GAME not stocking Mass Effect 3

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To be fair, if they're going down the shitter im surprised they're even giving away £5 gift vouchers.

Anyway im really disappointed about losing my CE that ive had pre ordered for 8 frikkin months -.- but i saw this coming when i noticed that last night when it had mysteriously vanished from their site... still its pretty annoying.. and now im gonna have to do my physical game purchasing from HMV which are always over priced =[

Dude, get it from, it's about £64 on there. Which is about roughly the same as what GAME were selling it for. I've ordered a copy from there.

I know how you feel though, had my copy on pre-order since August. They are bound to lose a lot more income from not stocking it frankly. =/

Yeah i preordered from there just after posting, thanks though... and it actually works out about £5 cheaper.... Still i was pretty worried given that before today everywhere was sold out.

Even though im actually saving money because of this, its still a massive slap to the dick. Plus the preorder bonus isnt as good (in the grand scheme of things that doesnt matter but still)... Oh well.

While the pre-order incentives might not be as good, considering a lot of UK gamers just got screwed over, it's a small loss. A lot of people have had this on pre-order well in advance just to be case and a a fair few of them (myself included) were probably loyal customers of GAME for years.

From what I can tell now, the N7 edition is now sold out everywhere. I can't imagine how many people are going to be disappointed by this, if you were lucky enough to get a fresh copy on order then treasure it, because I'll bet finding another one that isn't on eBay at a grossly inflated value will be impossible.

I know some might blame EA for their own greedy polices, but the fact this isn't an isolated incident and other pre-orders got canceled makes me wonder if GAME have been in decline for sometime or if something has come back to hit them now. If the rumors are true then Gamestop might be able to save them, but would that simply be a deal with the devil?

Either way, as I've said before, GAME probably won't be lasting much longer.

Well fuck.

I can't even summon the energy to be annoyed, there's just sadness.

I can't even play ME3 until I go home for Easter but I wanted the N7 Edition for the artbook etc. I guess the (awful) silver lining is that I'll get the game cheaper as I now have no choice but to get the standard edition. Yay =\.

Yep. First they ditch my preorder of The Last Story. Now I find I'm not going to be getting the N7 Collector's Edition of ME3, because it's sold out everywhere already. I'm going to ring around a few HMVs and Blockbusters tomorrow morning, but I doubt I'll find a copy.

Very angry and sad right now. =/ Time to wave goodbye to GAME and leave it to it's fate, I think.

Well I've looked into it and the Australian Branch of Game are stocking it. My pre-order is safe!

Game has been pretty bad for the last decade or so. I stopped going there because of how expensive they were compared to other game stores and online. I'm actually kind of surprised they've managed to stick around for so long, but I don't think they're gonna be here much longer especially if they pull more stuff like this.

For anyone still trying to hunt down the CE I've just managed to place an order for the PC version with Blockbuster. As it stands right now all three versions are listed as available to pre-order. Perhaps they've received/been made aware of more stock? Dearly hope they're not just getting my hopes up to dash them later, quite expertly.

Also seems to have PS3 versions of the CE available, but not the others.

Whatever the case it seems that it might be worth it to keep checking the webstores and then acting quickly if you can!

Yeah, I got caught by this. Luckily managed to bag a CE on, about 15-20 minutes before they were sold out. I placed my pre-order back in october or september. It was a real dick move to wait one week before release to tell people they're not selling it any more. Lot of people will have been screwed over.

Hi every one im new here but just to give every one who wants Mass Effect 3 collector's Edition XBOX 360, it is now avalible to pre order at HMV retail £69.99

hope it helps

Browsing GAME's website while wondering what to spend my £5 voucher and £5 worth of GAME Points on, I noticed that most of the triple-A titles from the last few months are out of stock as new.

That's my last purchase from GAME sorted anyway.

Amazon for me. Still has the Argus Rifle pre-order item listed. Glad I saw this thread as I rarely check my email. for me.

Phew. :)

Hi every one im new here but just to give every one who wants Mass Effect 3 collector's Edition XBOX 360, it is now avalible to pre order at HMV retail £69.99

hope it helps


I got my email today about cancelling my pre-order, they say they're giving everyone £5 on their reward cards and refunding any deposit so it's ok but I'm just happy I've been able to get my debit card so I'm quite happy that I can still get it online now, all I'm saying is if HMV hike up the price then it's really gonna screw up gaming in this country

doesnt bother me, because im not buying the damn game., but im still glad this could be the end of game.

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