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So, I've got this little wild plan that's been plotting itself in the deep caves of my sub-conscience for quite some times now and now I bring it to you to see if it should be done. So, Dear Escapist members, I've been thinking about upgrading my PC to the newest technologies the world has to offer for I would like to make my Single-Player Open World RPGS a fun place, for me to spend hours and hours.. and hours in, but I cannot achieve that glory in Xbox.. So, PC is my last hope of happiness. So, what should I do.

1.) Keep my Xbox?
2.) Sell my Xbox (360) and buy new parts for my PC.
3.) Neither.

I plan on using a few other savings that I have, which would total to around 500-600 dollars in total when counted to buy a new :

Processor, Video Card, and Hard Drive.

--And other things---

Anyhow, please help me. I really, REALLY, need this. From pro-gamers.

Do you have a large library of Xbox games that you'd miss if you went PC? If not, go for it. If yes, I'd probably say keep the Xbox.

Rutnier Nodarse:

I'm in that same place mate, I'm a web developer as well as a gamer, but my laptop can't handle those things.

I value my xbox live account to high to sell it however, (84000 gamerscore over 2 years)

I need a better computer for work however.

So what ever advice is given, I might have to follow as well.

Neko Pounce:

Rutnier Nodarse:

I value my xbox live account to high to sell it however, (84000 gamerscore over 2 years)

Games for windows live (relatively small library unfortunately).

Sell your Box.

There's very little that you miss out in comparison to a PC.. And even then, there's likely torrents of 360 exclusive games that you can runon your new PC.

Xbox360 is for me, the better gaming experience. The xbox has many good games that you will never see on the PC.

However, if you will not miss those great games, go with the PC.

sell it. Go steam for a while. Xbox's come cheap so i believe it won't be long b4 ur able to afford another one.

You won't make much money off of an Xbox nowadays. Keep it; a lot of titles still don't make it to PC, and you'll get to keep all of your old games in the meantime.


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