Mass effect 2 > Mass effect 1

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I prefer mass effect 2 and think its better in almost every way, but can see why you prefer and think the first one is better.
Are you okay with this poster of the escapist forums?

... what?

Am I okay with you having an opinion? GOD NO YOU HEATHEN I DESPISE YOU AND ALL YOU STAND FOR.

But no, seriously... what?

I agree.

While I enjoyed ME1, these days I basically think of it as "that game that makes ME2 more fun to play."

Although I will concede that the first game had a conceptually better (but poorly executed) story line. However, the second game more than made up for it with its infinitely superior subplots. Jack, Mordin and Legion had stories that were leagues better than the entirety of ME1.

Also, as boring as planet scanning was, at least it wasted substantially less of my time than driving the fucking Mako around empty palette-swapped mountain ranges.

However, I'm still not quite sure about the purpose of this thread. Is this one of those, "Opinions! Deal with it!" things?

eh, I miss exploring planets like I did in Mass Effect 1

Its a I've been listening to a lot of mass effect 2/bioware hate recently and its midnight and I am tired and decided to post it.

Eh, I miss the RPG elements that 1 had.


Joking but seriously though... ME2 is probably my favorite game of all time.... but yeah you liked it too lets party!

No I'm not okay with this.

I ought to fucking kill you.

I prefer the first one.
The Story was better, it had more really epic moments than Me 2.
In Me 2 it was just the last mission.

That is true! Yay!

Yes the planet exploring adds some freedom and a sense of epicness into it, but fuck me it's boring.

The cover system and A.I. were superior in 2. The RPG elements were superior in 1. From what I've seen, the weapon system in 3 is superior. What I want is 2's combat, a mix of 1 and 3's leveling system, 1's weapons and armor with 3's mod system and weight mechanic, and no
global cooldown on abilities.

What a horrible opinion you have.
You better change it because it's incredably important that you share my correct opinion.

I'm fine with you holding that opinion. From it, I would guess that you played the Mass Effect games on an Xbox 360. I personally can't stand trying to play a shooter with thumbsticks, and I played the Mass Effect series on PC, using my mouse and keyboard.

I found Mass Effect 1's combat, storytelling, RPG elements, exploration, and explanations of in-universe lore superior to that of Mass Effect 2. I enjoyed driving the Mako, I preferred the cover system that allowed you to move in and out of cover seamlessly and wherever you wanted, rather than the one that only allows you to take cover behind pre-scripted chest-high walls or doorways (and required a specific button press to move into or out of cover). The second installment, however, contained better-written dialogue and more memorable characters.

They both had their ups and downs.

Mass Effect 1 had a better "feel" to it, I liked the level of inventory customisation, I dunno it just felt right despite being technically a lot worse. The story was far more coherent.

Mass Effect 2 was arguably better, but also in a way much worse.

It's confusing. Both games are great in different ways.

This is one of the few situations where I have to agree; the sequel was better than the original - but only just.

The let down which could have put ME2 head over heels on ME1 was the loyalty missions. While they were optional, not doing them cut down on possible game-time and doing them got a bit tedious near the end. I got the slight impression they were just stretching out the game a bit. couldn't they have spiced them up a bit by making it more than just "doing a favour for your squad mates"?

Don't get me wrong, both games were exceptional and I am thoroughly grateful for them, especially ME2 for being on 2 discs, over a cut down game on one, and it still being retailed at the normal super-expensive price (making it feel actually worth it more-so than other games) but I was a little disappointed with the method of achieving loyalty. Seemed timid.

My only real issue right now is: why isn't arrival severely discounted/ftp now ME3 is around the corner and it picks off right from ME2:Arrival? This actually bugs me more than the day 1 From Dust DLC; but only if From Dust was conceptualised after ME3s development so it hinders nothing from the core game itself.

...So am I missing the point here or is it one of those things like the trick-image where if you look at it right you see the hidden image? I personally enjoyed the first Mass Effect more than the second and am somewhat disappointed that the third seems to play more like the second than the first. I think at this point I can safely say I prefer the lore more than the gameplay since I've gone back to the books more often than the second game. Neither are perfect of course but that's just my own perspective.

The only problem I have with the poster is the lack of specificity; What precisely is it about Mass Effect 2 you prefer to the first? The widened cast, the greater emphasis on combat, the paragon/renegade acts you can engage in during certain conversations? I'm curious to know and I know I'm not the only person who is. Please, elaborate.

No burn it with fire and don't ever have a different opinion to another person on the internet again even if they are being contrary just to start a fight.

