Microsoft Xbox needs to die.

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You seen to be confused by the idea that owning a disc with software is any different than downloading it from the internet.

...Christ, I'm dreading the rest of this message already. I get the frightening feeling that at some point, reality is going to be referred to as "meat-space." But here's to hoping I'm wrong.

I can actually put steam games on to discs, external drives or flash drives for personal use.

There's no Steam stipulation about the copying of games onto external storage devices? Huh. Didn't know that.

The fact you bought a disc at the store means very little and doesn't change anything except how you feel about. you agree with me, then? About how I, personally, prefer ownership of a physical CD over the purchase of a game of equal content over a totally digital medium?

Edit: In fact, it's easier to prove I own a license of a game on steam should anything happen. If you lose your disc or it breaks what can you do? Damaged disc, sure you can return/replace it but lose it? Try going to the game store and see how that works out. Don't bother saying "Well I don't lose my discs/break them", no shit. Things happen and things get lost. Steam game gets corrupted or uninstalled? I just re download it, no questions asked. The ability to retrieve my game from anywhere anytime is worth far more than a stupid plastic disc.

Fair enough. Allow me to provide a counter-example:

You manage to piss off your patron developer, and you get the right to download/play the games you bought revoked. And unlike your hypothetical scenario that required me to become careless with my discs, you can get banned from Origin (whose terms of use agreement is virtually the same as Steam's) and lose the right to play the games you bought because someone put your name in a post that the moderators of their forums thought were inflammatory.

So yes, maybe I might be careless and lose a disc. That's my responsibility. But I prefer whether I can play a game or not to be my responsibility rather than being subject to the whim of a glaring clerical error.

!= means "not equal to" in C code by the way

As opposed to =/=, which is the same thing, but for everyone else who doesn't feel compelled to show that they know C++.

Since you seem so convinced that something as material as a sliver of plastic makes anydifference in how you receive your games, I would suggest you go out and buy a spindle of DVD's for those games you have on XBLA, PSN or when things start making their transition to digital. Don't want you to start feeling scared.

Remember that example of a game I gave earlier? Note that it was a specific, full-priced game. Your poorly-worded insult about buying XBLA games is about as applicable as telling me to go put my emails in a mailbox because I like sending things via the postal service from time to time.

Also preemptively ignoring you since I'm tired of arguing about how a stupid plastic disc makes any difference in software purchases that you have no ownership over anyway.

Ah, there it is. The sign of the anti-Luddite, so convinced of the boons of technology that anything that uses physical objects must be evil and destroyed. I suppose I should also burn all my books and get an e-reader, right? Maybe skip the whole 'Christmas Card' thing and send out a bunch of emails with dancing Santa .gifs attached? Or even better, screw analogue photo albums. Who needs them when I can store hundreds of thousands of pictures on a flashdrive?

HAHA! YESSS!! I can't belive I'm the first one to get to post this!

Seriously, I don't get these threads.

OP and everyone who's getting their knickers in a twist over this:

"WAAA!! WAAAA!!! People like different things to me! That's wrong! Wrong I tell you, WROOOONG!!! WAAAA!!!

I can't believe our community still has these petty console wars. Does it really matter how you experience your art as long as you get it? You don't get film enthusiasts arguing over who's using the best T.V. screen. This is just pathetic. If we, as a community, don't start growing up about this, maybe we deserve what we get from Faux news and the like.

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