Poll: Would A Choose your own adventure be a game you would be willing to play?

Currently I'm in a java programming course and I just learned about if then else statements which allow a program to execute differently according to a specific input and I asked my professor who said that its possible to make a choose your own adventure game, where the player is given a scenario and some choices and the story progresses from there. I was planning on doing it just for a few friends and myself but I was just curious to see how other people felt about it.

So one like those books where I would pick one but hold my place just in case I didn't like what happened? HECK YEAH LET'S DO IT!

I would not be interested in that at all (don't let that stop you from doing it of course; it's a good beginner project).

I just find that they usually have that "Adventure Game Logic" where the correct decision is what the developer thinks; not what may be the actual thing. There was this zombie game that was like that and one decision was "run on foot" or "get on the motorcycle". My choice of motorcycle was wrong because he tried to start it and it failed to start. Evidently my guy was also an idiot because instead of abandoning the bike right away and running (my personal choice), he sat there for a few attempted starts so that the zombies could catch him (the developers choice and since it's their game, my guy gets eaten).

Now in the CYOA book, I could flip right back to where I was. In these games, you're usually forced to start over from the start.

I dont plan on having instant death scenarios, I was planning more of a mass effect style where the choices you make take the story in a completely different direction rather than just end and force someone to start over. for example if there was a robbery you could either try and stop it, rob the robber, help the robber, or ignore it and the story would carry on in a way unique to your decision rather than simply send you back to the start.

I has one of those old choose your own adventure books

you had to search for your freind in the bermuda triangle

alot of the outcomes were really horrfying, especially the ones involving aliens

I would be willing to give it a bash, just do something small an quirky to see how people respond to it.

Maybe make it a Minecraft mod so people aren't just chewing on dry text through the whole thing, and incidentally Minecraft is also made in Java so you can get a better insight into things.
Learning while having fun, it's just win all around.

Absolutely, I love these things.

Real men use implied if's and excepted elses'.

But seriously, yeah, I love CYOA games.

I assure you that you'll be sick of if-else statements within 1 hour.

My only experience of a CYOA book was one I read when I was much younger, and I got stuck in a loop mid-way through where the only thing I could do was walk down a hallway, enter a room where a man was sitting inside, he'd knock me out and I'd wake up back at the hallway. So as long as it was well designed I'd give one a go.

I thought those kinds of games already existed and were called 'visual novels'?

I like visual novels which are basically the same thing, so yes. I'm all for it.

EDIT: Looks like I was beaten to it D:

The choose your own adventure system works fine for books. You know, how the story gives you a couple of options to choose from. But on a computer, I'd suggest making a proper text adventure instead. One of those where you actually type in what you will do. It'll be a lot more difficult to make, but also more interesting to play. Just make sure you don't get into the "you can't get ye flask" situation.

I understand that making a text parser might be too much, but there you go.

Hrm. A visual novel that's not necessarily a dating sim? Sure, why the hell not?

Well, i'm currently playing through (and loving) Katawa Shoujou which is kind of the same thing. So why not?

If it is good then sure ... Hope its better then Facade.

Yeah I might play it if it's written well enough, has hilarious death scenarios and a "hold your place" function because let's face it everyone does it.

Though don't make a two paths scenario have both paths lead to unavoidable death. Run away? Die. Hold your ground? Die in a slightly different way.

Holding my place... IT DOES NOTHING!


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