Wow I just dealt with the most rude tech support ever for sony

This breaks even the xbox tech support which was horrid (they called me a liar)

So I just downloaded corpse party for the vita (originally on the PSP) and I've been getting a little touch screen settings menu pop up randomly (can't figure out how to activate it i've touched the screen and pressed all the buttons) but when I least expect it bam it pops up, well since its VITA tech you would assume its a problem with the VITA since PSP didn't have touch screen and they added a little settings touch menu that can't be closed

Yeah I can't close it

This is one of the worse designs ever for a settings menu, not being able to close the menu.

So needless to say the menu pops up randomly and I can't close it

So I have never had a problem with sony, they have fixed many problems of mine before. So I call them up.

First I get some dude who hangs up on me when I tell him that my vita is having touch screen problems and I can't close a menu, I call back and get some 12 year old sounding girl who I give my info and try to make small talk with. She asks me if I have wifi or 3g and I told her 3g but i don't use it since its so expensive, she then says Well yeah but 350MB is ONLY 15.00 a month.

OH MAANNN WHAT A DEAL, I CAN WATCH ONE MOVIE or 5 YOUTUBE VIDEOS WITH THAT. I told her that I would burn through that in like 3 days and she laughed AT me.

ONLY 15$, What a hoot. I can pay 60$ and get a year of xbox and watch youtube on that. I can pay 80$ and get unlimited data with any other provider and watch youtube OR netflix on that phone. + Unlimited talk and text.

I said yeah that sounds like a terrible deal which is why I don't use the 3G, she then precedes to ask me what the problem is and I tell her, she says in a very sarcastic tone that it isn't their problem and I should probably contact the people who made the game, YEP A PSP GAME HAS A TOUCH MENU GLITCH WHERE I CANT CLOSE THE STUPID TOUCH SCREEN AND SHE WANTS ME TO CONTACT THE MAKER INSTEAD OF TRYING TO HELP ME.

She then says in a sarcastic voice if i need anything else today, I say no and hang up.

I have never ever met with such stupidity from a tech rep who doesn't know how to do her job, she didn't look up ANY solution, she didn't try to see if there was ANYONE else having the problem

She just told me to contact the people who made the game, and its obvious whoever converted it over to the PSvita is the one who put in the touch screen and I'm assuming its Sony themselves.

I tried to tell her that and she make some weak excuse how its not her problem and that was that?

So I really want to ask if anyone else has had this problem and if they know how to fix it, there is an X in the upper left hand corner but when I touch it it won't close.

Sorry for the bad grammar I'm not very good with the English language.

I just bought a 50$ PSN card too, what a waste I am on the verge of hating Sony now.

I should also add that the company is not a TRIPPLE A so I doubt that I would get ahold of anyone who could help me

I also said, but wasn't too serious that I didn't want to get off the phone and 20 minutes later have it happen again

she replied with "WELL I ALSO CANT SIT ON THE PHONE FOR 20 MINUTES WITH YOU" It was loud and very rude, like she was yelling at me.

Huh, this sounds like something people working in retail would experience, except the roles are switched. Weird. I thought social skills were a requisite to work in customer service.

Did you ask if you could speak to their manager? I don't know if that works but it might make them a bit more accomodating.

Either way, I hope your problem works itself out.

From my experience, a good 80% of tech support people are well deserving of an open-handed slap in the mouth. They sit in a call-center all day long playing tetris on their computers and when they have to take a call, often times they will either try to shift the blame or read from the User Manual for whatever you're calling about. If the manual (which you likely have a copy of) doesn't contain the proper solution then they say "I dunno."

Of course there are some good and helpful people at tech support, just saying that from my experience the good ones are few and far between.

I called back again and a MANAGER told me that they could not help me


*ahem* Fuck, Sony, get it together. For me. Please?

You want my opinion?

OT: Just swallow your pride and switch to X-box 360.

Most tech support sucks to a wide degree. I would know from first hand experience being in the IT field. Most tech support agents have to read from the troubleshoot list and it also depends on what level of tech support you get.

Crappy tech support is not exclusive to Sony.



Unfortunately, Sony tech support is actually in the right on this one.

A setting menu popping up in a game and not being able to be closed is probably a bug in the game, not an issue with the VITA.
Unless Sony is the actual software developer, they would have NOTHING to do with converting a PSP game to a VITA game.

An analogy would be calling up XBOX tech support because a menu in Duels of the Planeswalkers won't go away.

As for her trying to sell you stuff: management tracks how often you pitch features to customers. No matter what you called for, no matter who you got on the phone, someone would have tried to sell you more 3G data.

Sorry that you're frustrated, but I think she's right on this one.

Unless of course it's happening in other games, it's definitely the VITA and you are completely in the right.


Wowzers. That sucks. Shame on Sony, or their customer service/Tech at least.

You might have luck with the Sony Vita community, I'm not familiar with them but anything can be better than someone shoving you off to probably play Farmville or some junk.


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