Lookin For LoL Mates

Simply put I need to find some people to play League of Legends with. Mostly because Solo-que is damn near driving me insane, its gotten to the point where I want to play but get FAR too frustrated in game. (to those in who have go into solo que you probably know my pain)

Anyway All im looking for is a few people to play with and have fun, not entirely serious but to have a good time playing without giving myself a headache.

Im on the NA server by the name of Eefell.

Would join you but I'm afraid I'm on EU West :(

And yes, Solo Queue is one of the worst things to do on LoL, especially Ranked Solo Queue, because your ELO depends on the random teams you get put with, not mainly your skill in the game. Also most of the time the random people you get put with are pitiful people that rage at anyone and everyone all game and normally blame everything that goes wrong in the game on other people, most of the time when it is their own fault.


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