Fanboys or Anti-Fanboys - Whats worse?
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Poll: Fanboys or Anti-Fanboys - Whats worse?

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We are all guilty of being a fan boy. Something we love, whether consoles, games, films, music we defend. Some defend more than others, going abit over the top by swearing, threatening or arguing over pointless topic because your passionate about it. I understand this. But the anti-fan boys i dont get, those that hate a certain game (Halo? Pokemon?) and will attack and argue and complain about it as much as, or more than, the fan boys. But will always call those that defend the game as "fan boys" as an insult even though they themselves are putting the same amount of time and energy over something they don't even like. That makes no sense at all.

I guess some would call that being a troll, but some put so much effort into their arguments that you know they legitimately hate the game. But I wonder why they bother to argue? Why is it so important that they want other people to hate or love a game? Is it because they can claim superiority over a person that hates/loves the opposite of you and by proving all their reasons for loving a game wrong that it shows they are retarded for liking that game or music in the first place?

What do you think? Is it a simple case that people like to argue online, to be proved right all the time and not just accept that others have different tastes themselves.

They're both a bunch of morons. A game will never be as bad as an anti-fanboy thinks it will be, nor will it ever be as good as a fanboy believes it to be.

What the hell is an anti-fanboy? I'm guessing it would be the opposite of a fanboy , meaning a normal gamer?

OT: fanboys , because they will defend what they are fanboys of to the death while dismissig any "justified" criticism. Even if what is being said against is true , they will not listen . It is almost impossible to have an intelligent and/or meaningfull discussion with them , because they don't respond well to anything negative being said about what they are fans off . Thats why i think fanboys are evil . Note that a "fan" and a "fanboy" is not the same .

Copy pasted from the exact same topic made by that otherguy

I dont know.
I don't mind people loving their chosen game, (though me and my boyfriend can never mention Halo because I don't like it and he totally loves it), and I think everyone has some sort of fanboyism in them and it just depends how you express it. If you are just squeeing over new stuff in your game, you're fine by me, but if you go flaming people because they don't like your chosen game, thats what I dont get.

People who hate others for being fanboy/girls is just silly though. Hating someone for enjoying something is just mental (unless the thing they enjoy is setting dogs on fire... or Twilight.)

What the hell is an anti-fanboy? I'm guessing it would be the opposite of a fanboy , meaning a normal gamer?

A troll more or less. Someone who trashes the game when they have no real care one way or the other to rile up others. Otherwise, it's someone who might actually have a real beef with the game and will stop at nothing to make sure that you hate the game as much as they do.

I personally find anti-fanboys slightly worse (in the sense that it's a kick in the teeth versus a punch to the gut). At least fanboys have a legit reason to be who they are; anti-fanboys are just assholes.

Unlike fandoms, hatedoms occasionally engage in critical thinking, write funny rants (both intentionally and unintentionally), and don't do any of this fanfic/fanart absurdity. So yeah, anti-fanboys and anti-fangirls all the way.

I'm fine with either so long as they have some actual reasons and justifications behind their arguments. I'd have to say that 'anti-fanboys', as you call them, are marginally worse because there aren't many things you can justify actively opposing. Twilight is one of the few things I'm cool with being hated so viciously.

Oh, that's really easy - just look for a shouting match between the two. AND RUN! RUN, I TELL YOU!

I personally lean toward "anti-fanboys" but both can be just as bad. In fact they are. I remember when I read Harry Potter (the first book). I thought it was nice, really nice and I was wandering why some people hated it. And then I saw some fanboys (and -girls, but I'm going to refer them as the other term). In the face of my friends. Oh they were so annoying that I regretted ever telling them I've read the books. A girl from my class read the first book ten friggin' times. In a row! That goes beyond dedication and into creepy territory.

