Mario Party 9

After about 5 years since the last Mario Party game in the series was released on the Wii, it's only a few days until Mario Party 9 will be released (EU: March 2nd, AUS:8th, NA:10th). And yet, i hear nothing from anyone about it. Is no one at all excited for this game? Or at the very least interested?

So fellow escapists, I want to know what your opinion on the Mario Party series is.

Do you like the series?
Which game is your favourite?
Are you excited for the next installment? Why/Why not?
Is the Yoshi always the best character, no exceptions?

And to answer my own questions:

I love the series. Its been one of the series I've grown up with and enjoyed countless hours of playing. I never had a Gamecube, so i never played 4-7, but i have played the Advance and DS installments.

The 3rd Mario party game has been my favourite. The 1vs1 dual maps, Shy Guy games, and Rare items are just some of the gameplay elements that made that one stand out.

Personally, i am VERY excited for it, which seems to be the minority among what i have seen across forums and youtube alike. I know most of it is people that are skeptical of the new movement system (The "All players move together instead of separately" thing) But i think it looks well implemented alongside the new map design, Boss battles, Captain system, and co-operative elements.

And lastly, yes, Yoshi is the best. At all times.

So, discuss.

Well i can safely assume that the response to this thread is an indication of how much people care... Or maybe its just that all my threads fail.

*goes and checks other made threads*

Oh.... yeah... it must be just that.

Well its hard to get excited for a mario party game, really when you've played one you've played them all. I actually do really like the games, but I never feel inclined to go out and purchase them, just play them at others peoples house. *Though I havent played a mario party game in a few years haha

I honestly haven't played them enough to have a favorite, I mostly just played the first 3 when I was younger, and yes I was always Yoshi, the best character obviously :P

I haven't played a Mario Party game in gosh who knows how long. Mainly because most of my gamer friends aren't into it and it only really comes up at parties. I prefer cards to group video games like that anyway.

Not terribly excited, no, but I would try it.

Mario Party...? Wait, that still exists? Last one I played was on gamecube and featured a shitty mic.

Mario Party 3 was my last mario party. So, no, I'm not really excited.

MP8 was my first and will be my last. I used to have faith in what Nintendo could do with their games, but recent history shows they have no fucking clue what they are doing anymore. I suppose MP8 wasn't awful considering what it was, but since the Wii has been plagued with games similar to it, MP9 couldn't possibly be any different or better.

Me and my friends actually are such cool people that we used play mario party marathons...
I live a sad life.

But anyway, we've kind of become more respectable people and have taken up other interests. And we're going to throw that respect away when this game comes out.

Since none of us are really willing to go down $50 on a piece of shit mario party game, we'll probably all go in on it and play it once.
Winner gets to keep the piece of trash at their house.

Nintendo sanctioned shovelware... can't say I'm all too giddy, maybe if I was 5.

Me and my friends actually are such cool people that we used play mario party marathons...
I live a sad life.

Me and my friends did the same. It is a nice party game but it doesn't need more then 1 version on a system. So next version i will be getting will be a WiiU version.

In university I would get drunk with my friends and play MP7 occasionaly.
You gotta admit, the series kind of ran dry on the idea front.

I have MP4. It was featured in a couple of house parties a few years ago. To be frank, I think the game is shit. I think Penny Arcade accurately did a joke in the vein of: "Got the least amount of stars? HERE'S SOME STARS!"

It's full of bullshit, and it's not very fun.

So number 9 already? Rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrreally don't care for it.

I liked Mario Party 6 and 7 but I heard terrible things about 8. Apparently it sold poorly because the yearly releases stopped after 8. I read that MP8 didn't even have widescreen support, that's pathetic.

Maybe the cost of 3 extra Wiimotes is the reason nobody cares about Mario Party anymore.


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