What is your favorite Nintendo system of all time?

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NES, 3DS, and everything in between. What is your favorite Nintendo system of all time?

SNES hands down. There are so many incredibly awesome games for that system I don't know how I could pick anything else. Earthbound, Donkey Kong Country, Super Mario RPG, Secret of Mana, Super Mario World etc.

I have so many wonderful memories of the system I bought a new version of the SNES a couple years ago to play some of those old games again.

Second would be N64 I remember getting it for christmas one year and thinking to myself "gee 3d is much tougher to play than 2d"

Snes, just...just SNES. Why, because in its time it was undeniably perfect. N64 comes close.
I also love the DS but the 3ds's growing library of great games is making the 3ds a much better console and a welcome edition to the world of handhelds despite its rough start.

The Gameboy Advance SP (Plays all Gameboy titles and has a georgeus backlit screen)

I love it when people say 'OF ALL TIME!' in titles. As opposed to what, specific time periods? XD

Anyway, gamecube is the only Nintendo console I've loved. As a Sega fanboy in Europe, it was my console of choice after the Dreamcast came off the shelf.

The GBA sp was good at the time, but most of the games I wouldn't go back to now.

Gotta throw my hat in with those saying SNES. Pound for pound that system just had way more good games than any other Nintendo system ever has since. FF 2, FF 3, Secret of Mana, Chrono Trigger, Super Mario World, Mario Kart, Mario RPG, Super Metroid, Link to the Past, frickin' Mega Man X, Star Fox, etc...the list litrally goes on and on.

Nintendo 64

This console pretty much made my childhood since I was six years old when it was released.

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The Gameboy Advance SP (Plays all Gameboy titles and has a georgeus backlit screen)

This is why the Gameboy Advance SP is my favorite Nintendo hand-held. Not even the original DS had a backlight (or did the original DS have a shitty backlight?) Either way: the GBA was already a handheld SNES but adding a backlight made it playable on car rides at night. It's also the reason I'm able to get back into GB games other than Pokemon.

As for home consoles, the SNES. Super Castlevania IV, the Donkey Kong Country series, Link to the Past (my 3rd favorite Zelda), Super Mario World, Yoshi's Island, TMNT: Turtles in Time, Mystical Ninja: Goemon, Final Fantasy Mystic Quest, Earthworm Jim, Mario Kart, Star Fox, Super Ghouls and Ghosts, Final Fantasy III Hell, Even MARIO PAINT. I have yet to try Megaman X but I'm going to have fixed that before summer is over (well, hopefully)

Tempted to say the Wii purely because it has Xenoblade Chronicles but no it has to be the SNES loads of great games some of which I still play today and the machine is solid ive never had anything go wrong with it well ok there was once but thats only because I forgot to blow the dust out of a long lost game after which it worked fine.

SNES, I grew up on it and loved every game I had for it. My fav was Mario RPG.

The venerable NES.

I consider the SNES to be a better console to the NES, obviously because of technical superiority, but also compared to it's direct competitors.

But the NES was my first gaming system. It's what got me into the hobby. It has a bunch of games that I have loads of fond memories about. No other console makes me look back with such nostalgia. That's why it is my favorite.

SNES and GBA hands down the best from Nintendo
PS2 still remains king though

The only one I actually own is a 3DS which is pretty great for a little system, but the 3D is nothing but a gimmick and the amount of good games unique to it (not including remakes) is quite slim. At least I can now play all those DS games I missed.

When I was younger the Family SNES and N64 was where it was at. I'd say the N64 as it had my favorite games but SNES is a very close second.

I say the N64 was my favorite Nintendo system/console. Yes, the first games that I ever played were on the NES, but it didn't really grasp my attention or desire for video games until I played the Sega Genesis. Also, I can't really say that the SNES was my favorite because I didn't own one; I only owned a Sega Genesis and I stuck with it throughout the SNES years.

Fun fact: One of my cousins owned an SNES and a lot of great games while I owned the Sega Genesis and a lot of great games and from time to time, we would trade systems and have fun with each other's consoles. Good times...

Anyway, the N64 was the first Nintendo console (aside from my Game Boy and Game Boy Color) that I got and I enjoyed it for many years (until I got the PS2, of course). There were just so many great games that came out and kept me entertained that I even overlooked the Sega Saturn and Dreamcast. I still bust out the N64 and play Star Wars: Podracing, Paper Mario, and Megaman 64.

Again, good times...

While the SNES had the best catalog of any Nintendo system by far, and I have many fond memories of playing N64 games with my friends when I was (much) younger, I am going to have to say Gamecube. Some of my favorite games and best memories come from the Gamecube: from sailing around the world in Windwaker, fighting friends in Super Smash Brothers Melee and Soul Caliber 2, endless games of Mario Party, to more recent memories like blowing away the Heaven's Smiles in killer7 or smashing my way through spain in Resident Evil 4, I have had a ton of good times with the system.

Of all time?... Wii... unquestionably.

Before you pick up that pitchfork and lit the torches, hear my reasoning.

I love the Wii, but for different reasons. I love it, because I have over 30 years of gaming at my fingertips. Yes, I loved the SNES as the next guy, I loved the NES, I have way too many fond memories of the N64 and the Cube was a highly underrated little gem of a console.

But the Wii, on the other hand, can play almost any game from every console I mentioned, plus some more, like the Genesis wich I'm certainly a fan of, even if I didn't played it back in the 90's.

Sure, I can't play Perfect Dark or Conker's Bad Fur Day, but I'm more than happy playing just a few great N64 games, tons of SNES and Genesis titles and still play my good ol' Cube classics, even after my good ol' Cube bit the dust and they play even better at 480p resolution and sometimes in widescreen, like Soul Calibur 2 and F-Zero GX, wich both has those options and they even look better than most Wii releases.

