Poll: Why does everyone hate ME3 so badly?

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Buy it. Stop playing when they tell you to charge the big beam of light. Go play the final mission of ME2 again instead.

by far the best advice I've heard.

Okay your going to have to explain this one to me. The only direct effect the mass relays seem to have is to provide FTL for the various species in the universe with directly leads to communication and interaction between various species. The Citadel created a place for them to gather. ... Destroying the mass relays only causes problems and enforces an aspect of isolationalism that could actually hurt these species in the X amount of years it takes for someone to develop their own FTL system (or more likely a species reverse engineers a mass relay and gets the network going again).

Just to be pedantic, the purpose of the mass relays is to provide the high-speed FTL travel needed to travel between star clusters. Most spacefaring races have their own slower (and shorter-range) FTL technology, partly because for many worlds, reaching the nearest mass relay simply isn't feasible without FTL drives of some sort.

After all, even our own mass relay, which is actually within our own solar system, takes about 5 to 6 hours to reach from Earth at lightspeed.

The key thing is that the milky way is a large galaxy - an FTL drive capable of reaching Proxima Centauri, the next closest star after our own sun, in a day would still take nearly 60 years to travel from one side of the galaxy to the other. Standard FTL drives in Mass Effect allow speeds of around 0.5 light years per hour - at which speed, that same trans-galactic trip still takes almost 23 years.

[quote="Elamdri" post="9.353500.14029599"]
"The writing in ME3 is TERRIBLE, they should hire GOOD writers like Stephanie Meyers

I stopped reading right there....

Jeff Gennick:
Why I hate it? I don't, but I'm not going to buy it until I don't have to get Origin. I don't want to support EA as much as I can.

Voting with my wallet and all that.

Even if it didn't have Origin it's still an EA game. You'd still be supporting them regardless

Probably be more accurate to say that a VERY vocal minority hate the game whilst the rest only have a few problems with the game e.g. The ending.

only the ending i was kinda disappointed in, but i still enjoyed the ending i could only think of one ending besides the ones that are in the game

It just came out, thus it's popular. Like Skyrim and others. There are legitimate complaints, don't get me wrong, but I can't help but feel like its mostly that. I plan to play it soon, once I get some extra cash and have the time. Liked the first two. As long as you like it, go for it.

A lot of people seem to think that they disliking something means everyone else should, and its garbage.

In all honesty, we don't get many BAD games anymore. The standards are just far too high.

Thing is that two groups are bickering over this (the loudest anyway) - the fanboys and the... well 'haters' I suppose you can call them. It makes it hard to gather the valid reasons why a lot seem disappointed by -an aspect- of the game, rather than the whole.

The ending...

It basicly goes against Bioware's usual open-styled "your choice affects the ending" approach. The ending in ME3 seemed more like the sort of thing that happened to Deus Ex: HR.

To elaborate (without spoilers in detail - but it will elaborate on a general level many spoilers in the final battle, so read on at your own risk!):
The choices you have made throughout the journey of ME3, the hours you have invested into the RPG aspect are basicly thrown over the shoulder... it turns into an Action/FPS-styled story once the final battle begins... all aspects of "choices have a consequence" are removed. There is 1 plan, 1 way, and 1 outcome, with no variations at any point during the final battle.

- The forces you have gathered? Their size is meaningless... it doesn't matter if you gathered everyone into a holy unity, or just the minimum requirement - there are no progression of how they are doing during your own struggle either, not a word or a sound.

- The companions you have gotten to know? Besides a 'final talk about everything', nothing happens beyond this point - no closure or elaboration on their fates in the ending... their existence vanishes completely, even though they physically still might be seen.

- Harbinger, although shown and spoken of, does not even have a single piece of dialogue, he is encountered once, but only in an interactive cutscene, unlike the ME1 styled Sovereign encounter or ME2 Human-Reaper. Although it is a minor thing... the build up in ME2, seems neglected. Or at its worst... irrelevant - we might as well just have said "There is this super reaper - he is their leader, he is called Harbinger - beware of him!"... since he adds nothing to the entirety of ME3 in any way.

