What's the least shitty God of War rip-off?
1.4% (3)
1.4% (3)
18.7% (41)
18.7% (41)
Dante's Inferno
14.6% (32)
14.6% (32)
Devil May Cry 4
5.5% (12)
5.5% (12)
23.7% (52)
23.7% (52)
4.1% (9)
4.1% (9)
Stop trolling and get a PS3
31.5% (69)
31.5% (69)
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Poll: Least crappy God of War rip-off (on 360)

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I chose stop trolling because you said Devil May Cry is a God of War clone despite it coming out 4 years before God of War. So I can't take this seriously.

I would recommend Devil May Cry 4 unless you haven't played the others because this game nice gameplay but a convoluted storyline.

Dante's Inferno's storyline is good IMO but the combat is very lacking and repetitive but i think crappy puzzles are bad and much worst than DMC and GOW games.

From what I've heard Castlevania: Lords of Shadow,Darksiders and Bayonetta are all great games.

Both Darksiders and DMC4 are, as many people have rightly said, not GoW clones. However I would recommend them, I muchly enjoyed them.

Darksiders has a bigger puzzle element using various tools totally not stolen from other popular puzzle games. DMC4 is smarmy and batshit mental. If either of those sorts of things take your fancy then they're definitely worth a look.

Oh wow, either troll or most ignorant person ever. Devil may cry a Gow clone? more like God of war is a streamlined easy peice of crap modeled of the Devil may cry legacy and fame.



step up kid

If you're just after a game that's like God of War I'd say Dante's Inferno is your best bet. The other games in your list(though I don't know X-Blades) aren't very simular at all.
Go for Darksiders if you want a fairly lengthy and decent game. Didn't care much for the other ones.

Yeah devil may cry is not a Gow rip-off, and bayonetta is more a devil may cry ripoff.

Bayonetta is the funniest of your list in my opinion.

Surprised more people haven't voted DMC4, i really enjoyed it. It's not the best of its series but its definitely a fucking challenge if you play it on the higher difficulties, and there's a lot of different fighting techniques to play with. The bosses are really fun too.

*sees Bayonetta and Devil May Cry described as God of War rip-offs*
*creates face-shaped dent in table*

Are you fucking kidding me?

Dude you do realize that god of war is a devil may cry rip-off. DMC predates GOW by four years.
Any I vote for Bayonetta cause it was funny, DMC4 was good fun as well

DMC is older than God of War. I'm gonna pretend noone has pointed that out yet in this thread. Of course, GoW is better, but that's not the point.

And yeah, just get an emulator and play it on PC.
Whoops, that's illegal!

Castlevania: Lords of Shadow, I can't decide which I like better this of GOW.

Its such a beautifull game, with an interesting storyline, fun bosses and it can be pretty challenging to boot!

This is my favourite Castlevania game (I'm a terrible person I know) Starfox Adventures is my favourite StarFox game (Terrible person again, I know).

I still need to pick up LoS. Glad to hear it's fun though, and I loved Starfox Adventures too. Although I wouldn't call Castlevania a God of War rip-off because it was here long before GoW. Still from what I've seen of the game it seems to fit the bill.

OT: I'd just get a PS3, the exclusives including Uncharted, GoW, and Ratchet and Clank look beautiful and they're some of my favorite games, plus you can grab the Sly Cooper collection and speaking retroactively you can acquire Jak and Daxter, Ico, and Shadow of the Colossus too.

Combine Rustler:
DMC is older than God of War. I'm gonna pretend noone has pointed that out yet in this thread. Of course, GoW is better, but that's not the point.

And yeah, just get an emulator and play it on PC.
Whoops, that's illegal!

It's also impossible at this time, we haven't even finished a decent PS2 emulator that will play more than 20 games. Not to mention PCs are going to need a lot more power to handle PS3 games, what with directx, and OPENGL, cockblocking GPU potential.
..I sound like a PS3 fanboy and while I love Sony, I know when they do bad. I just want to assure everyone I'm fine with whatever console you play be it PC or dreamcast....Alright I do hate the 360 :(

So I've been wanting to try God of War for a while but I only have a 360 and I'll be damned if I cave in to those smug PS3 fanboys so I ask you: What is the least Shitty GoW rip-off on 360?

You are a 360 owner initiating a conversation by insulting PS3 owners. Sorry, who's a smug fanboy?

Look, most of the games you list are neither seriously bad nor straight-up rip-offs. Well, Dante's Inferno might be a rip-off, but DMC began before GoW, and Bayonetta is very much its own sort of action game. They're all good for fast, stylized action, so what art design and story trip your trigger? I went with Bayonetta, but you need the right sense of humor for it. DI was ok, but it suffered a bit from repetitive enemies, mediocre level design, and a huge missed opportunity to do something really outstanding with the storytelling. Didn't play the others because I wasn't interested, but they've definitely got their fans.