But anti-fanboys...gah, I don't like them either. Especially when they haven't seen the work.I have a friend who hates the Harry Potter books because he finds them boring, tedious and childish. Also, he had only seen the spines of the books (at my bookshelf at home). However he loves the movies because...I don't even know but somehow they are not the books, hence are better. That kind of logic you can find in anti-fanboys. And that doesn't make sense. Heck, even the Church tried banning the books (or spoke against them, I don't remember exactly) and they had no idea what the contents was.

I'm only using Harry Potter as example here to keep a similar theme, but I could use all sorts of things that has fandom/hatedom. Even if one is less extreme than the other, neither is reasonable enough to be call "better".

If I had a choice only between the two, I would prefer the fandom.

Ironically, I am guilty of being an anti-fanboy of Oblivion and find them more annoying. I am well aware the stupidity of that statement, by the way. Seriously, I think Oblivion is a new low in the gaming market to be received as well as it was. I won't go into an explanation, but my speaking out is more against the fact it is so well received than against someone who likes it. I like Tropico 2 so I can't judge anyone for their tastes. I can, however, judge a game's merits or faults.

When I speak out against the game, I always try not to speak ill of anyone who enjoys it. I am perfectly fine with someone bad mouthing Arcanum (A game I am a fanboy of) so long as they don't say something like "Anyone who likes this crap is clearly retarded." If they can keep the criticism to the game, and not those who enjoy it - it in no way bothers me. I may take issue with a vague unsupported criticism here and there but that has more to do with the structure of the criticism than with the fact that they have criticism.

However, this is probably all irrelevant as I am, from my perspective, the exception that proves the rule in this case.

Well to paraphrase Dara o' Brian, I would put all the psychotic fanboys and all the dedicated haters from all the fandoms I am in, tie them in a sack and beat them with sticks and I will not worry about who gets more of the stick.

what I'm saying is that I voted both

I think that anti-fanboys are, in there own right, a type of fanboy. They are both annoying and they basically just rant about how good or bad a game/console/whatever is. The worst in my eyes are PS3 v 360 v PC fanboys, and CoD v Everything else fanboys. However people who are anti-fanboys for any of these are equally bad. In my opinion "GTFO CoD fanboys go play a real game like BF3 or you're a 12 year old squeaker" is just about as bad as "WTF are you doing on BF you fag, play CoD and do TRiiK SH0TzZzZzZzZ". In short I think they are both equally bad.

Anti-fanboys are far worse than fanboys because while a fanboy's behavior may treat a game like it's the greatest thing ever, they're mostly inert unless provoked.

Anti-fanboys actively look for something to tear down and they intentionally cause arguments,provoking the fanboys to jump in. This just makes bigger arguments.

Anti-fanboys are just downright destructive, while a fanboy does little more than promote his favorite product.

Say if I love something, and I meet a fanboy for that something. We can discuss and squeal over that something.

Say if I hate something and I meet the anti-fanboy of that something. We can... take a dump on it together? They both involving preaching to the choir, but being positive together nets better results than hating it together. It's rather embarrassing for example when I see two atheists ragging on against the bible to each other; even though I agree with every point they make, it's kind of pathetic really.

In short, it's a question of what I'd rather do; do I want to rag on something and be left with negative emotions, or do I want to meet someone else who likes Yuki Kajiura and squeal like a small child while jumping up and down?


Anti-fanboys are just downright destructive, while a fanboy does little more than promote his favorite product.

Also this.

Edit: Did a certain lovable ME3-obsessed poster who is totally not a fanatic trigger this thread per chance?

RJ 17:
A game will never be as bad as an anti-fanboy thinks it will be.

Unless that game is Prototype, in which case they would be absolutely right.

I find fan-boys to be worse.

I just can't understand people to be so charged about a single thing.

At the very least with anti-fanboys, it tends to be a trend or something more general, like, DLC in general, or something like that.

Rarely do Anti-fanboys hate something extremely specific.

Taken to extremes both are as bad as each other when they will defend their point beyond all logical and reason and when everyone else gave up caring.

Definitely anti-fanboys. For three reasons.

