Best Bargin-bin games you've played.

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We've all been there, walking through a game store or a Wal-Mart or something and you find a big bin of games all for $10 or less (surely there is some equivalent of this for non-US Escapists, just games that they're selling for dirt-cheap). You browse around the selection and find a game that mildly piques your interest. Price tag only says $5 so you figure why the hell not.

You take it home and pay it and while it certainly doesn't dazzle and amaze you (or maybe it does :P) you've gotta admit that it is a decent little game that you're actually glad you picked up.

I'm wondering what bargin-bin games you've gotten for really, really cheap and actually enjoyed playing, thinking it was well worth your $5 or whatever.

A good example for me is Tenchu Z. I had always enjoyed the Tenchu games, and when my local video rental store was going out of business and selling off all their stuff, I found Tenchu Z for ony $7. As mentioned above, I figured "why the hell not?" and picked up the game. Took it home and really enjoyed it. My only real complaint is the lack of levels. There's only like 7 or 8 maps that they reuse over and over again for the game's 50 missions. That said, however, I really liked the challenge of scouting and scoping out the place first, finding which guards are watching which direction, analyzing the defenses to find the weak spot where you can pick off a guard and put a crack in the wall, so to speak...ultimately from that first guard kill you can work your way around, stealth killing everyone, until it's time to take out your target.

So what bargin-bin games did you get that you found surprisingly fun to play?

P.S. On an unrelated note, I finally grew a pair of testicles and beat Mass Effect 2 on Insanity. My previous attempt at doing so ended with me going to two weeks of rape therapy...but my problem was I was loading up an already completed playthrough of ME 2, meaning that while I started out on a higher level, since I had no upgrades I might as well have been shooting a slingshot at my enemies. Loaded up a character from ME 1 and found it to be not overly challenging at all. :P

I doubt many will beat this.

I bought MGS3 for 5 years ago after hearing it was "fun enough" and seeing 10 seconds of MGS2 VR footage while flicking through a PSM2 DVD years before.

My body was not ready.

I know I got a hell of a lot of play out of Dirt 2 for a game that was on massive discount on Steam... so probably that.

Dunno if this counts, but I got a free copy of Darksiders with my copy of Bayonetta to make up for them running out of Climax Editions. Was worth it in the end. $130 for two new games is fucking sweet.

EDIT: That's AU dollars.

Got an older Gamecube game I-Ninja for like $2. One of the best hack n slash games on the system.

Got Space Pirates and Zombies on a Steam sale just before Christmas. I paid like $2.50 for it. It would have been a steal at twice it's full asking price of $9.99

I got The Sabateur from a bargin bin for a tenner, that was one of my favourite games I have played!!

Also looking at Dungeon Seige 3, which from the title sounds terrible, but was the most fun me and my sis had in coop for a long time! (Since BG:DA2 in fact!)

I picked up Forgotten Realms: Demon Stone for five bucks. Not a great game by any means, but it had its share of awesome moments, including playing as Drizzt and defending Mithral Hall.

I doubt many will beat this.

I bought MGS3 for 5 years ago after hearing it was "fun enough" and seeing 10 seconds of MGS2 VR footage while flicking through a PSM2 DVD years before.

My body was not ready.

Well, I have picked up Bully, Hitman: Blood Money, Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory, and Chronicles of Riddick for (around) 7 bucks each. Beat that!

Yeah, I do this all the time. Sometimes they are just good, sometimes they are fecking incredible. I guess I just have really good taste. <.< >.>

Deus Ex: The Conspiracy for the PS2. $5 bucks.

I was blown away by how fun it was, considering I felt human Revolution didn't live up to it's massive hype.

I only really buy games from the bargain-bin these days. I'm on a budget.

Star Wars Battlefront 2 for about $3.
I think I got about $300 worth of fun out of that game.
-fond memories-
You know what? I'm going to re-install it and play it some more!

Picked up Spider-Man 2 for the xbox on the way out of Walmart once. Total blast and a half for five bucks.

Picked up both Nightshade and Shinobi for the PS2 for 10USD together.
Local game story was trying to get rid of a lot of stuff.

Both games are balls to the walls hard, and a LOT of fun.

I doubt many will beat this.

I bought MGS3 for 5 years ago after hearing it was "fun enough" and seeing 10 seconds of MGS2 VR footage while flicking through a PSM2 DVD years before.

My body was not ready.

Bitch please... I got Stranglehold for 2.99 most fun you can have at the price of a happy meal and a McFlurry.