- The choices in your past? They hold no meaning or alteration towards the ending, whatsoever... from the moment you saw the endings of ME2, there was no more transferable choice to the conclusion of ME3... save perhaps if you allowed Tali and Garrus to live or die, their physical presence, but nothing more.

- And the one that hurts the most... and makes me think of Deus Ex: HR - The '3 buttons' choice. Regardless of your efforts... of what you did right or wrong... It does not matter at all, you are presented with the same 3 choices, regardless of your actions, with no impact or variation from your actions in the past - No paths are open or closed to you, to take or not to take. You click a button, and the ending rolls, with essentially the same ending, but with different moral values/lessons to be learned.

Now... don't get me wrong - for what it is. It is a good lesson to be told, how war has nothing but sacrifice and tragedy. How we have been spoon-fed that lesson during the cause of the entire game as a good theme... but with variations and a lot of choices: I.e: who to support and who not to. "Do I sacrifice these people to save these?" and so on and so forth.
However the final mission presents you with an anti of all the other missions... there is 1 route, 1 course of action... and a lot of "Oh and this happened/has to happen now by the way Shepard"... a lot of plot convenience and deus ex machina being pulled, that was never hinted... noted or even mentioned/speculated about in the universe... it seemed jaringly off for what it was. An ending that could fit in any game... which is why it might be disappointing. It seems too "not Mass Effect" to be Mass Effect, more general mainstream ending. Too linear and detaching - where the rest of the game has empatized on tons of atachment and story... your personal story that you controlled.

An example could be... make the bad/good choice - have the fleet you have gathered take up the fight with the reapers... if you did well/did not do well, in gathering your forces - you would see them slowly win/lose the warfaring, varying depending on your choices. Give us the choice to screw up completely like in ME2... for pete's sake, -Shepard could lose- in ME2, making ME3 never happen - that is freedom of choice in an rpg with an open end. This was not. ME2 left you with a feeling of "the more you invest, the more payoff you get". However ME3 was a huge buildup to an anti-climax... which is unfortunate.
For everything else up until that point... is rather good - really good and touching. But you can't make it so open to people, then just strip it away and ask everyone to just "go with this one way of doing things", don't feed us appertizers that are largely varied and flavored, only to present the main course as 1 dish. A good tasting dish, but one dish for everyone to eat none the less... with no fillings, addings or pasture.

That's how objective and reasoning I can be on this... just finished the game. It just feels... wrong to not say that it feels rushed and breaking apart in the last hour or so. So out of place. So forced... it screws with the RPG aspect sadly, which is not the right step for a franchise that was about the rpg elements.




Seeing as most others have provided sufficient ones, I don't see why I have to reiterate their comments.

because blanket statements hold very little merit, and can be disregard by other blanket statements like "well all your points have been disproved in another post"

The game is all over the place.

The Rachni retconned
i agree, bringing them back if you choose to kill them was a bad move

The Love Interests what about the love interests? please specify
The three endings (regardless of what you've done)This is my principle concern and the one I have been most vocal about, I will infer you mean how the relays get fucked over no matter what.
The companions bug please explain further
The missing Shadow Broker mission acknowledgementsGlyph was there, and Feron gives little tidbits about what happens, during the mission to get the Krogan Females a Yawg escapes and Sheppard comments "There goes the next shadow broker" to which Liara replies "not funny", how is the acknowledgement missing?
The reaper base choice is meaningless I concurr

Everything that was an important choice in the previous two games is either retconned or devalued into meaningless tripe that is referenced in a passing statement or forced into a conclusion that removes each and every reason to actually play a game series built on choice mattering at all.

We seem to agree in more points than we differ, i would ask you to not make more blanker or vague points, because it will only make your very valid points seem worthless and dismissive.

At the end of the game there are two big mistakes in the story - one is intentional, the other a confirmed bug.

Firstly, if you romanced anyone but Kaidan/Ashley or Liara, you're shit out of luck. The game considers all the other love interests unworthy, because Bioware apparently had problems coding in the proper love interest in the final flashback and were too lazy to fix the issue and ship the game unfinished.

The other is having both of your squadmates appear suddenly in the crashed normandy, despite the fact that they were with you on earth for the last encounter!

