So Nexuiz is now available on Xbox Live today with PSN and Steam versions to come soon (whenever "soon" is) - anyone checked it out yet?

I'm downloading the demo as I type this but as a search of the title brought up nothing on these forums one has to wonder what people's opinions are. Like/don't like or don't care or never heard of it before? Surely I can't be the only one here with interest?

Oh this one has history, I played this many years ago when it was an open community project, it was pretty much the poor mans Unreal Tournament.
Then recently someone made a company and managed to license the creation under questionable circumstances, they are essentially cashing in on community efforts.

But let's talk about the game, it now looks like poor mans UT + Halo + Gears, which is probably quite the treat for console gamers, but not really a shining star in PC gaming.
I do want to see the extent of their work on this release so I'll probably check it the demo if it ever comes to PC.

Hmm, not sure I agree with your summary as the original was hardly a poor-man's UT, especially as it was running on a modified Quake engine and relied heavily on movement physics which UT lacked but that's digressing from where it is now.

Ignoring all that, the game is currently running CryENGINE 3 and looks pretty shiny. There are certainly hints of UT in the couple of maps I played and the lack of bunny hopping, strafe and rocket jumping due to a controller as an input device emphasises this. It's quick, especially so for a console game, and makes me think this is how Halo multiplayer should have been done. Love the power up twists you can pick up and apply to all players in a match which really set Nexuiz apart from everything else I've played in some time, these can range from the mundane infinite ammo to the much more interesting removal of all map items and colour-blind mode. This certainly livens up the traditional TDM and CTF game modes, which are solid but uninspiring.

Best of all is that there's a massive gap in the current market when it comes to competitive shooters, all the current crop pander to the lowest common denominator so Nexuiz fills this void nicely. My only concern is that not enough numbers will take to the game due to the COD effect, and newbies to this type of game will get smashed pretty hard. There is a bot training mode I've not touched due to the demo being online-only, but it should ease the learning curve. There are plenty of options in the menu too from aim assist to separate adjustable sensitivity for each axis.

Personally I'm going to shell out for it in XBL later today, but I'm really interested in the Steam version as it's practically begging for a mouse and keyboard. Nexuiz should scratch an itch I've had for some time. I'll report back with a more coherent post (need more coffee) when I've had a further play.

Played the trial.

I looooove having mutators as collectible powerups, and i like how every weapon is useful, but other than that, i'm unfortunately unimpressed.

The graphics are shiny, but the design is dull, as is the presentation...and while the game plays nicely enough, it just lacks a certain "feeling", especially when weapon handling.

It's kinda sad since i love the few innovations as well as the old school feel of an arena shooter, but it just isn't quite enough for me, not with so many other games i want to sink some time in.

I wanted to buy it but dear god it was full of problems, I even went to their forums to see if they were happening to other people and they were. Not being able to play online, the game freezing at the "Press Start" menu, massive lag, etc.

If they dont fix it until the end of March I am not going to buy it since the promotion to get all the 4 games ends there. Already bought Alan Wake and planning to buy I Am Alive.

Hmm, not sure I agree with your summary as the original was hardly a poor-man's UT, especially as it was running on a modified Quake engine and relied heavily on movement physics which UT lacked but that's digressing from where it is now.

Ah I forgot the old Quake vs UT debate so let me put it this way, UT and Nexuiz were both Quake with glazing on top and in my view UT brought the best glazing.
And looking at the Nexuiz demo gameplay it seems they still do.


Not sure where the comparison to gears came from :P

OT: The juries still out. I tried it just yesterday and it was pretty fun. It is quite quick but somehow the art style makes it seems a little generic. Plus the lack of gibs makes me sad.

I need to play it a little more but the maps seem to vary quite a bit in quality. The CTF maps in general are quite good but some of the TDM maps still seem a little large for only eight players. On the map "crash" for example i was wandering around for ages looking for the 3 other enemies to kill.

However the powerups are fun to use, much more interesting than "killstreaks".

And its still fun to play these games on xbox because you can just TELL who has just come off of playing cod/battlefield. Standing and aiming/ trying to camp does not work! XD

Oh also im a little scared of buying it because of how games like these have died quite quickly (EG perfect dark and quake). Although perfect dark i think was more to do with the lag/ retarded matchmaking. Still, that game still had decent bots/ singleplayer to lean on. This game does not judging by reviews. If the community dies in this game, the game is dead.

Slightly OT; to the best of my knowledge the recent console version of Quake was really broken (no multiplayer) and a piss-poor port of a game over a decade old. Anyone here have it?

Anyway, played a match against bots in Nexuiz when I had a couple of minutes free and it was OK as a filler but it's no substitute for real people. Noticed a scrolling bar that states information about upcoming tournaments will be available soon, seems the developers are doing their bit to support the community which is a good sign.

Forgot to add, no bugs seen as of yet. Everything seems to be working without a hitch, netcode seems good too.


I liked quake arcade ;_; It was sad when people stopped playing it. But yeah it wasnt optimised very well for the controller.

Just discovered an annoying thing with Nexuiz; you can't tell what your connection to the host is like (AFAIK) in the lobby, just joined a match and I must have been pinging around 250+ with occasional lag spikes. Not what you want in a game of this type, and being of non-quitting character (especially as one of our team members left just as we started) I stuck around to finish with a 4-28 KDR. Lovely!


Dedicated servers would be nice, I hope the Steam version doesn't go the P2P route.

Just tried playing it again. I'll give it a miss. It just feels unfinished in most areas and the way the online is handled is just not very good :/

A great shame, i tried really hard to like it (love arcade shooters) but i just cant :/

We NEED another timesplitters, to show them how arcade shooters are done :P


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