So I've been wanting to try God of War for a while but I only have a 360 and I'll be damned if I cave in to those smug PS3 fanboys so I ask you: What is the least Shitty GoW rip-off on 360?

Erm really? I think you'll find that DMC was around waaay before GOW.


Darksiders is a pretty sweet game. Nothing like GOW as it's more comparable to some of the Zedla games.

Psh, I don't see how so many people took that PS3 option. Though, obviously, if there was a PC option I'd take it. As for the least shitty game, I'd say Darksiders, I had a lot of fun with that. Dante's Inferno was a big FU at my fond memories of The Divina Commedia, but a relatively decent game. Bayonetta seems pretty charming too, though, as said before, it's not actually a GoW ripoff and more a DMC ripoff.

I'm happy to see that people enjoyed Castlevania: Lords of Shadows. While is not perfect, adventure is pretty brain challenging and combat is complex in a good way. Maybe the best GoW clone this gen, and the story is pretty interesting, and art is amazing. Not shitty at all.

As they say, Bayonetta is not really a GoW clone, but it's way superior.

So I've been wanting to try God of War for a while but I only have a 360 and I'll be damned if I cave in to those smug PS3 fanboys so I ask you: What is the least Shitty GoW rip-off on 360?

Devil may cry was released in 2001. While God of war was released in 2005....So God of war is a Devil may cry rip off. If you are going to use such terminology.
Also Bayonetta is closer to Devil May Cry than God of war...so it too cannot be called a rip off of God of war.
Darksiders is a rip off of alot of games however Zelda is the numero uno one. You get guns like Devil may cry in it...and a portal gun...like portal.
And X-blade is a crap rip off of Devil may cry.

So....the only choice of God of war rip off would be Dantes Inferno.....since all the others are not.

So rename this "least crappy Devil may cry Rip off" and youll have yourself an accurate list.

I went with Darksiders, because I enjoyed it. I liked Bayonetta far, far better, but I think that's more of a DMC rip-off than God of War (what with all the flippy acrobatic style combat).

CASTLEVANIA LORDS OF SHADOW. Not only is it an awesome God of War Ripoff, it's also an awesome Uncharted ripoff and an awesome Shadow of the Colossus ripoff. Plus Patrick Stewart!!!
But basically all the games you listed are awesome and in my opinion better than God of War. (Kratos is literally the most bratty protagonist ever.)

Calling all of these games god of war ripoffs is just objectively wrong, but you want a highly recommended character action game for the 360, Bayonetta is the way to go in my opinion.

I can't figure out how to vote on your poll. On the one hand, I want to vote for X-Blades just to mess with you. On the other hand, Bayonetta is easily the best of the bunch. Then again, I really do feel like I need to tell you to stop trolling, but I can't vote that one, because I wouldn't recommend buying a PS3 (certainly not for just one series). So, yeah, I didn't vote. Progress!

I enjoyed Dante's Inferno. Sure it was a terrible marketing deal and EA should be ashamed of themselves for all of what they did and it shamelessly rips off God of War in so many aspects it's not even funny, but the level design is nice, the monsters and bosses are creative, and the puzzles are pretty fun.

Yahztee is right about the health of the enemies though. Minor enemies have HUGE amounts of health on medium but easy mode they die after like one or two hits. Heck I went up to hard mode and it made me think there was a programming error because I didn't notice any change in difficulty from medium.

Allow me to sum up the final boss fight of bayonetta

Devil May Cry 4 isn't a God of War clone. If anything God of War is a DMC clone since the gameplay is so similar and the original DMC was around years before God of War. In fact, its third installment was released a few months after the first God of War game. Not saying it is, but its more feasible than the other way around. I'd say its your best bet, but it's not nearly as engaging if you haven't played at least the first game. Bayonetta's really fun to play, but if you're looking for a story, you're kinda screwed there. Dante's Inferno is the most like God of War. Except your character has morals and is doing it for his girl and not for petty vengeance. So one of the three I mentioned above.

Also Kingdom's of Amalur: Reckoning is a pretty good action game.

Buy a playstation 3. They aren't that expensive anymore and they can play blue rays.

Devil May Cry has been around way longer than GoW. Other than that, most of the rest of those were kind of lousy. I suppose bayonetta was the most technically competent.

1. Stop trolling. And, stop paying attention to fanboys they are asses on the PS3, Xbox 360, and PS3. I still manage to enjoy all three platforms.

2. Dante's Inferno or Castlevania: Lords of Shadow if you want a God of War clone. I thought Castlevania was the better of the two.

3. Devil May Cry 4 or Bayonetta, if you want Devil May Cry or a Devil May Cry clone. Both are excellent games.

4. The God of War series alone is a pretty good reason to just get a PS3 if you can afford it.

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