The Ending itself has more issues than a bug that doesnt let your LI show up.

The game blackscreens for me every 15 minutes or so (on the 360) so i'm not gonna play it till that is fixed

I actually like the game.

Only had a few problems:
Lost war assets. Had to exit and restart the game and they showed up again.
Got trapped by NPCs in Presidium Commons at a Kiosk.

I don't mind the ending. Overall the game is fun and the story is decent. It does lack the atmosphere that 1 and 2 had though.

I hate it because it completely shits on what the previous games tried to build, but every bit of constructive criticism I have gets disregarded as the angry rantings of a blind hater or a fucking homophobe.

I'll admit that the game itself isn't terrible, it's far from unplayable, but it's pretty damn easy to see that the people working on ME3 are not the same people who laid the ground work all the way back in ME1. What exactly was the point of all that background on the different races, all those choices that seemed to shape their futures, when you're just given the same ending regardless of your actions that doesn't give you any closure?

Ever since being bought out by EA Bioware has had an appalling work ethic, and what's worse is all the fans who are letting them get away with it, willingly letting themselves get screwed over out of some blind fanboyism. Newsflash, you can still be a fan while taking a stand.

Nothing Tra La La:
The game was, up until the ending, absolutely fantastic. Gameplay was incredibly fluid and fun, and the characters had been written so well that it just made the ending even more unfair.

I really feel like the ending(s) singlehandedly ruined the game for me. The biggest part of the Mass Effect series was, for me, it's replayability. I have so many Shepard's that I was ecstatic to bring into ME3. Now, I don't even want to bother because I know the bleak, unsatisfying outcome.

The whole ending thing you said, makes me want to rage, it's as if they said, wrap it up quickly.

I don't hate it, I think rage guys make some valid points, like conversations not having enough dialog options as well as some terrible points, the combat is like gears of war.
Should we not play skyrim because it has combat like that iD game from all those years ago (Can't remember the name!)?
It makes me really sad, because I was loving the game, and up to the second to last mission, I was so thrilled! It was fucking awesome! "I actualy thought, stupid escapists, don't know what they talking about!" then... well, that happened.

I do think that topics like these tend to make people mad. Bioware has fucked up recently and I won't be buying or playing products from them in the future for two reasons, A) Dragon Age 2 and B) A mass effect game can't be epic without shepard. As you see, he is the Messiah and the missions are all taken from the bible, what makes everything interesting isn't the plot, but how it's presented. So I don't think bioware can release anything worth my time now.

I find myself unable to like Bioware anymore. They have been assimilated.

ME3 feels more like the logical conclusion to Bioware rather than the ME series.

The game itself is utterly brilliant, which is why we're all so upset that Bioware dropped the ball on the ending.

The first 99% of the game is magnificent. and i would say a majority will agree to that it can stay as it is.

the last 1% however.

The endings ruin otherwise what might have been the greatest sci-fi third person shooter of our decade. It would have been the Baldur's Gate of our time.

Mass Effect 3 was a fantastic game until the ending. Full of emotion, drama and action. The ending ruined the entire series for me.

I keep hearing about this ending, and I almost don't want to finish the game. The way God of War 3 ended did the exact same to me that ME3 did to you. I am always telling friends that mention God of War how much I hate it now. I find that this kind of thing happens in a lot of books I've read too. They have such a great story from the start and the last couple chapters or so they rush everything to a very convoluted and stupid ending. It's one of Christopher Moore's (one of my favorite authors) greatest downfalls.

The game is great. But after playing the whole trilogy, you get an ending that basically defies everything you've learnt of the universe.

All your actions, all you've seen. Choices, all steps aside to bring out this completely new thing that we never heard of or aren't even remotely involved with.

After these three games, I've felt that everyone has a choice of survival. We allied the Geth and proved that EDI, an advanced artificial intelligence, can befriend and feel compassion for others.

But no, gentlemen.
That's all thrown out the window.
Everything we worked for in all these three games just poofs.

Probably be more accurate to say that a VERY vocal minority hate the game whilst the rest only have a few problems with the game e.g. The ending.