Also, the Wii itself has a great catalog of games, like Okami and Metroid Prime Trilogy, wich ironically came from different systems, but they play wonderfully on the Wii, I especially regard Prime Trilogy as the very best example of what can be done with motion controls.

So yeah, waggle, lots of shovelware, crappy graphics, blah, blah, blah, those are the most common complaints about the system and I mostly agree with them, but the pros outwheighs the cons and I simply LOVE the Wii.

Probably the Gamecube, I was a PS2 junkie as a kid, so when I saw that tiny cube and barely there discs I almost shat myself, I loved it! Although I may not be fit to judge as the Gameboy SP was the last Nintendo thing I bought, so can't really speak for anything recent.

SNES, fallowed but the GBA, these are the two best system's in terms of games Nintendo has released

I'm gonna go with the 3DS.

With the 3DS, I have the entire collection of the Nintendo DS - which is easily one of the greatest collection of games for any system, especially it's RPG set which is on par with the set of SNES RPGs - as well as it's downloadable titles, and of course the 3DS' own titles.

On this one console I can play The Legend of Zelda, Zelda II: Link's Adventure, The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening, The Legend of Zelda: The Minish Cap, The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time 3D, Super Mario Bros., Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's Island, Super Mario 64 DS, Super Mario 3D Land, Mario Kart 7, Chrono Trigger, Metroid, Metroid Prime: Hunters, Metroid: Fusion, Disgaea: Hour of Darkness, The World Ends With You, Radient Historia, Final Fantasy IV, Dragon Quest IV, Dragon Quest V... and about a thousand other games that are absolutely amazing.

The SNES is a close second.

Gameboy SP. It actually took to heart the aspect of in-pocket portability that handheld systems have to offer. I find that modern portable systems are just a little to bulky to fit in a pants pocket. Granted, the DS lite could fit in a pocket, but it always felt a little flimsier than the SP, at least to me. Oh, and the SP has both the entire GBA and Gameboy Color library available to it, so I always liked it for that too. And again, I know the DS lite did too, but as I said before, it always felt a little to flimsy for my tastes. I am admittedly biased though, seeing as my first DS lite broke, despite how careful I was with it. Lol, I was only a kid at the time, it was like the death of a close friend. I suppose you could say I'm slightly traumatized ;P

The Gamecube without a doubt. I found it to have the best line of games and had some pretty awesome graphics. Also the controller is one of my personal favourite designs for controllers (comfortable on the hands and easy for flexibility)

I had the NES first, but the SNES was their best.

GameBoy Advanced because it's the only Nintendo system I've ever really used.

Unfortunately, I kind of "missed out" on Nintendo consoles apart from the handhelds (all of which were Nintendo; GB, GBP, GBC, GBA SP), so I'd never got the chance to play the NES, SNES or N64. I used to play the GC and Wii at my friend's house, but we've drifted apart and stuff.

So I guess my favourite Nintendo system is the Game Boy Advance SP, probably the console that I play the most now and then and that I've had for the longest time without breaking. Also, backwards compatibility for Game Boy and Game Boy Colour games is pure win. And I actually got to experience SNES games like Super Mario World and the Donkey Kong Country series on a little portable that I could stop at any time, put in my pocket, and then just whip it out to play again.

Virtual Boy.

No, but seriously it's the GameCube. It was my first Nintendo console as I had a PS1 back in the 32 bit era, and I instantly fell in love with it. It was brilliant and it's very underrated. Happy memories :D

NES, 3DS, and everything in between. What is your favorite Nintendo system of all time?

SNES. Best RPG's in the history of ever.

SNES without a doubt. So many fond memories of playing great games like Zelda, SF2 Turbo, Super Metroid, Super mario World and many more classics.
The reason I still own a GBA SP is so I can play those games today.

The DS. The hardware was ridiculous, less so than the 3DS or Virtual Boy but still pretty ridiculous. On the other hand there's Advance Wars, Castlevania, Phoenix Wright, Meteos, Ghost Trick, Layton, Trauma Center, Clash of Heroes...

GameBoy Advance.
I liked it.
I also liked the original GameBoy.

Nintendo 64

This console pretty much made my childhood since I was six years old when it was released.

awesome captcha: roast beef

Ya know, between Mario 64, Kirby 64 and Star Fox 64, I'm going to have to agree with this right here.

Specially Kirby 64, god, if a developer came out with a Kirby game with that power system in it again, INSTA-BUY.

Admirable Mention goes to the Wii, if they actually came out with games for it instead of the demo shovelware that they did and launched with the Wii Motion Plus right away it would have been even better than now.

gameboy color ... i still cry when i think about the time I played pokémon blue with my squirtle

I was initially going to say the game cube cause it was my childhood console but I've switched to the Wii. Because it lets me relive my childhood games while enjoying new ones. Plus I think it has the best online store of any of the consoles.

Man, I own every single Nintendo system ever created, and I love them all a big huggy bunch, but still willingly go back and play my SNES and N64 for funsies.

so I'm gonna have to go with those two, they're an incomparable tie for me.

The Wii. Why? Because it's backwards compatible with the Gamecube (my favorite system) and you can download awesome games from every prior Nintendo console. Except Virtual Boy. Sure, there are some games I really want to play that aren't there (Earthbound and the Bomberman 64 games), but basically having every console at once is really good. Plus, it has its own great games as well.

Also, I've been enjoying the 3DS greatly. There are some really great downloadable titles like Dillion's Rolling Western and Might Switch Force and Pushmo. And I'm really looking forward to Kid Icarus Uprising. And like the Wii, it has access to the full DS library.

I used the GameCube the most.
Had my best memories from the N64
but I think I'll have to say the wii because I have my most recent most fun gaming experiences from it.

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