Modern Warfare 2's campaign again...also known as the one I actually liked.

Actually I skipped it. I'm not really a fan of Treyarch titles, and World At War was sufficiently ropey to convince me to steer clear of Black Ops. So I went on playing MW2 long after my mates migrated to BlOps. This is why I have no objection to Activision's 'one a year' release policy, because it means I get a new CoD game every two years. As for best selling game of all time? I'll be surprised if that record is still standing once MW3 has been out as long as Black Ops has.

Also, zombies? Great concept, but marred by two flaws. One: limited level selection. I had great fun with WaW's zombie mode for about 30 minutes, then got bored of the repetition. Two: Zombies. I'm sorry but mindless meat-sacks just running into my scope? No fun, gimme adaptive AI any day of the week. Terrorist Hunt in RS:V2? Yeah. Firefight in Reach? Yeah. Survival in MW3? Yeah. I don't have a problem with wave defence per se, but WaW/BlOps zombies? No thanks.

It has the best mutiplayer I've seen in the series so far. And the campain was really good. I bought for equal parts single and muliplayer.

'cause i wanted to shot people reel gud.

Seriously, that's why I bought it. Shooting feels real good in that game. You know, until I get sick of it after 24 hours.

The single player was surprisingly deep and the multiplayer was very fun.

I bought it because it was on sale and was set in a part of time nobody ever sets games in.

Wasted my money.

Don't see why I should buy Black Ops, I already have CoD4...

Had the chance to play Modern Warfare 3 last weekend on steam, multiplayer. Extremely disappointed. How can a game like that be so successful? It's just not fair in any way. I could barely tell the difference between it and CoD4, and quite frankly I barely played CoD4 either.

Battlefield 3 is much better on all fronts. CoD is like Counter-Strike if made by Hollywood.

I bought it for the multiplayer, as I wanted something that could last me a while until some better games came out.

I didn't, my brother did. The reasons he bought it were that he's a large fan of the CoD series and because that's about the only thing most of his friends ever play.

Splitscreen online multiplayer. And pretty good multiplayer at that. The sheer ridiculousness of the singleplayer storyline also served to amuse me for a time. But mostly the multiplayer.

I bought it because I got it on sale for like thirty bucks a few months after it came out, I only bought it then because I didn't have a multiplayer game for the PS3, since I usually play Xbox 360. I had a few friends with PS3's who were playing it a lot at the time, so I figured for $30 it gave me something to do with them.

I got it for the offline multiplayer. Living in the Mess we don't have good internet for gaming, but we do have LAN games and Splitscreen games!

Also the bot mode can be fun!

I didn't :eng101:

I didn't.
I tried the free weekend on Steam, and realized it was the worst online experience in my life, so I went back to good old TF2.

That one trailer with 'Gimme Shelter' by The Rolling Stones in it. And I've never played the multiplayer.

I never did. Never liked war shooters and I absolutely loathe any shooter on a consoles, to each their own.

I mostly got it for zombies, but I did enjoy the single player as well.

mostly for zombies, and partially because i wanted to see where they would go with a post-ww2 reznov. i was disappointed.

World at War was, in my opinion, by far the best Call of Duty game to date. it had relatively interesting characters and was sufficiently action-ey without being as formulaic as the last 2 Modern Warfare games (seriously, did anyone else notice the stuff MW2 blatantly copied from The Rock, one of the most formulaic action flicks of all time?).

jump to black ops and the soviet union is turned into the same generic Op For that's been in every other CoD game and most other modern FPSs as of late.

the heroes of Stalingrad deserved better...

I got it because I like MW2 and my friend coerced me to buy it.

Zombies and Single Player, i was terrible at Black Op's. but im really good a MW3 so yay

to see what all the fuss was about, having stopped paying attention to the series around CoD 3

Because I love COD, the campaign is always amazing, and the multiplayer is mindless fun

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