Games you liked but quit playing due to an (arguably) stupid problem.

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Persona 1 on PSP. I played the game as a teenager on PSone and was able to handle the first person map.

My taste have changed and I no longer can stand to look at the thing, even though I find the battle system unique and engaging.


Completely upgraded. Everything.

Still can't beat the final boss.

Mass Effect (1) and Dragon Age: Origins, because I loathed their sequels. LOOOOAAAATHED.

HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE x googolplex (yes, that is a real number, and it's f***ing huuuge!)

Mass Effect (1) and Dragon Age: Origins, because I loathed their sequels. LOOOOAAAATHED.

HATE HATE HATE HATE HATE x googolplex (yes, that is a real number, and it's f***ing huuuge!)

That's way more common that most people assume. Also I could never really get into Dragon Age Origins not because I didn't like it I loved it but I was bad at it and I always want to be a nice guy in games but I wanted to have a good relationship with morrigan. I don't think I need to say how that ended. Also indeed googolplex is a real number.

Gorilla Gunk:
I probably won play The Witcher because the main character looks like a twat.

I resisted playing the new Deus Ex for similar reasons.

Adam Jenson looks great imo, but he sounds like someone trying to do Neo and doing a terrible job of it.

Alpha Protocol - Played for 27 minutes, dropped it when I got to the shitty-ass, poorly-explained, MANDATORY hacking minigame!

Fallout New Vegas - Fallout 3 felt post-apocalyptic. New Vegas felt like a bad western.

Civilization 5 - "Well, gameplay is disappointing, but bearable. Maybe some DLC will improve thi- FIVE DOLLARS FOR ONE EXTRA CIV? FUCK YOU WITH A RUSTY SPOON!"

Never could get over the animus thing in assassins creed. I wanted to play a game as an assassin set during the crusades, not a guy being simulated into the era via virtual reality. Really turned me off and could never get into the story.

Just Cause 2... man was I bored, same missions over and over with that annoying voice!

I managed to play about 2 hours of Dead Island before I noticed I was bored as fuck and it wasn't going anywhere interesting. So I just put it back into it's case and never looked at it again

GTA San Andreas

Played it for about 3-4 hours but at that point I just couldn't take the ghetto crap anymore and turned the game off, never to turn it on again...

I'm considering giving up on Sniper: Ghost Warrior. I'm in the lighthouse (after the oil rig) and wave after wave of combatants are littering the little shanty-hideout. I'm only on Normal and I can't get past this part. Despite being higher up than they are and, a couple hundred meters away, they're still able to take me out in seconds with their AKs. It's a common problem in some FPS titles I know but it's annoying as all hell and really disheartening.

The Witcher, I tried to play it but I can't stand white long hair men.

Dead Space. Loved the intro, created an interesting atmosphere. Kind of enjoying it.

Got to some area fairly early on and they told me I had to go and get a key to open a door. Basically 'go fetch this to get through there'. It just sounded like such a load of bullshit. Like they were trying to stretch out the game and get me to walk down another corridor and back. I felt like I was being lied to by the game. I knew I didn't need the key. It didn't fit with the flow of the story to suddenly send me off to find a key and I hated that my character happily accepted it (after just returning from another fetch quest). It destroyed all the tension the game had built. It was just such bullshit I quit right there and never went back. My gamer score for that game is and always will be - 5.



2) The save points. I know that sounds truly stupid, but for some reason whenever I tried to save, it would take at least 5 minutes. It seemed like my PS2 would go at the speed of a 15 year-old computer with thousands of viruses and 10 programmes open at once - aka, veeerrryyyy slloowwww. It often resulted in saving under different slots rather than overwriting the same data. The game would work fine after going back into gameplay again though - it was JUST saving that was slow like that.

Just out of curiosity, were you using a 3rd party memory card? I had the same problem with Guitar Hero III, and it turned out that it didn't like the "Mad Catz" memory card I was using. Of course, I wasn't about to replace a perfectly good memory card for a mediocre game, so I guess that becomes my entry onto this list. :)

Actually yes, I was 0.0 Thats the problem?? So strange, its the first game to do that. But yeah, Im not gonna buy a new memory card just to play it =P

Crysis 2, due to the constant barrage of tips and advice which pause the game to let you hear monotonous crap. Also how you get spammed with tips when you stay in one location for a while, as you do when you're searching for ammo and such.

I stopped playing LA Noire because I couldn't stand Roy Earle. It's pretty rare for me to quit playing a game because of an annoying or loathsome caharcter, because games usually tend to give you an option of beating the motherfucker up or have terrible things happen to them. I don't know what happened to Roy because I lost interest in the game as whole. Loss of interest + Characters that make me grind my teeth = No profit.

