Poll: HD or SD?

So, quick question: do you play consoles on an HDTV?

I have a fairly large TV on my room, with an amazing inbuilt sound system. But it's not an HDTV. My sister has an HDTV on her room, and I borrowed it for a couple of months, and while the image is a lot better, the screen is much smaller, and the sound sucks.

And now I'm back to my old TV. And although I prefer this TV overall, I do find it frustrating trying to read the small text on games made for HDTV's.

So... how do you play it?

I haven't used a non 1080p TV or monitor for about 3 years now.

I find it very difficult to play on anything but an HDTV nowadays. I received my TV for my birthday last year, and haven't looked back since. It really is just a higher standard of viewing, and is rather difficult to go back to SD once you've seen true HD.

For example, I left my HDTV here in my dorm room over the Winter holidays when I went home, and was forced to use my old SD TV to play games on. Playing Arkham City on that thing was more of a chore rather than entertainment. I could hardly read any of the text.

Similar boat as the previous posters.

My amazing girlfriend bought us a HDTV about 2 years ago and I've not played on an SDTV since.

I still have an SD monitor but I only really play indi/retro games on my PC.

I finally upgraded to HDTV about a month ago.I honestly couldn't go back to using an SDTV now.

There's a lot of sixth gen and older content that is very difficult to get to look nice on almost anything that isn't a CRT, and the easiest sort of CRT to find is an SD display. Because of how aperture grilles work (specifically, they don't actually have locked-in native vertical resolutions), 720p models can also be fine for older content while simultaneously being good for modern console games.

I'd say it all depends, really. As a vague general rule, I prefer most newer games on an HDTV, most older games on my SD CRT.

Despite only getting my HDTV 2 years ago, I've been console gaming in HD ever since I bought my X-Box 360, about 4 years ago.

As soon as I got my 360 I connected it to an jury rigged system of old CRT computer monitor(s) and a Hi-FI for audio, rather than my larger SD TV as I didn't see the point of using a HD system on a SD display.

The ancient CRT monitors that had been collecting dust in out attic may have been half the size of my TV, but the difference in image quality meant deciding to use them rather than my TV wasn't really a choice at all, just the proper course of action.

Once the two 'junk' monitors died for various reasons (they were very old), I connected my 360 to my computer's CRT monitor, then when that died I replaced it with a 22" LCD monitor which I happily used for my console until I finally bought a HDTV (for it's own sake, to replace the old TV) and I could game in full 1080p via HDMI (as opposed to 1368x768 and 1680x1050 via VGA).

my TV is SD since its too old to be hd it is about 25 years old

I like HD, I really do, but I've got to save money at least sometimes, and SD is cheaper. HD doesn't give me enough bang for the buck right now.

I have a Sony Bravia 32" 1080P TV in my room that i use for blu-ray watching and gaming. I frikin love it (but that my be due to the fact that i seriously saved and cut back for months, to the point of forgoing lunch most days in order to afford it). I don't think I could go back to gaming on a SD TV, modern games are just not optimised for them, same with the films. For watching TV programs however i really couldn't care less if it was HD or SD.

My TV which I used to play my 360 on has a max resolution of 720p, while my monitor which I use to game since I have a new PC now is 1080p. So HD.

My TV's 1080p. I can't go back now. No way

HDTV has more information on the screen, how can I say no to that? I really can't imagine going back to SDTV now. Two years ago I saw God of War 3 on an SDTV...*shudder* Should be a criminal offence.

I don't think I would've bothered getting a current gen console if I didn't have an HDTV.

Wish I had HD but I have SD. O, what a rogue and peasant slave am I.

I do pretty much everything on my HD 40" now. I have it mounted right next to my monitor and just swap whenever I do anything that aint just text since windows text looks shit on it.

I only went HD about a year ago, before that I was really hesitant, thinking the difference wouldn't be that huge.

Turns out there is.

