When was the last time you jumped into a new IP head first?

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So i was going through gift cards in my wallet to find a $25 GameStop one, so after a comb through their $20 and under games, I decided to get RAGE. Currently it is shipping to my house. This is the first time I can remember buying a new triple A game that isn't a sequel or the same universe of anything in quite a long time. Indie games here and there I have played lots of, and sequels of course, but I think I am going to welcomely embrace the return to the unknown of games. The feeling of learning new mechanics, weapons, story.
And for the question try and keep them generally to non indie games, as there isnt really any risk in buying them.

For the question: When was the last time you have bought a new IP triple A game, without much research?
And a follow up: Did you enjoy the investment/Was it worth it?

That would be Kingdoms of Amalur.

It was incredibly meh. Not terrible, but also not interesting enough to bother finishing. Shame, because there were one or two glimpses of potential in there.

I probably would have been better off with Call of Duty 9.

Kingdoms of Amalur is my newest IP, as well as my latest game.

I enjoy it, has a boring story that I don't care about but it is very fun.

About two days ago, I bought Kingdoms of Amalur. I also bought Rage when it came out. I can't honestly say I regret either one, but I also can't say that they lived up to their crazy, sky-high potentials. Although wingsticks are some of the most fun I have ever had with a single weapon in a videogame. They are freakin' awesome.

Sonic Generations. I have never played a single Sonic game besides a bit of multiplayer Adventure Battle 2 that my brother owned. It was 10 bucks and its probably the best Sonic game out there at the moment. Plus it has some pretty intense moments. The funny thing about it is I DESPISE furries, so it was a bit hard to pick up a game with characters the furry community gets all hot and bothered over. I was the better man and pushed aside those stigmas for a surprisingly good platformer.

p.s. I am terribad at Sonic games :(

Kingdoms of Amalur I heard it described as how Fable should have been. I thought it was fun.

Skyrim, I've never tried another Elder Scrolls game but damn, the game just looked so good in all the promotional media. It just fired my imagination and that's quite impressive seeing as I am not really a lover of the fantasy genera.

Fallout 3, never tried another fallout game, I'd never even herd of fallout before.

Mass Effect, it was the box art that drew me in. It just looked epic...and it was. I think I may be one of the few people on the planet who actually think that the first game was almost perfect. Tighten up the shooting mechanics a tad, tweak the A.I. and make inventory management a bit more intuitive. Then IMO it'd be up for a nomination for the BEST.GAME.EVARZ! award.

When was the last time? ...Yesterday.

I do it almost every day. I like new things. I got The Guild 2 off steam. Started it right up.

Any new IP, I'm usually interested in it. Except adventure games.

Probably The Witcher. Apparently my mileage varied compared to others.

Before that I think it would've been Alpha Protocol, which I found enjoyable enough.

Kingdoms of Amular. I tried the demo and decided to go out and buy the game because why the hell not?

I am not dissapointed yet although I am having trouble getting through it since I keep swapping between my 3 different characters.

Ive really been wanting to try Kingdoms of Amalur

but I know better...what with my backlog and the fact that ME3 is coming out..I said I wouldnt buy any new games untill I was done with ME3

Eddie the head:
Kingdoms of Amalur I heard it described as how Fable should have been. I thought it was fun.

I'm with Eddie on this one. As a general rule I don't replay RPG games especially the Fable-esque games, but this one will be in my PS3 at least until ME3. Had to admit, didn't see the end coming.

And it has the best job in the credits.

A few days ago I bought Asura's Wrath. Beautiful game, definitely worth it.

Borderlands and Deadspace would be the ones. I had only heard bad things about the games, but I found Deadspace for 30 bucks (hey, it's Australia - that's cheap down here) and figured I'd give it a go. Borderlands was the GotY edition for 45 bucks, so I picked it up and played the hell out of it.

Now I adore both games (Deadspace less so since Deadspace 2 - biggest problem with perfect sequels is that they make the prequel less amazing.) and am eagerly awaiting the next installments of both (Borderlands 2 this year, Deadspace 3 when it's out).

I love new IPs, but i tend to inform myself about...well, most games.

Closest to jumping head first lately would be Quarrel on Xbox Live Arcade last month, wich i bought after playing the Demo only knowing that Eurogamer likes it.

Zak & Wiki, Madworld, Professor Layton, Ace Attorney, Hotel Dusk...

I do it a lot, actually, but I can't think of a time I've regretted it.

I am always interested in new IP more so than rehashed IP. In fact, I wish we'd see a lot more of it. I won't hesitate to check out a new IP. Sometimes it bites you in the ass but its better than playing a sequel for the 50,000th time.
The most recent one for me was Kingdoms of Amalur. Its decent, my only major gripe with it is that the game is beyond easy. I am playing on hard and I take off all my gear sometimes just to make it harder and I still cannot die. I never even need to use potions. Its just so easy to mash through everything that it makes it unsatisfying when I take the time to stealth or use some different tactics.