Pretty much this IMO - note: I have never played it any of the ME games.

Some gamers with entitlement complexes flew into sissy fits because Bioware didn't kow-tow to all their demands and kiss their feet.

If you were to visits sites other then this one, you would find that there has been mass disappointment with the game as a whole. Not just the ending and DLC issues.

It was way over hyped by critics and massively disappointing to most players.

It's all free blowjobs and crack, right up to the last 15 minutes.
The ending is just mediocre. And were it at the end of any other game it would have probably been overlooked (as it was for example in the new due sex), but this isn't any other game/game series this is Mass Effect. A series that has elevated player choice above everything else (besides the story) and the ending just chucks both of those things in a bin.

Even so the game is well worth playing.
Imagine it like a Popsicle that goes a bit bitter at the end
or rather a nice big cock that fires a not so good tasting liquid at the end.




Yeah, I've been hearing that a lot after the preliminary positive reports. I'm a little scared to try the game out...part of me feels that I'd rather play a mediocre game with a shitty ending than an incredibly well-made game involving a story and characters I've invested in with a shitty ending. I'm reminded of KOTOR 2...surely it can't be as disappointing as KOTOR 2 was? D:

Would you say the ending is potentially fixable via DLC? Maybe I could wait a few months and hope something comes out.

Well, DLC fixed Fallout 3, didn't it? Apparently Bioware are "listening closely" to the complains, which are massive - right now, there's a poll on the official forums. 80% of the votes saying "Endings suck", with almost 3k people voting for that option.

well, it made Fallout 3 better, I'll say that. I'm happy to hear Bioware's at least listening to complaints.

They're really only listening to the complaints that they can fix by charging more money.

The end wasn't all that bad
It's implied a whole lot before the final battle that Shepard may not make it
Bioware has proven that gamers are indeed excellent trollbait

I loved this game. Hell, I talked to everyone on the Normandy dozens of times because I LOVED the characters. I loved the choice systems, and how I managed to help everyone that I could.

But the ending makes this all count for nothing.

Bioware, thank you for an amazing series. The ending hasn't ruined the series for me, I still love it and will replay it again, just next time, do NOT include multiplayer! The funding for that could have improved upon your already excellent game.

You know guys...

(Some sort of spoilers here if you haven't played or you haven't finished Dragon Age: Origins)

I think Bioware is going Dragon Age: Origins with Mass Effect 3, near the end of Dragon Age: Origins you could do a ritual with someone to just before you defeated the main antagonist and after that you became the hero. But if you didn't performed the ritual, you die after defeating the main antagonist or you send that guy to kill the antagonist for you and survive that encounter.

What I'm trying to say is... We better wait for a "Closure" DLC or in the case of DA:O an expasion pack (a term that has been lost), I read somewhere that Bioware is defending their ending... But are we really seeing the "ending" of Mass Effect 3?

If not... Then we'll get a spin-off with one of the main characters, most likely with that annoying and useless James Vega or with Garrus Vakarian which would make a decent spin-off.

Garbage on a disk, because the endings do in 10 minutes what usually takes developers several games to do; i.e. fuck up everything.

But then Bioware has been absorbed by EA so what am I complaining for? Should have seen it coming, to be honest.

Don't hate *it*, but the corporate product it has become. Instead of making a game for the players, like Bethesda or Valve do (and Bioware used to), the game was made to please EA board room execs. It HAS to have MP, online passes, Day 1 DLC, Origin only, "broad mass market appeal". It's basically become almost a sci-fi Call of Duty game, with the helicopter turret sequence, forced slo-mo dream sequences and soooooo linear.

Bioware did NOT make the best game they could have. ME3 was not the best it could have been, it didn't do true justice to the saga or it's predecessors.

As has been said many, many...many times, the ending was just bad. Other than that, the fact that, without multiplayer, it's damn near impossible to get the best ending. There was this one spot behind Joker that I repeatedly got stuck in. Vega was a shitty character that I wish I could have kicked off the ship like Allers.

And even with those gripes, I can't really say I hate ME3. However, I find that subsequent play-throughs are much, much less enjoyable after seeing the ending. That and knowing I'll never be able to get the best ending due to a bad internet connection.