I was setting up my little cousins Xbox at christmas up in his room, and he still has the old Cathode Ray Tube type TVs. I actually felt bad for him having to play on it (first world problems, I know, blah).

I should mention my TV is a Samsung (something) LED 32" 1080p/i with a proper surround sound system. I'm kind of spoiled.


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OT: HD had that for a few years now. I think I could go back, but I can't say for sure. I can hardly take watching TV on anything smaller than 40 inches.

my HD died on me (circuitboard) and im using a 32' sanyo SD. please kill me.

I had an SD for a while (it was pretty big too) and I finally got an HD a month ago. 32" Samsung with 720p. Honestly, I don't see to much of a difference but that may just be because I use one eye at a time. (I don't see in true 3d either but I have periphial vision) I still like it and it is bigger.

My laptop is not full hd

but my television is also HDMI obviously.. it is a cheap LCD one though so no true black.

I do have an SD Sony Trinitron for the older consoles. Works a bit nicer on it and what can I say I like HD. I like Full HD..it works! More pixels, sharper content..if the content is streamed well :)

I Love HD. Though I'm a cheap man with only a 34" Tube style it does the trick and looks great.
It only cost me $40 used so it was well worth the price.

I remember taking the SDTV I had for years to university with me.

When I cam home for the holidays and used my parent's HDTV, I couldn't really see that much of a difference.

That all change when I went back to uni and started using my shitty old TV.

It was like I had eye cancer.

I could never go back to SD. I have my 47" HD 3D tv in the front room for all my film watching needs, and my 32" tv and 24" moniter (both HD as well =P) in my bedroom for all my gaming purposes. I would have the 47" in the bedroom instead or the games consoles in the front room, but there isn't enough room for it and i like to play games in bed xD

Was playing on a standard def TV until christmas... I think it was probably about 15 years old as well... I hooked up to the HD tv i got for christmas, and there was a slight drop in picture quality until i went out and got an HDMI cable for it. Now it's so clear I don't know that I could ever go back.

It's such a huge difference, it's not even funny. You can hardly read any text on SD most of the time and the HD picture is so much clearer and sharper. I don't see any reason not to use a HDTV when your hardware supports it.

HD, due to the 360.

First i switched to my CRT Monitor, and even though it was technically smaller, i knew i couldn't go back.

I switched to a larger LCD Monitor until i finally bought a HDTV some years ago.

Since then, i had to play Rockband on an SDTV twice and it. is. HORRIBLE.

EDIT: Funny, just two hours ago i heard a work colleague of mine complaining that Skyrim on an SDTV is unplayable due to text size. Gonna borrow her my old 360=>VGA cable, probably with a cryptic message about how "there will be no going back"

When i first got my PS3 i had a SDTV and i could not read any text in any game. Drove me insane. Had to have this crazy set p with an old HD monitor and some logitech speakers just to play my PS3.

HD everything now.

I bought my first (and current) HDTV after squinting my eyes out of my skull trying to make out the symbols in the security bypass minigame in Mass Effect 2 on an SDTV.

I've never owned an HD tv, we should be getting one soon which is about dang time! I recently went round to my mates who's parents just brought a lovely 3d tv. Playing Gears of War 3, in 3d, in awe.

It's such a huge difference, it's not even funny. You can hardly read any text on SD most of the time and the HD picture is so much clearer and sharper. I don't see any reason not to use a HDTV when your hardware supports it.

That is very much true. I'm holding off playing a couple of games until I can get my sister's TV back for a bit, or get a new HD tv, simply because, as you mention, the text is all but unreadable.

It is interesting to note, however, that some older games DO look better on an SD TV, for some reason that eludes me.

Even if those big old TV CRT's provide better visuals than HDTV's, most games have stopped supporting them a long time ago. I've been using a HDTV for a couple of years now.

I always game in HD. SD just doesn't do it for me nowadays everything looks so shit.

my HD died on me (circuitboard) and im using a 32' sanyo SD. please kill me.

Youre already dead, and in hell for that matter. Didnt the tv give that away?


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