Baldur's Gate being remade?

Wait a second, can it be...?

Ok, look, I hate unfounded rumors almost as much as I hate pointless remakes, but this has me insanely excited. Also, it's BG, one of the very few games I'd like to see revisited. Does anyone have real news about this? If it is being redone, what do you want to see? What do you not want to see?

Speculate away!

For the record, I have my doubts because the IP of Forgotten Realms is still owned by Wizards of the Coast and the series was made long before their current product line. (It's the same reason I am near certain Torment will never get a remake or sequel). I'd love to be proven wrong.

Edit: Ah, and a much better discussion of this was already up. The search bar failed me. This thread should probably be deleted.


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