1. They go looking for an argument more often than fanboys. This may not be true in all cases, but in my experience, an anti-fanboy is more likely to explain to you why something is crap than a fanboy is to explain why something is Jesus. They try harder to bother you.

2. Fanboys are at least positive about the subject. I know they are annoyingly positive, but I would rather have someone bother me by telling me something is great than by telling me something is shit.

3. It is easier to hear something you hate is good than it is to hear that something you like is bad. When a fanboy extols the virtues of a game you think is bad, it is easy to shrug it off as differing opinions. At the very worst, you think they're just wrong. When an anti-fanboy tells you that something you like is bad, it feels much more like an insult. It starts to feel like they are insulting you for liking something so bad, and it is much harder to ignore.

Im going to say anti-fanboy since I see more of them here than any actual "fan-boys"

all that angry hate just gets..annoying after a while, at least fan-boys are postive

also I think "aniti-fanboyism" is more accepted or seen to be more of a "correct" way of thinking

Fanboys are annoying. Not the end of the world, but defending something even when it's, ya know, ridiculous, is kinda silly.

Anit-fanboys are more annoying. Except when they arent.

See, in my mind, it is fine to vehemently oppose something, even it has good points, if that thing is harmful to culture/society/a specific group's psychology. In that case it should be shouted down and fought tooth and nail and all those other dirty tricks.

Case in point? Twilight. What a horrible horrible series. It's views on women and relationships are so... just... AWFUL that even if it was the best written series ever *snort* I would still oppose it for what it stands for, how popular it is, and how damaging it can be.

I dislike both:
Fanboys: Everything I like is correct and you have to be stupid not to realize it-- let me rub it in your face until you understand.
Anti-fanboy: Everything you like is wrong and you have to be stupid not to realize it--let me rub it in your face until you understand.

Parallelism is a useful literary tool for comparing similarities.

I dislike both:
Fanboys: Everything I like is correct and you have to be stupid not to realize it-- let me rub it in your face until you understand.
Anti-fanboy: Everything you like is wrong and you have to be stupid not to realize it--let me rub it in your face until you understand.

Parallelism is a useful literary tool for comparing similarities.

Yeah, this basically. Everything in moderation people! Live and let live! The only things that really bug me are transformers and twilight. Because people keep giving it money so more of it is made and it is POISON.

What annoys me most is the anti-fanboys who are actually fanboys themselves...for example all the battlefield and cod fanboys constantly flaming each other.

As both a Brony and a Mass Effect fan, my opinion may be just a little biased, but I have to say Anti-Fanboy.

The reason I believe this is that, when dealing with regular fanboys, it easy to avoid them, they crop up in certain discussions, and certain forums. ones that, if you know what to look for, are easy to avoid. Oh you will come across them accidentally from time to time, but if you tell them, "I totally respect that you enjoy [insert object of fanboy's love]," they will usually leave you alone. However, on the opposite side you have the Anti-fanboy, someone who has such a deep loathing of something, that they feel the need to hunt down every discussion they can find about said object, and insult or otherwise try to invalidate someone's enjoyment of it, usually by spouting the same goddamned argument over and over again.

Just take a look at any Mass Effect or Pony thread on any forum, there will always be someone who took the time to click on the thread, knowing full well what it was about, for the sole purpose of trying to insult the people who -dared- to enjoy something they didn't. Because, as we all should know, they are the ultimate authority on what is acceptable to like, right?

In conclusion, I picked Anti-fanboy because they are unavoidable, you can avoid or appease a Fanboy. but the only way to get rid of an Anti-Fanboy is to not like whatever he is hating on, and since -everything- that has something someone likes has an opposite person, the only solution would be to hate everything.

Hmm, got a little ranty, but I stayed on topic, so I'll leave it.

anti-fanboys i find are far more annoying as there only state of being is that of hate while fanboys can at the very least enjoy their show enough to say stuff about it and i can be down with that.

unless we tip the scales into extremity, then i hate both sides

Either extreme gets very annoying. Damn them both.