So much bitching over nothing - its pathetic really. The games amazing with a disappointing ending, but still a great game. I guess people lack imagination and want every single thing spelled out for them. Like for me, i think Joker was rushing because he had all the knowledge stored on his ship and was told to leave (as Normandy is the fastest ship) to ensure our knowledge survives the ending. I also like how now all the races are restricted to the Sol system and have to work together and give up old arguments to ensure all races survive. Wrex, Grunt, Garuss etc will work together with everyone else to survive and rebuild.

What i believe Bioware failed on was reusing the same cgi with different colours when they should have had 3 different endings. I dont want a new ending at all, i find that insulting. An any fan shouldnt want a new ending either as you will always know its their just to stop all the bitching and whining. What i want is DLC to show the aftermath and how the races struggle to survive and how your team mates deal with your death etc. This can be done in a story or comic.

The Tali picture moaning was so lame. Its a non issue.

Because I find the mass effect series boring?

That's my reason, I never liked the first or second one (Thank god I never owned them, just borrowed)

1st mass effect: Yawn (Yet I still completed it)

2nd mass effect: More yawn (Again, I saw it throught to the end)

3rd mass effect: Not interested.....

I also saw the destruction of the mass relays as the reapers "taking their ball and going home" type attitude. As in, you dont want us, fine, then you dont get our technology. Also all 3 games could have been the stories Stargazer was telling that kid.


Jarod Frye:

See, here's the thing, PROVE IT?

See the problem, the problem is that there is no PROOF that everything has turned for the better. As much as you WANT to believe there is (It doesn't help that the tone of the game was explicitly darker.) There is no guarantee. I don't need a day to day Rundown, but at-least during the credit, SHOW these populations rebuilding, show that our choices in the game actually MEANT Diddly Squat.

First rule of Storytelling

Show, don't tell.

See, here's the thing, prove that it doesn't happen.

The stargazers at the end of the game show that civilizations do carry on in a post-relay galaxy.

given the themes of the series and the stargazers existence, there is more evidence that they did, then they didn't.

I agree. Use your imagination, do you really need to see every single thing onscreen? I KNOW what happened to my crewmates, where they are and what happened after ME3. I dont need DLC or add on to TELL me what happened. These are you crew mates, your friends and your story....why would you want some one else telling you "this is what happened"?

The game: 125/10
The ending: 2/10

Didn't vote.

Poll doesn't allow me to remind people about the ending.

I'm seeing a lot of people dismissing the anger as "typical, ungrateful fans" and "they're only attacking it because it's popular!"

Well, allow me to retort.

You are WRONG!

We were promised, time and again that there would not be a bog-standard ending at that our choices up to and after the finale would mean something.

An ending is supposed to give closure and, at the very least, not leave us with a million unanswered questions. It's also not supposed to unravel the very fibre of the three games and blast massive great holes in the plot and established canon with an M-300 Claymore!

I think what made it that much harder to swallow is that the game, up to that point, was so frigging good that I'm surprised it doesn't come with a warning about the sheer levels of awesome. The problem is that the ending just undoes all your hard-work leading up to that point and you might as well have not bothered. It renders the hundreds of hours of preparation the games urge you to do totally and utterly irrelevant.

So it's not just "hating for hates sake" - smart-arse! While I cannot condone people demanding people are fired over this, I have some perspective after-all, but we invested a lot of time, effort and money into the series because we wanted to find out, when the dust had settled, what were the consequences of our actions?

Because the ending (I refuse to use the plural "endings" because they are essentially all the same, just in different colours) is the same, no matter what, it also removes the incentive to replay with a new character, gender, class and so on - something that the loading screens in ME2 were so keen on telling us!

Think about it before dismissing us out of hand. Yes there are those that are so pissed off that they are gonna need a lobotomy but there are some of us that can actually argue the toss without a witch-hunt!

It is a shame that a classic experience was bought crashing down by such a cock-slap of an ending, it really is.

Finally - think about what games would be like if nobody called companies out on their bulls*it now and again and they just figured we like dick-moves like this.

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