Poll: Help me choose a game

Fellow Escapists, can you help me choose a game? The games I'm intrested are Bioshock and Psychonauts, but can only buy one. Can you tell me, from your experience (if you played both), which should I buy?

The specifications from my computer are:
-OS: Win Vista SP2
-Processor: 2GHz
-RAM: 4Gb
-Graphics hardware: Radeon HD 4500

One last note, please don't turn this thread in a "Bioshock/Psychonauts is superior because X, Y, Z", this is just a recommendation thread.

Psychonauts would be my recommendation, although both are good games.

Both are good games, and both can be enjoyed "just for fun" and by people who love to "overthink" their games. What are you in the mood for? Moody, steampunk-ish, Ayn-Rand-heavy fps or cheeky, quirky third-person action with less emphasis on flow and more interest in wildly varied level design?

My personal preference is for Psychonauts, but hats off to Bioshock for truly stunning sound design (other details are good, but the sound is brilliant).


But my opinion is bias (I havn't played Bioshock)


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