Hoo boy, if that's what caused you to quit then you're really better off not knowing what happened to him.

Shadow of the Colossus, first time round on PS2. I was about 13, and had no sort of logical thought process. Holy SHIT the fourth colossus took me an inordinate amount of time to work out. With the benefit of retrospect and sex-o-vision HD graphics on PS3, I appreciate it a lot more.

Any game without autosaves. God of War, Sims, Dragon Quest, Dead Rising etc. They've all crashed on me and I've lost hours of playtime because I forget to manually save, doubly ironic in the quicksave age where all I end up doing in games is spamming quicksave prior to every fight (Dead Rising 2, particularly)

Borderlands, I'm playing it through for the second time and I'm up to the Secret Armory on playthrough 2. The enemies are scaled fucking absymally for one thing, so unless I'm ploughing through in co-op (which thanks to Sky's hideous connection speeds, I assure you I will not be) I essentially have to sit and grind until I'm overlevelled.

I could never play Global Agenda because they didn't allow numbers in usernames :P
Xorph was already taken and I wanted Xorph64, and refused to take anything else

Infamous 2
I was somewhere between 50-75% finished and EVERY time I retry this main mission, the game freezes and I am pretty sure that caused my save file to be corrupted, I can do EVERYTHING else but I cannot go on in the game because of one bugged main mission needed to further the game. I love the Infamous series to death but /shrug

Demon Souls just because I am not good with that game

ME2, after completing the first area after the tutorial, I got lost in space and had no idea where to go so I just sorta ignored the urge to replay it and see if I can go any further.

This one is like saying the sky is blue and I know it has already been mentioned but for me it was Rune Factory Frontier with the bleeping Runeys. I Really loved the game. It was so immersive. Everything about it was fun for me with the leveling up, the farming, and of course those crazy ladies. I was just soaking up the fun. The Runey balancing just wore me down in the end.

BUT this story has a happy ending. At the beginning of this year I noticed an iPhone app out there called the runey calculator that was supposed to let you handle the runeys much easier. I took a shot in it and bingo I am playing the game again. This thing really lets you handle the runeys pretty easily. It dies take some data entry and actual runey colkection time in the game but is so much easier with the plan that the app provides. This game that I desperately wanted to stick with was brought back to life for me. I am loving it 100% now.

Monster Hunter Tri just likes to laugh at me, so I refuse to give it the satisfaction.

Look, when someone tells me to go and find some Ore for a sword, I'm going to assume it's in a mine. Perhaps a shiny rock has this rare Pelagicite ore? Or it could be hidden in this interesting looking mountain? Finally, after hours of searching lead me to give up, I stumble upon this Pelagicite Ore at the bottom of a freaking lake, and only then am I told I was looking for coral. The material's only called 'Ore' because it can be ground up and used WITH ore. Had you have told me it was coral, I could have found it and got back to the 5% of the game where you actually fight things. You know, instead of ferrying lumps of stone about in the hope of stumbling upon it in a heavily infested mine.

So, yeah. I just didn't like the way the game spoke to me, basically.

I would say it is Gothic 3 with its random "WHERE IS THE GURU?" crash becaus the game was RAM eater and couldn't get enough. It would always choose after a big battle, right before i save the game... I can stll hear the game laughing at me.

Monster Hunter Tri .... So boring, it is (i might be offensive and I am sorry about that) game for those crazy coreans who find it fun to kill 150 times the same monster to get 5 bollocks of randomnes. It also feels extremly empty (well the wii hardware deosnt help).

And i the last one is FF7, it is just too damn ugly for me, it would of worked better for me if the characters look more like the mincraft models than having toothpick size arms, huge boxe hands, it looks like an unatural love between a stickman and tetris.

Spyro the dragon. I played those games religiously, until half way through their PS3 life, cant remember the name of the game, but they turned spyro from a loveable huggable cartoon dragon into a badass motherhumper who rips through stuff. I didnt like that, how could they do that to him.

For about 5 games he was not the spyro I knew, he was a fraud. That made me quit. They have made an effort to change him back of late but what a rubbish effort it is, skylanders: Spyro's (so called) adventure. Where the main character isnt even spyro and you have to buy the stupid statues from the money grabbing game developers to move on to the rest of the game.

I am annoyed at them for ruining my childhood hero, spyro, i shall miss you.

I quit on Rune Factory Frontier because of the Runey system. I think aside from runeys it is the best of the Harvest Moon genre, but the Runeys killed it. That was until I found the Runey Calculator on the app store. It takes care of what the developers should have. It gives a way to manage your runeys without having to work so hard at figuring what to do. It made the game so much more fun. I picked it up again and finally did what I wanted to in the game.

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