I got Crackdown 2 from work for free (since I had a fantastic performance over the Christmas period). I played the original to death a few years back, and I'm greatly enjoying number two - it's more of the same but just finely retuned.

I got the game called O.R.B for 5 bucks, i figured what the hell it might be all right. but it turned out to be one of my favourite games, it is a delightfully complex and relatively unique 3D strategy game.

I did this all the time after the release of the 360 brought the price of all original xbox games way down.

I guess the ones that really stand out for me are:
Psychonauts ($12)
Armed and Dangerous ($5)
Phantom Dust ($3)
Rogue Trooper ($5)

Damn good purchases all.

I've picked up so many discounted games on Steam, but I wouldn't really consider any of them to be "bargain bin" games. However, if I had to choose one it'd be 'Killing Floor', that game is incredible and it only cost be about 2 dollars.

Also, I picked up 'Beowulf: The Game' on Xbox 360 for about $6 AUD, a few years ago. I never completed it but I enjoyed the few hours I spent playing it.

I found an unopened box for Halo to the PC under a shelf at Walmart. They didn't carry it in stock on the computer so just gave it to me for a 99 cents. Still good multiplayer with a lot of people even though its sequels are out.

$130 for two new games is fucking sweet.

Are you in Australia or NZ, by any chance? Because if you're in the US, I think I have a bridge you might be interested in buying. ;)

Rome: Total War was the best €5 I've ever spent (all those hours I would have otherwise spent doing boring things *shudder*), closely followed by Neverwinter Nights for the same price.

I bought Planescape: Torment for 3 dollars as part of a double pack with Pool of Radiance way back when. What an amazing find that was. I probably never would have discovered Torment until much later otherwise.
I discovered Arcanum the same way.

Lost Kingdoms II for about 3, worth more to me as its one of my favourite games.

Bioshock 1 for 5 bucks off steam. Never looked back.

Baldurs Gate collection for 10 on Amazon last year, ZOMG!

I'd already played the first BG to death many years ago, but then I get an expansion pack aswell as BG 2 + another expansion! DOUBLE ZOMG!

Just Cause 2, $10....500 HOURS OF GAMEPLAY!!!

That is a game I can just continually replay, always on my active games list.

Bought a star wars game "Republic commando" for 10€ and I really enjoyed that tactical First person shooter, was fun and a bit challenging too.

I grabbed a copy of Deus Ex GOTY edition a few years back, $10, hard not to call it the most played game I still own, even working almost flawlessly on machines made long after it's last patch (it handles widescreen resolutions better then some of the new games I have)

$10, years of fun, still works straight from disk. hard to beat that I think.

Got the first Mass Effect for like, a tenner.
Not quite as good as I remember being in retrospect, but still a great series.

I doubt many will beat this.

I bought MGS3 for 5 years ago after hearing it was "fun enough" and seeing 10 seconds of MGS2 VR footage while flicking through a PSM2 DVD years before.

My body was not ready.

indeed, i say you get the win. MGS3 is so good i've bought it six times, and am going to buy it a seventh when the 3ds game comes out

my biggest surprise from a bargain buy came from Banjo Kazooie Nuts 'n' Bolts
The most fun i had from a bargain bin purchase would be a tie between Red Faction Guerilla and Mercs 2
But the overall best game would be when i picked MAG up again. I loved the demo, and hated the released game, but one day i saw it on sale for five bucks, and i thought, "fuck it"
the intervening patches and rebalances have made it awesome again

Hard to say. Thanks to CDRojekt being the distributor in Poland pretty much most of the 1-2 year old titles get a 2in1 promotion for total of 10-12$ every now and then, bought plenty of games that i didn't considered worth the full price at release like that as well as some I simply didn't have money/time for at time of their release.

Think best deal I made, few years ago, was getting Company of Heroes+Both Expansions+Supreme Commander for total of 15$.

Terraria, during the Steam Holiday sales. I think it was something like 5 euros. Also Super Meat Boy for about 2,5 euros. Not too bad, if you ask me

*deep breath*

Shin Megami Tensei: Digital Devil Saga 2
Shin Megami Tensei: Lucifers Call
Global Defense Force
Crimson Sea 2

A billion ps2 games

Bioshock and Bioshock 2

When I re bought a PS2 I picked up Wild Arms 3 on the recommendation of the stores JRPG nerd for about 5 bucks.It was packed to the gills with puzzles and things to do; plus Virgina Maxwell is second only to Terra in my list of favorite Female leads. It is one of my favorite non-SMT JRPGs.

Speaking of SMT, I picked up Persona 3 FES for about $15 which for everything they pack into that game is a damn steal for that price.

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