Fanboys are happy and stupid, they love their game. Leave them to it. They will usually stick in there forums having a nice little circlejerk.

Anti-fanboys will invade other peoples threads just to tell them how annoying they are and how much they hate that game. They are unhappy people. They are the ones with the real chips on their shoulders.

On the one hand you have people who think a game is better than every other game.
On tother you have people who think that a particular game is worse than every other game.

So yeah, I stand by Anti-Fanboys being worse.


The real problem is they are usually one and the same. To find out what I mean start a thread titled "Which is better? CoD, Halo or MW3?" Halo fans, being the least insane out of those three groups, rarely fall into the anti-fanboy grouping these days. It would be a hilarious thread, with the CoD and MW3 fanboys tearing each other apart only to make the occasional truce to bash the Halo Fanboys.

So, my point? Anti-fanboys are more annoying than fanboys but some fanboys become the anti-fanboy of everything that is not there game.

And I should totally make that thread.

Truly going to have to go with "anti" being the worse... More often than not, they judge things by the cover, and they almost ALWAYS go by hear/say. Given a certain subject, you'll notice they will all have the same argument. Really makes me feel that they can't think for themselves.

Granted I hate certain things myself, but at least I've given said things a chance and figured out WHAT IT WAS that made me dislike them. However, I'm not going to go about bashing some one over the head just because they were able to look beyond the faults and found joy out of it.

That's what really makes it ridiculous. People spending their precious free time sitting around trying to piss others off by telling them what they like to spend their free time on is nothing but shit.

That shows nothing but a lack of understanding on the subject, and more or less, insecurity. Really at the end of the day it's no ones damn business what you decide to do with YOUR free time. So when some one tries to belittle you because you found joy in something they didn't. That's truly pathetic.

((Twilight and Justin Bieber are exempt from this rant... 8D))

How about anybody who can't manage to discuss things with people they disagree with, without a modicum of decorum and maturity? There has never and will never be anything in the realm of video games that should cause so many people to go off on hate filled rants.

I have to say anti-fanboys, just because of Zeel. Anybody who has been on any of the Mass Effect 3 threads knows who I am talking about.

I voted both.

There are the people who hate everything popular purely because its popular, and the people who like anything popular purely because its popular. Both are idiots.


What the hell is an anti-fanboy? I'm guessing it would be the opposite of a fanboy , meaning a normal gamer?

A troll more or less.

You know trolls get a bad name, all they want to do is live under a bridge and be left alone (and eat the occasional human who tries to cross said bridge)

OT everyones different, the problem with that is when you love something you don't want to hear someone saying its crap, however you have no problem in moaning when the tables are turned.

Both, equally, for the following reasons:

The Fan-Boy: will defend something to the death, despite possible obvious flaws. Frequently, they are unable to face these issues due to it having nostalgic or extreme sentimental value to them. At times, civil discourse is virtually impossible as they refuse to acknowledge any of your valid points.

The Anti Fan-Boy (Troll): can sometimes be so prejudiced against something without any real substantiation. Maybe they hate it because all their friends talk about it incessantly leaving them out of the social circle at times. Maybe they despise it because that's what they've been led to believe through 'trusted' reviews, peer pressure etc. Or they could just be dicks looking to incite anger amongst the masses.

Either way, they're a pain to deal with.

I think of myself as a star wars and mass effect fan boy. However i understand people have different views and don't think everyone has to agree with me

Thank God you included an option for both, or I might have ended up staring at that poll all day.

They're both morons and I'd rather have nothing to do with either of them. Although the ones I really can't understand are the anti-fan boys, esp. the ones who take the time to familiarize themselves with every aspect of the game/movie/tv show/IP/franchise/whatever that they hate just for the sole purpose of hating it. What a waste of time and energy. I suppose props for not wallowing in ignorance, but I still have to ask why would you bother? For arguing online? Again why would you do this? After all it's only one of the most futile activities known to human-kind, second only to pushing a really freaking huge rock up a really freaking huge hill.

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