Poll: L4D2 DLC

I just heard the greatest idea ever:

A Left 4 Dead 2 DLC in 1960's Liverpool. You play as the Beatles. Think about it

-Interesting Setting
-4 Well Known Characters, but still would allow fleshing out of their individual personalitites
-New special weapons: Drum sticks for fast hits, Bass guitar thats slow but the low sound stuns zombies around the impact
-KILLER soundtrack

What do ya think?

Nobody would want to be Ringo. I doubt the Beatles would allow to rights. Would make for a good soundtrack. I would hate to see the story though.

That is actually a very interesting idea. Heck if it was real, I'd buy it.

It is a neat idea, however Beatles are a very tightly guarded image that even Activison wasn't allowed to bum rape while everyone else was taking it up the pooper.
I doubt very much they would allow this, or charge so much money it wouldn't make any sort of sense.

But they could do this with many other bands, shredding zombies with an axe guitar and the power of your metal would be pretty damn sweet.

I don't even like the Beatles and I would play the shit out of that.

I am down with it on one condition. They give The Witch a Yoko reskin.

Or while still keeping the idea and sticking with canon they could just end up at a 60s festival where this is basically happening and place is set up as such.


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