It plays a lot better in Combat imo, and i didn't care for the Inventory in ME 1 anyway, but i preferred the Story and Moral Choices of ME1.

Both are really great though

I liked Insanity a lot better in ME1...mainly because it was pussy.

I agree with the OP, As I thought ME 2 had superior gameplay(ME1's turned quickly into a clusterfuck for me), Difficulty(At about the 3/4 mark or so, you'd essentially be running around with guns that never fucking overheated, and combine that with biotics being ridiculously powerful in ME1, and most encounters start becoming a joke. ME2, while not kicking my ass 100% through, still kept a more even and challenging difficulty throughout.),and ME2 also ditched certain things I despised(Mainly the weapon system and weapon mod system, which both ended up just as much as a clusterfuck as the combat devolved into). As well, I found that the story's were about equal, and that the Mako and planet scanning were about equal as well.

Hooray for opinions!

... That is all.

Nah, you are free to have any opinion you want. Even if it is blatantly wrong. Which for the record yours is.

Both have it's own identity, i felt like ME1 was more Star Trek OS/TNG and 2 was like StarGate Universe/Firefly.
Or to put it, the first one was a sort of clean old skool sci fi adventure,
and the second a more gritty one.

I like both, just ME1 a bit more,
i missed Liara, strolling on Citadel and a kickass Faunts ending theme in 2.


In all seriousness though, I have to agree. No Shitty inventory, no trolley driving and the fact that you could include your Shepard from before and have the decisions from before be brought up! It was fantastic.

I prefer Mass Effect 1 I had a lot more fun with it hope we are still cool tho. ME2 felt like it was having an identity crisis although I like the characters a lot more in the second (except Grunt, Wrex was way better).

but planet scanning is < Mako exploration, they must have brainstormed hard to be able to pull that off.

Okay, I'll help you get more forum badges and reply to this one.

As some wise prophet said in the BioWare forums before it went all mad with rage and blatant fanboyism: Mass Effect 2 is a better game but Mass Effect 1 is a better experience.

ME1 was definitely better in terms of an overall experience for me. The story was just inherently better since ME2 was the mid-point of the series. That is it has neither the advantage of opening or closing that the other two games are allowed.

That said I enjoyed the combat more in ME2. Certainly glad they got rid of that horrible vehicle. However story/role playing is more important to my enjoyment and those parts were not quite as good.

Yep, the second one was definitely the better game. I didnt miss the heavy RPG elements from the first, they felt out of place anyway.


Fuck that thing, seriously.

ME1 let you drive around on The Moon... Your argument is invalid.

Lol jk.

ME2 was better than 1 I think. As soon as I got on the Normandy I hunted for the Mako and was far too happy when it was suspiciously absent... Almost as if everyone's collective hatred for it willed it out of existance.

The build up to and execution of the final mission was freaking impressive, the loyalty missions were done well and had variety, the overdone leveling system was stripped down, (A tad too much, would like the Charm/Intimidate bars to pour all my points into but eh whatever.) The bullshit inventory is gone (again a bit of overkill to completely remove it rather than just cutting it down, may be fixed in ME3) and Space Batman Garrus is back!

All in all it's just better than the first one. Now all we need is a council to repeatedly cut off at the end of every mission.

Sure, I'm ok with it. Even though Mass Effect 2 A: turned Liara into a complete monster and B: Miranda.

They're so cute when they're young and still innocent.

Look at that! He's got a little opinion, like us!




I mean, Yeah. Mass Effect 2 is a much more competent shooter, and Mass Effect 1 was a average RPG. Story is always the strong point of the Mass Effect series.

The Wykydtron:
(again a bit of overkill to completely remove it rather than just cutting it down, may be fixed in ME3)

This, they removed features instead of fixing them.
Mechanically ME2 plays better, looks better and all round is better than ME1 but i cant help but miss the stuff they took out.

The plot/lore also had alot more holes in 2 than in 1 and i think the lack of a coherent threat from a villain didnt do much for the pacing, yes the collector general guy has some cool phrases but he ceases to be a threat when you kill his puppet for the 5th time.

I think if ME1 had a bigger budget to make the Mako exploration and side quests less dull then ME1 would probably be a better.

And for anyone celebrating the removal of the Mako, well driving around was replaced with scanning.. i know which i'd rather have.

1 was better, I'm driving a mako right now, I really am! Ok, I was lying.

I preferred Mass effect 1 simply cause you had more then two weapons and overall the game was better.

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