Last one that comes to mind right now is Dark Souls.

The next ones im staring intently at on the release list is Asura's Wrath and Dragons Dogma.

lately, Kingdoms of Amalur
get this, I preordered it on my local retailer 3 days before release, and it will arrive 15th March, and won't have any of the preorder bonuses
yeah =P

before that, probably The Ship*, 7554, GunMetal* and Arcanum: of Steamworks and Magick Obscura*
*these are old, yes, but they are still a single stance =P
you know, no sequels or spinoffs or even revivals

Last original IP I really got into was Dragon Age Origins. It was fun and challenging with an interesting storyline. I couldn't ask for more.

Dead Island, what a piece of ARRRGH! I really dislike it if you can't tell.

The last new IPs i bought with hope that they would be something interesting were Dead Island and Brink, i was very wrong.

I'm not including indie games, i've played tons of those in the past several months, the majority of which were cheap and more enjoyable than most AAA titles

The first title I just dived into was Mass Effect. It sounded interesting, and I gave it a whirl.

Now, 14 playthroughs later...

I actually really enjoy new IPs, and I'm sick and tired of sequels and re-hashes being the only thing that publishers are willing to fund these days. The latest was Kingdoms of Amalur for me as well, but I also have a bunch of indie games and games from lesser-known developers like Divinity II, Risen, Killing Floor, the S.T.A.L.K.E.R. games, Torchlight, and Trine. All of which have been well worth the time and money, IMO.

I just bought White Knight Chronicles II the other day. I'd be lying if I said I'm loving it but it's pretty decent.

Excluding sequels, I'd have to say Okami. Well worth it. Money very well spent

Oh hells, the almighty Hard Reset. Almost as hard as a female body builder's compressed breast implants but just as much fun.


Hm...Skyrim was the latest game that was brand new for me, but it's part of a series. That also eliminates Deus Ex: Human Revolution. So I guess it was Dark Souls. And I did not like that game at all.
So the last game that was not part of a series (or was the first in a series) that I truly enjoyed was...I think Alan Wake. That's one that I went out and picked up. inFamous was free, as was Dead Nation (both free because of the PSN hack), so yeah. I think Alan Wake was the last game that I knew nothing about, went out to buy, and fully enjoyed it.

Alan Wake.

Not a single regret. It became one of my favorite games (and now with American Nightmare one of my favorite franchises).

Crusader Kings was the newest IP I dove into, even though I'm very familiar with the Europa Universalis games, so it's not ENTIRELY new, but I've been having one of the best experiences as a gamer since Mass Effect 2 came out.

Before that, Darkest of Days was the latest new IP I tried, simply on the premise alone. It was enjoyable enough.

Sol Exodus was the last IP I dove into, as I sort of missed the space combat sim. It was alright, but short, and a little repetitive. Considering it was only 10 bucks, I'd say that it was a good investment.

Alan Wake.

Not a single regret. It became one of my favorite games (and now with American Nightmare one of my favorite franchises).

This. I bought it on a whim the night I got Red Dead Redemption (same release day). Best whimsical purchase ever.

Kingdoms of Amalur would be it. Amazing game, that.

Latest was LA Noire just finished it about 3 weeks ago.

New IP Triple A? Does it have to be of such high standards? I'll take it more loosely.

Okami I guess? That was forever ago and doesn't qualify under "not much research". I've already seen the loving adoration it got long before I bought it.

My brother picked up Dead Space and Mass Effect himself because he gets into those buying binges for hyped up games. Mass Effect was an amazing choice. Dead Space is nice, but ultimately much more his thing than mine. He also picked up Alan Wake himself, but we were a couple years late so that probably doesn't count either.

I got BlazBlue Continuum Shift a few months after it came out if that counts (may not because of Calamity Trigger). I know I'm missing out on plot because I haven't played CT. Missing plot in a fighting game. Who knew? I was into Street Fighter at the moment, but completely sucked at it. It probably was the major reason I'm into fighting games now though. I thought I just needed a change of pace, and BlazBlue delivered nicely.

For a real real example: Deathsmiles. Never played a CAVE shooter before, but followed Touhou religiously. Got it a month or so after it came out. Still can't 1CC it. Good game, but the subject matter can never be discussed with your friends since the genre is too niche and difficult and because of the protagonists.

On a final note, picked up Persona 4 half a year or so ago because of Extra Credits and all the love it gets on the Escapist. Love it to death. On the path to pick up any Shin Megami Tensei game without a second thought. Most recent was Devil Survivor on the DS which I haven't even started because I'm still playing Persona.

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